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  1. I got ninety nine problems but a ***** aint one
  2. I love seeing Lattimore that high on the list
  3. It may be time for a new screen name
  4. I have the strange feeling that we are gonna beat the rams
  5. If tanking assured us a great player I would be fine with it but it doesn't. If we didnt go on that 3 game win streak at the end of last year there is a good chance we would have picked Ed Oliver. Dude has been terrible in Buffalo. I would only even think about tanking if it were to get a unreal talent at QB and we arent at that point yet.
  6. You did or I did?
  7. Man i hope the Astros manage to beat the Yankees this series. If the world series ends up being Yankees versus Nats im not even going to watch it
  8. Not with him coaching the D. His style is old and outdated and he refuses to adapt
  9. Man if I didn't have Bama to fall back on i would have gone crazy by now lol i feel for UGA fans right now.
  10. Why you gotta bring up old ****?
  11. I lost my part time job last time Tennessee won. Picked up a second job working at O'Reillys for a little extra cash. Was listening on the radio when Tenn won it. Yelled What The ****!!! Very loud in a room full of customers without even thinking about it. My very very Christian boss fired me on the spot
  12. And then cut again im pretty sure
  13. Larkin isn't even on the PS anymore is he?
  14. We could have beaten the Cardinals. Not gonna beat the refs
  15. Who is this Grady Jones fella?
  16. Oh ok
  17. That's like 4.4 per carry. Why is that horrible?
  18. While i agree, bama having 3 of the best WRs in football doesnt hurt
  19. And how has ed oliver been doing?
  20. **** yeah it was lol killer ending
  21. So what about the other 50+ years? We have chocked nonstop for over 5 decades but now all of a sudden its because of "God"?
  22. QB needs to just run it in