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  1. Seems you brought up Earnhardt because you are trying to make it about race. The soldier that died was black you dumb ****
  2. What the **** does dale Earnhardt have to do with anything? Y'all just go ahead and admit that yall care about famous people more than people that give their lives for you. Get mad if ya want. You know im right
  3. Didnnt even realize it happened until a couple of days ago because the media isnt talking about it. Just if the guy had a jump shot and made some motivational speeches.
  4. Although I don't guess it would be that big of a difference from having Markakis and Joyce out there like last year
  5. Yeah but the fact that this has been talked about everywhere for days when **** near nothing has been said about the Soldier killed in Syria last week is ****** up. We worship athletes and don't give a **** about people giving their life for their country. God bless america
  6. Dude he was a great basketball player. So in the game of basketball he may have been a legend. But in the grand scheme of things he was no better or worse than the other thousands of people that die every day. Life can be hard but being good at a sport doesn't make your life more meaningful than others.
  7. I tell ya our offense would be nice if we made that move but having Ozuna in left and Bryant in right is a scary thought lol
  8. Where the **** did that come from? Lmao
  9. While i don't know if I'd consider him a "legend". It seems that more often than not the good do die young.
  10. While im sure most don't even know who he is. Bradley Nowell was the worst for me. I was young and was a huge fan of his music. My screen name is in reference to it
  11. Yep. The Crow is still one of my all time favorite movies
  12. If we dont sign someone my money is on Camargo being our 3rd basemen and showing out
  13. Who's to say he isnt just a much better hitter in the comforts of his home park? I'd gladly take a very good hitter at home and a decent hitter on the road with gold glove defense. Plus his road average still beats JDs overall average.
  14. I think ita a front. We will see I guess. If that were the case I don't think Colorado would be in talks with multiple teams about him.
  15. The Rockies can't afford to be that picky. He doesn't want to be there and everybody knows it. They don't really hold the upper hand anymore. Its been rumored that they want a top catching prospect to be part of the deal. We have a couple of those and could throw in Wilson or Wright. As far as 35 mil goes. If we are willing to pay it I'd be fine with it. Our team is pretty much set. He would be the icing on the cake.