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  1. LouDog

    Mets @ Braves

    Man these guys just don't quit
  2. LouDog

    Mets @ Braves

    Its top 5 in the NL
  3. LouDog

    Mets @ Braves

    I would like to see Duvall get some starts at DH over Adams
  4. Wanna hear something awesome check out Disturbed's cover of it. Unreal
  5. LouDog

    Mets @ Braves

    I'd like to see Duvall get a little more playing time
  6. LouDog

    Mets @ Braves

    I thought the second to last was a strike. Last one looked a tad inside
  7. LouDog

    Mets @ Braves

    you do realize we are 2nd in the NL in runs scored right?
  8. Id like to see Duvall starting/ or DH everyday. It just seems like something clicked for him in the minors last year
  9. I expected to see Melancon
  10. Good win today. Man I'm glad baseball is back
  11. Seems you brought up Earnhardt because you are trying to make it about race. The soldier that died was black you dumb ****
  12. What the **** does dale Earnhardt have to do with anything? Y'all just go ahead and admit that yall care about famous people more than people that give their lives for you. Get mad if ya want. You know im right
  13. Didnnt even realize it happened until a couple of days ago because the media isnt talking about it. Just if the guy had a jump shot and made some motivational speeches.
  14. Although I don't guess it would be that big of a difference from having Markakis and Joyce out there like last year
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