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  1. It doesnt happen to me? I had to fight **** near everyday growing up because i was the "white kid" in the neighborhood. Jumped numerous times for no reason. White or not ive had to deal with racism as well. I just hate to see something like this get tainted by those types of comments. The falcons have shown zero signs of being racist. From drafting a black QB when there were very few in the league. To making Julio the highest paid WR in the league at the time. Take away Ryan because he is QB and 4 of the top 6 highest paid players on the team are black players. Hired a black coordinator. Have a predominantly black fanbase. There is nothing racist about this team. Dont let a couple ignorant fans make you think something about a team that is the exact opposite of racist.
  2. But just because racism does exist doesnt mean it is present in every situation. Ryan is highest paid because he is QB. Number 2 is Julio. Number 3 is trufant.
  3. We werent comparing QB to defense. We were conparing them to WRs. Are you telling me a team with a great WR can makeup up for average QBs the same way Brady makes up for average WRs every year?
  4. I gotta see it. You really think this has to do with race? He got a very good contact last go around.
  5. Are you really going to say QB isnt a more important position than WR?
  6. I got 100 dollars that says you can't find one article on here with someone saying Beirmann ia better than Abe.
  7. His last contract made him the highest paid WR in the league at the time. How is that taking a team friendly deal?
  8. Thats crazy. Ingram looks much bigger. I had to check the numbers to make sure you were right lol
  9. I get one right from time to time lol
  10. Yeah because one day of mini camp tells more than an entire college career lol
  11. Dont do this. KOG is cool. He starts using roll eyes i may have to rethink that opinion lol
  12. Never said he was. You attempted to compare him to a first round talent. I was just explaining why its not really a fair comparison.
  13. Where did i say anything about talent level? I said Ridley played tougher competition and already has experience in an NFL style offense.
  14. Yes but Ridley played and excelled against much tougher competition in a NFL style offense in college. There isnt as much of a learning curve for him.