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  1. Too bad there is no way to know who the buyer is a fan of when selling over the web. I'm going for sure. I could sell my $39 seats for $250 but I'm not. I want to be in the Dome, on Monday night, when the Atlanta Falcons clinch the Division Championship.
  2. Agreed ! I don't get it either. It seems Chris Miller and Jeff George are not getting any love at all. they deserve more then Hebert.
  3. 1. Bart Z. 2. Chris Chandler 3. Matt Ryan 4. Mike Vick 5. Chris Miller 6. Jeff George Whats with all the Bobby Hebert love ? He sucked !
  4. Be aware of the Ovo Circus at Atlantic Station for those that take that exit to get to the parking off Northside DR. The GT / Northside Dr. Exit is alwayse a mess but it might be better then the traffic at Atlantic Station due to the carnival being at 8:00. That adds a 3rd event to cause a traffic nightmare on the connector.
  5. More from Wyche: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d81bfc2c7/article/falcons-white-assures-knee-injury-wont-keep-him-out-thursday?module=HP_headlines
  6. I'd like to get that slot reciever that can make a 5 yard check down into a big play. (Like the Bengals got with Jordan Shipley). Maybe Douglas can still be that guy as his knee gets healthier. He has to work on catching the ball with contact though. Randall Cobb immediatly comes to mind. Props to Ryan for the hard work and improvement in year 3 ! Its showing up in the win column and the stat book.
  7. Peters is getting it done !
  8. The road will not get any easier for the Saints. They get to get a beat down from the Steelers next Sunday while the Falcons are resting on their bye.
  9. Add Chuck Smith, Bob Whitfield, and Scott Case too. Heck, through in Warrick Dunn.......best Falcon off the field ever and pretty **** good on the field too.
  10. Has McClure even been an All Pro or gone to a Pro Bowl ? There is a long list of guys who would need to go in before McCLure: C. Smith, B. Whitfield, A. Rison, T. Mathis, S. Case, G. Riggs,.........then there are some fringe guys like J. Anderson, A. Crumpler, K. Brooking, & P. Kearny.
  11. We would have to pay them off to take Sticktracy.
  12. A lot of his recent accomplishments have been breaking all time records and achieving things for the first time in NFL history. So in essance, many of the things he has accomplished are the greatest stats of a QB ever.
  13. I've heard of homers but this arguement is well beyong that. The better point is that he is the only man to ever achieve that. If John Do hit his 800th home run you best believe it will be the #1 play of the day. People keep saying a 500th TD pass is rare. Its not rare, its freaking unheard of !
  14. Take a step back and look at the game as a whole. MM is more involved with defense's succes then many here realize. The Falcons are 2nd in the league, behind only the Steelers, in fewest points allowed per game. That is an outstanding stat when you realize we are aslo 2nd in the league in over all points given up even though several teams have played 1 less game b/c of their bye week. The offenses ability to dominate time of possession is a direct correlation to our defense giving up so few points which is how you WIN ! Did you guys not see the Brown's defense using oxygen mask in the 1st half
  15. They have been connecting......Douglas just has to hold on to the ball after contact. He has dropped several 1st downs this year after contact.
  16. If the purpose of your blog is to forcast the 2011 draft then you might want to pay attention to other positions besides QB. Thanks for informing us he had a below average day against the NFL's best defense. I know that is hard to do from TV since you only see zoomed in camera angles around the ball. Good luck but your going to be very limited in what you write if all you do is watch games on TV. You must be at the game to see the secondary and line play consistently thoughout the game. I think you have too much time on your hands and take yourself too seriously b/c honestly the blog SCREAMS a
  17. or is it the other way around ? Time will tell. Lets see how both play from here on out. You know Moss will get every chance to suceed in Minny.
  18. This is Rodgers 6th year in the league. The article was on QBs with less then 3 full years of expierence.
  19. I was wondering the same thing when they announced Peters when the defensive startes were running out of the tunnle. Walker seemed to be the 1st DT on the bench. I'd like to know whats wrong with Jerry too.
  20. Agreed ! Coleman is a solid insurance policy at both S spots. I also agree that our WR depth is lacking but hopefully Jenkins fixes that and returns this week. Douglas is really worrying me with his drops though. He simply drops every ball when there is contact.
  21. Yep, their neighborhood probably has grass and trees too. I'd venture to bet most Falcons fans do not live in the ghetto or in an area that is rated in the top 25 most unsafe areas to be in.
  22. Good thing you are not servicing the area behind Northside Dr. b/c that area should not be compared to Gainsville's projects. Its safe to sit in your car in Pendergrass but only a fool would sit in a car parked in a driveway or street behind the Northside Dr. area at night.....no matter what color you are. BTW, the study was not based on raw numbers........it was a per-capita study. Its said 1 in 8 are victims within a year here compared to 1 in 9 there.
  23. Many of them would move if they could. You think Tech and GSU like their location where their students are prey to Atlanta's scum ? Heck, just last week a GSU student was robbed of their lap top computer, at 2:00 PM, inside a classroom building when walking to the bathroom. People normally do not tailgate for 4 hours before they go to the CNN Center, GA Aquarium, Phillips Arena, etc. They park in parking garage or near by and walk in. No one tailgates at Georgia Tech (compared to all the other schools in the South).
  24. Good thread ! Van Gorder has this defense playing at a top level even with several injuries to starters. The Falcons must be in the top 3 - 5 teams in fewest points given up (even after the blocked punt for a FG that is not the DC's fault). William Moore has been playing even better then I think anyone could have expected. Even Mizz fans.
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