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  1. Yeah in the interview Shockley did with the EE's, Major said that he is the one who sends a motivational text to everyone every morning. He said one of his coaches taught him to do it a few years back and he's been sending them to his entire team ever since. And now he's collecting phone numbers and doing it at UGA too. Kid will be a team captain by the time he's a Junior.
  2. Campbell has elite size and speed, and he is going to have a stellar year if he stays healthy. Kid was a 5* for a reason. Even if he goes 2nd or 3rd day, he's likely gone because his family is pretty poor, is what I believe I've heard.
  3. Yeah, because it's pretty well known that Campbell and Stokes are both leaving early for the NFL after this year. I've heard multiple insiders mentioned it. Sentell, Adams, plus SoFL and Americus have all said something about it at some point.
  4. Yeah Daniel is a true Senior, and Campbell and Stokes will enter the draft, for sure.
  5. Awesome stuff. Did you guys know that Ladd McConkey was taking college courses from a community college near his high school while he was a Junior and Senior and he already has his associates degree? Kid has a 4.35 GPA, already has his college core curriculum DONE, and he is entering UGA already taking his 3000 level Finance degree classes on day one. He will graduate with a Finance degree before he even finishes his sophomore year, and will have his Masters in Finance by the time he finished his Senior season. Combined with his insane athletic agility and speed, that's probably th
  6. Williams, Grimes, Johnson, Daniel, plus probably Green or Hancock, and maybe even Collier. That would be the DB haul of all time. We're losing LeCounte, Daniel, Webb, Stokes, and Campbell after this season, so it's quite possible. Ringo, Stevenson, and Cine will be 2021 starters for sure. Wilson, Chris Smith, Burns, Kimber, and Branch will round out the veteran depth. But then 2022 would be thin AF (Ringo, Kimber, Burns, & Branch is about it) if we don't land at least 5 DB's in next class. So I suspect all those guys I mentioned will be licking their chops as they'd g
  7. Dedmon right out the gate with double the points and rebounds he was getting with Sacramento. Love it. Can’t wait for Capella to get in there too. Damien Jones is useless by comparison. The amount of rebounds we handed them was stupid.
  8. Knicks shooting like 60% and already have 20 rebounds in the first period. And it’s not like we’re not playing defense. The ball is just bouncing to them and they are making shots with hands in their face. It’s unreal how this consistently happens to us.
  9. This is ridiculous. Knicks can’t miss a shot, and we can’t make one or get a rebound.
  10. Updating this from my earlier thread now that we have a completed/final 2020 recruiting class after NSD. On top of their star rankings I'm adding their year status as well. Again, this is all just fun speculation. I've surely made some mistakes and poor guesses, so let's have some discussion on what those might be. OL, for instance, is always a debate. None of us really has a clue who's playing where on the OL, but it's fun to discuss. And yes, I'm putting all the freshmen at/near the back of the depth chart until they prove they can beat out the vets. Enjoy! OFFENSE: QB:
  11. Wow, so the list of snubs are: Michael Barnett (he'll still get invited to a tryout) Michail Carter (same, he'll get invited to a tryout somewhere) Tyler Clark (WTF?? how is he not going to the combine?? He'll make some team's practice squad) Tae Crowder (such a shame, he deserves a shot. Hope he gets a tryout invite) D'Marcus Hayes David Marshall Tyrique McGhee Tyler Simmons (no surprise skillet-hands not invited) Justin Young
  12. Everybody should be back after the allstar break, though. Except maybe Skal. Maybe Reddish is in the concussion protocol for a couple extra days, but doubtful. Don't you think? Or is somebody worse than we thought?
