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  1. There's 96 minutes between the 1 and 2, and if Trae and Huerter each average ~30 minutes, that leaves ~36 minutes for others to fill those roles (96-60=36). It would be nice to have a 1/2 combo guard who can facilitate, shoot, and defend either position with proficiency taking a large chunk of those other 36 or so minutes. Especially if Huerter is having a bad night, or of course if anyone is injured. Which seems to happen a lot, and then we have a big dropoff with whomever fills the void. Cam and Hunter are splitting 48 mins at the 3, and then a handful of minutes at the 2, while some
  2. I don’t know. Sounds like you’re taking one guys analysis and assuming it’s correct. I don’t know how a PG can average 8 rebounds a game and be considered a defensive trainwreck. In the international league he’s playing in, he’s a .090 DWS and has a PER of 23.26. Those are allstar levels.
  3. Huh?? Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards arent pure RB’s?? What? The only reason Milton isn’t a 5* is because he committed way early, shut down his recruiting, and didn’t go to a single allstar game (turned them all down after being asked to attend every one of them). Recruiting sites don’t like you when you don’t help them generate clicks with storylines. But mark it, Milton will be a first round draft pick in 3 years and another Todd Gurley in the NFL. And Edwards will be a better version of Elijah Holyfield for us. Actually, a much better receiver, so will end up with
  4. Because you’re wrong on his size? Don’t say he’s 150 when he’s 175 and say there’s a size issue and not expect someone to correct you when you’re off by 25 lbs and size not being an issue.
  5. Walker saw our depth at DE/JACK, knew he wouldn’t see the field for a while, and didn’t want to have to compete. We have a good haul coming in for 2021, so no worries.
  6. Not sure how you came to this take on Ball. He’s a consistent 8 rebounds and 2 steals a game right now, while also dishing 8 assists. His perimeter shooting is where he struggles. He’s a way stronger defender than Trae, and most other PG’s too. If he can improve his shooting, he’s going to be a perfect combo 1/2. He’s only 18 and will grow tremendously with a couple years in the league. I’d take him spelling Trae and Huerter in a heartbeat. I hate the concept of Cam and Huerter having to be the point for 10 mins every game. Get them on the wings concentrating on those duties
  7. If Capella can step right in and consistently pull down 15 boards a night, and Cam and Hunter consistently shoot 40%, and Huerter, JC, and Trae stay healthy, then yes I think it’s possible we average .500 for the rest of the season. But that still isn’t going to get us even sniffing the 8th seed. 30-52 isn’t going to be close. Orlando is already at 22 wins and winning .423 of their games. The 8th seed will be around 41-45 wins. It’s a catch-22 for us. It’s going to be nice to get some wins, but we’re going to end up around pick 7-12, which is virtually a dead man’s territory with t
  8. Brooks Austin does a tremendous job here breaking down McConkey’s potential under Monken. Especially later in the film when he does the Casey Martin comparison. Just watch.
  9. Isaiah McKenzie was 5’7 160 and he did pretty well. Still doing well in the NFL.
  10. He’s 170-175. Guess you didn’t see his interview with Jeff Sentell. He was 5’6 115 just 2 years ago, and grew 6 inches and gained 55-60 lbs since. And he said his mother was worried and took him to the doctor who after xrays said his growth plates were still open and he will likely grow a couple more inches and pack on more weight. Ladd will be 6’1 200 within a year, most likely. His brother is 6’2 220, same as his dad.
  11. Yeah, not gonna happen unless we go on a historic win percentage, which is silly to even consider. Our defense is so horrid, and we just can’t keep scoring 125+ a night consistently. Capela and Dedmon need to gel into the system, too. We could maybe win 40% if the stars align, but that’s probably pushing it, and still not enough to reach a playoff seed.
  12. This is not an excuse, because honestly I think Monken is going to come in here and turn Jamie Newman into a Heisman candidate and we're going to put up at least 40 ppg. BUT... We are dealing with: 1. A new OC and transition to a new playbook 2. A depleted OL, although it's still pretty stacked, there's some definite dropoff... AND, they're all dealing with an entirely new blocking scheme 3. We have 1 proven receiver worth a darn, 1 other coming off serious injury, and a slew of rookies/freshmen whom we HOPE are better than the poor catching receivers that killed us la
  13. Mike has been around. Auburn, Bama, Tennesee, and now UGA. And whenever he gets to a town, he consistently tries to appear objective, while also obviously becoming a homer for the team he's covering. Not necessarily a cheer leader, but everything sorta turns rose-colored and he avoids being overly critical. And then he consistently tries to justify himself by bringing up the one or two times he was critical, and that he has done this at every team he's been assigned to. It's really not bad. I actually like how he digs deep into teams and players and becomes and instant big fan and do
  14. Wait, so they're giving us cash to take Walton off their hands? LOL And yeah, we're not keeping another PG when he have 3 already.
  15. This next lot of draft prospects sucks. I mean it's one of the worst I've ever seen, aside from the top 3 guys and a handful of others. C Wiseman is a perfect fit and a future superstar. He does everything you could want in a true Center on the boards AND eventually has the potential offensive game of a Kevin Durant. But at the rate we're going with wins now, we'll have little to no chance at the #1 pick to get him. PG/SG LaMelo would be a great fit here, but I really would hate to deal with his dad and the potential drama his dad starts up if/when LaMelo doesn't get enough playtim
  16. Dedmon had his 2 best seasons in Atlanta, so who knows what he could blossom into here again. We're not playing a much different system. Our bigs hang on the perimeter with a chance to shoot or post up, and run inside on 1/2/3's slashing/shooting or pick-n-roll. That's his wheelhouse. Sacramento had him living in the paint trying to tip in missed baskets. I think he likes Atlanta and will fit much better with our style of play. I was bummed when we kept Len over Dedmon. Len never fit. Couldn't shoot, awful passer, beyond terrible rebounder. All he could do was run the floor well a
  17. If we keep winning over 35% of our games, and I suspect this will be the case as we’re starting to gel and are making player moves, we’re going to be much more likely to end up in the 5-14 pick range than the 1-4. As a result, I would begin expanding the potential prospect list.
  18. Such a strange recruiting cycle. The ESPNU guys think Evans commits to Tennessee tomorrow. That would suck. Do not want to face that kid. Was really hoping he goes JUCO or to something like Ole Miss or Arkansas if he’s going to stay in the SEC. And Burch still hasn’t sent in a LOI. Just a weird situation.
  19. Well at the pace we’re going now we’re gonna be out of the Wiseman/Edwards sweepstakes by season end. I wonder who we target.
  20. It feels like we now have 4 PF/C combo guys, between Collins, Capella, Fernando, and Dedmon, we can play ANY combination of those 4 guys and be able to seamlessly switch guarding 4’s and 5’s by sticking to a zone. Capella and Dedmon inside the block, Collins and Bruno outside. Rebounds galore. And higher potential for blocked shots. Just didn’t have that with Len and Parker. Jones isn’t as versatile, but he’s solid depth, and improving a lot on the pick-n-roll with Trae. I really like these moves. Big defensive improvements with zero dropoff in potential offense.
  21. LOL, there wasn't even an announcement by the kids. They all just sticking with where they committed. That's was pretty anti-climatic.
  22. Is that Coach Muschamp on the far left sitting with his son?
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