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  1. No team can win when you allow a 4 man rush to cause 5 sacks and 14 QB hurries. Ryan is as good as they come when it comes to getting rid of the ball quickly. I see no blame for holding a ball too long b/c that simply was not the case. Ryan did not even have 3 seconds to find a reciever for the majority of the game. You can't throw deep without protection. You can't throw deep on 8 men in coverage very effectively either. The Bears played 2 safeties the majority of the game. I'm not sure if the problem was a lack of recognizing fake blitzs (Bearls LBs were faking bliting up the middle all day
  2. The tape tells me one thing. Don't blitz Rodgers and depend on man coverage b/c he will eat you alive. The Saints defense came out too aggressive and got torched in the 1st quarter. Zones and zone blitzing is the way to go vs. Rodgers. You have to have a front 4 that can pass rush. He will eat you alive if you blitz your LBs and DBs. The Saints D really held them in check in the 2nd half once the stopped being overly aggressive. Starks is really good at RB once the Saints starting backing off. The pass to open up the run and its pretty effective.
  3. I just threw up. That is some BullShyte ! Most people are sitting around like "What the heck are yall doing ?" I also notice that is mostly women screaming for Vick and his herpes. Let me redo my order. Put the Iggles #1 most hated.
  4. Most Hated NFL Teams 1. Saints - Conference Foe 2. Eagles - self anointed "Dream Team" turns me off like the Heat did 3. Jets - too much media love amd hype 4. Panthers - can't stand Cam and conference foe 5. Bucs - conference foe
  5. Falcons have 10 DBs on the roster now. Once Hayden and Sanders catch on we will probably see a DB get cut.
  6. Possible so........that an Arthur is 68.........alot of people like to step back a little at that age.
  7. [quote name=Julio+Roddy+Harry=' timestamp='1314830457' post='6308733] I hate to say "I told you so, But I told you SO" I told you we couldn't succeed this season with Decoud and Franks without depth options to replace upon the need to do so......its apparent that the coaches and gm saw what I saw and not only did they see it, the didnt deny it like most of the message boards when I brought forward such claims.....I am so happy right now.......as should you be......thank god is all i can say...and for all the haters that thought franks was okay,,,,,the proof is in the pudding, and the Hayde
  8. The Colts defensive system is actually very similar to our own. Both defenses depend on the front 4 for a pass rush and play alot of zone defense. I have ZERO confidence in Owens and Franks right now. They have both been plain awful in preseason and both are unproven. Dimitroff tried to be patient but neither Owens nor Franks have shown they deserve the nickle back job and neither can step in and be a top 2 corner incase of injury. Now with Dunta Robinson a little nicked up the move is even more important. Great job by TD to sure up both the safety and CB depth in 2 days time.
  9. I think B. Woods and K. Tripp are both gone. Neither played a snap in the Steelers game. V. Walkers played great and that will make it even tougher on Tripp. (That hurts me seeing a Yellow Jacket do that to a Dawg). I could see a safety getting cut since James Sanders is in for a visit after getting cut by the Patriots. Its just a matter of time before these 2 safeties are cut( Hansen or Tuimaunei).
  10. I see improvement in Ryan too. He seems even more comfortable and cool in the pocket then ever. That is saying something vs. the Steelers blitzing defense. I've been real impressed with the offense. M. Johnson got a lot of time with the 1st team vs. Pitt. He looks better in pass coverage then Reynolds and the Falcons did alot of passing vs. the Steelers. Douglas is actually hanging on to balls and has his quicks back. Roddy doesn't seem to have lost anything and seems fresh. Julio is a beast as advertised. Gonzo will be Steady Eddie. Ryan was distibuting the ball beautifully Saturday night. Wa
  11. End of thread. BTW......mods here suck Eagles droppings.
  12. One thing is for sure ? Are you freaking kidding ? The searched the property b/c one of his buddies got popped with pot and gave the address of the dog kennells as his address. The probably thought he was "just" growing pot in the woods. The government did not get anything out of Vick financially. He owed more to banks and creditors then he was actually worth at the time.
  13. Quote from article below: Be honest with yourself. There are some obvious socio-eonomic differences in how many whites and blacks are raised and it centers around the contrast in quality of fathering. Of course a kid will be less well off financially and morally if the mother is left to raise their children without the physical, moral, and financially support of a father. We need to be accountable and change this. We only accomplish this by raising out kids like fathers are supposed to. Sure a poor white kids could grow up around dog fighting. When people talk about the advantages of being w
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