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  1. And lets not glance over the fact that the reason Philly had so many injuries is because anytime one of them touched the ball the closest falcons player lit them up.
  2. Yall watching this defense?
  3. Time to start scoring some runs
  4. The way we have drafted over the past 5 or 6 years, im not gonna try to tell our guys how to draft. Their approach has apparently been working. And at the end of the day, neither of us know even a tenth of what TD and company know. Regardless of how much we may like to act like we do.
  5. Thats a guess on your part
  6. Im right there with ya man. While we have had better pitching staffs in the past, this may be our most complete team ever. And ive never seen a bunch of guys that love being out there playing the game together as much as these guys do. October is gonna be fun
  7. They should make that into a Michael Vick commercial