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  1. Yep. Every year after we are out of it we pull off some crazy win against one of the better teams in the league.
  2. McGary has been terrible in pass protection
  3. Well since you ended it with PERIOD it must be true
  4. Where did i say his arm was stronger than Rodgers? I just said he doesnt need a stronger arm like people like to say
  5. For the second week in a row Matt throws a 55 yard pass and folks still say he needs a stronger arm lmao
  6. Did you miss the part where i mentioned the offensive line?
  7. He is still a good QB. With an even average offensive line and defense we would be a playoff team. Its funny how pelple try to blame the entire teams failures on one guy just because they dont like him.
  8. If we are gonna do that we need some of that offensive line to
  9. Whatever the issue is hopefully he stays out and Gono gets a real shot at a job. McGary cant pass block to save his life.
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