  13. No real clue. If we had the #1 pick, I'm 100% sure we'd take Wiseman and not even blink at outside offers. Some teams probably don't value him as high as we do because they're already doing well at Center for a while, but I really can't imagine he doesn't go #1 unless something insane happens, like a team is really REALLY desperate for a PG or they actually think Edwards is the next coming of Dwayne Wade. What could we get for #2 or #3? Probably something between 5-10 this year, plus a top-5 protected 1st next year. Just my guess. I think most teams understand Edwards and
  14. I agree, actually. Huerter, too. I really only see one possible real immediate upgrade, and that would be Wiseman. Aside from that, Anthony Edwards would be a 3+ year project before he reaches any consistency. Super high ceiling, but he's a long way off from getting near it, IMO. LaMelo is the same issue, although I do really like his ability to facilitate. He could be an 8-10 assist guy and around 18 points within a year at the very least. Is Jeff Teague a longterm depth solution? When is his decline going to turn steep? What's our backup to Teague if Trae gets a high ank
  15. *Shrug* Again, I don't know how you have a near .1 DWS and over 23 PER and average 8 rebounds and 2 steals a game and be considered a defensive trainwreck. And, half the draft ranking sites out there have you as the #1 or #2 pick while you're only averaging 19 ppg in the international league. Maybe he's not an elite defender, but he's certainly not a "trainwreck" or even a liability. He's just 18 years old and not close to reaching his potential yet. But again, it's all moot where we're concerned. I doubt he'd be the target for us if we had any choice.
  16. I see that now. Yeah my bad, man. I forgot you were an OSU fan. Your sentence made it sound like you were speaking only about the Dawgs. My fault.
  17. Ah, I forgot he was an OSU fan. I thought he was talking about UGA, LOL. Makes sense now. Thanks.
  18. Dude, there's an interview where McConkey said this all himself. The whole "doctors said my growth plates are still open" and weight and size where all out of his own freaking mouth, So bite me, ignoramous.
  19. There's 96 minutes between the 1 and 2, and if Trae and Huerter each average ~30 minutes, that leaves ~36 minutes for others to fill those roles (96-60=36). It would be nice to have a 1/2 combo guard who can facilitate, shoot, and defend either position with proficiency taking a large chunk of those other 36 or so minutes. Especially if Huerter is having a bad night, or of course if anyone is injured. Which seems to happen a lot, and then we have a big dropoff with whomever fills the void. Cam and Hunter are splitting 48 mins at the 3, and then a handful of minutes at the 2, while some
  20. I don’t know. Sounds like you’re taking one guys analysis and assuming it’s correct. I don’t know how a PG can average 8 rebounds a game and be considered a defensive trainwreck. In the international league he’s playing in, he’s a .090 DWS and has a PER of 23.26. Those are allstar levels.
  21. Huh?? Kendall Milton and Daijun Edwards arent pure RB’s?? What? The only reason Milton isn’t a 5* is because he committed way early, shut down his recruiting, and didn’t go to a single allstar game (turned them all down after being asked to attend every one of them). Recruiting sites don’t like you when you don’t help them generate clicks with storylines. But mark it, Milton will be a first round draft pick in 3 years and another Todd Gurley in the NFL. And Edwards will be a better version of Elijah Holyfield for us. Actually, a much better receiver, so will end up with
  22. Because you’re wrong on his size? Don’t say he’s 150 when he’s 175 and say there’s a size issue and not expect someone to correct you when you’re off by 25 lbs and size not being an issue.
  23. Walker saw our depth at DE/JACK, knew he wouldn’t see the field for a while, and didn’t want to have to compete. We have a good haul coming in for 2021, so no worries.
  24. Not sure how you came to this take on Ball. He’s a consistent 8 rebounds and 2 steals a game right now, while also dishing 8 assists. His perimeter shooting is where he struggles. He’s a way stronger defender than Trae, and most other PG’s too. If he can improve his shooting, he’s going to be a perfect combo 1/2. He’s only 18 and will grow tremendously with a couple years in the league. I’d take him spelling Trae and Huerter in a heartbeat. I hate the concept of Cam and Huerter having to be the point for 10 mins every game. Get them on the wings concentrating on those duties
  25. If Capella can step right in and consistently pull down 15 boards a night, and Cam and Hunter consistently shoot 40%, and Huerter, JC, and Trae stay healthy, then yes I think it’s possible we average .500 for the rest of the season. But that still isn’t going to get us even sniffing the 8th seed. 30-52 isn’t going to be close. Orlando is already at 22 wins and winning .423 of their games. The 8th seed will be around 41-45 wins. It’s a catch-22 for us. It’s going to be nice to get some wins, but we’re going to end up around pick 7-12, which is virtually a dead man’s territory with t
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