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  1. Wrong. We are ~$400k under the cap before the draft class which is about $6.2m to sign. So technically, we only need to free up about $5.8m to get under the cap. The cap only counts the top-51 players. The entire draft class actually costs about $13m, but the bottom 4 are below the 51st player threshold so they don’t actually count against the cap. And then, when you add the 5 draftees to the 51, the bottom 5 of the 51 get pushed off/replaced by the 5 draftees. Hence why they effectively only cost $6.2m towards our cap. Then subtract the $400k we’re currently under an
  2. The guy did another interview on the radio and yet again claimed we would be $12m over the cap after signing the draft class. He’s an ignorant imbecile with a voice that makes you want to jab an ice pick in your ears. Please tell us you were being sarcastic and just forgot the /purple.
  3. I don’t believe this one bit. It would have cost the most absurd amount of compensation, even for the “lowball” offer, that it just wouldn’t have been viable on any level. I mean just to not get laughed off the phone would have required 3 first AND second round picks since it’s pretty much a certainty the Pat’s picks will be between 15-32 every year. And no way is Belichick offering something that insane. But more than even that, nobody in the Pats organization is going to leak this information. Belichick would crucify them before firing them. All these media folks lie. The
  4. It’s so embarrassing that DLed is always the lead question. I legit get angry that the first impression any new player or coach gets of the ATL media scene is a Terrence Moore level “subtle” hater with an imbecilic voice and egocentric attitude who’s priority isn’t to inform fans about team news, but rather design every word around maximizing intrigue for clicks. And for some insane reason it never changes. AB and Rich McKay are the only constants left, so I can only assume they’re the ones allowing him continued access and first dibs. Why, though, I just can’t fathom. I would have told
  5. Some of these threads are so strange. The excitement and adoration for UDFA’s, camp bodies, and vet castaways that never played a snap and got cut from other team’s practice squads is almost disturbing. Maybe I’m just too cynical these days, but I have zero expectations and feel absolutely nothing about signings like this. Senat can’t even make the field and I’m supposed to be excited/hopeful about this guy who likely isn’t even on Senat’s level? What am I missing? Or am I?
  6. I’m numb to trainer-speak. Chuck Smith talked up so many bums we drafted that ended up doing jack squat that I won’t get my hopes up anymore about any of these guys.
  7. Every year the parity in this league scrambles all the numbers and makes last year’s records totally irrelevant. This schedule blows. Early bye. 7 home to 10 away. Zero back-to-back home games, while having 4 sets of back-to-back away games is some horrendous BS. Facing the SB champs twice. Travel to London and calling this a home game sucks. The ONLY good thing in the entire schedule is there is only ONE cold game. Every other game is warm weather or in a dome. But that’s it. 3rd easiest schedule my ***.
  8. I’m so sick of DLed. Yet again he was on the radio spewing ignorant drivel. This time with Dukes & Bell. They ask him about Grady and he says Grady won’t fit in the 3-4 because he’s never played NT, and he’s supposedly also not right for a 3-4 DE either. And as a result DLed believes Grady wants to leave and TF is likely shopping him or will let him walk in FA. What a crock. Grady has easily played 30-35% of his total snaps in the 0-1i technique in DQ’s 4-3 Under formation. That’s effectively a NT just with different jargon. So we’re talking thousands of snaps at NT in his care
  9. It seems pretty clear we are going to use the pass to open the run, while also using running formations to pass from, and passing formations to run from. It’s just different than what Keotter ever did. Keotter would telegraph both runs and passes because his formations lacked multiplicity. Being overly predictable is why he’s just not a good OC, and one of the leading causes of our struggles. Tennehill didn’t just suddenly go from pedestrian to probowl caliber overnight because of some talent and efficiency infusion in his body and brain. And Henry isn’t the sole reason Tannehil
  10. He's big into the community, loves the ATL, rebuilt his family a new home here after it burned down, he and his dad run a foundation here, he’s super close with his mom, etc etc. I seriously doubt he wants to leave Atlanta. Almost certainly an extension is coming. He’s in his prime and good for at least another 3 seasons before a decline even begins. I think we’re just waiting until after June 1st cuts to see what the FA market and cap casualties happen so we can make moves and then know with more certainty what our exact cap needs are. Because with an extension, we can fre
  11. I suspect his “agent” is probably just his dad/mom/brother/Fortnite playing buddy. This kid probably didn’t even get a draft grade or have a scout ask his name or even show to a pro-day. Pretty sure real agents weren’t banging down his door.
  12. So it looks like AS calls about 27-30% of passing targets to TE’s, and around 35-37% of redzone passes going to TE’s. With our numerous passing weapons, I suspect it’ll be at least 5-7% less for us, but probably still near similar target numbers simply because we throw a lot more often in general. Matt only threw 17% of passing targets to TE’s last year with 85% of those going just to Hurst(88 targets of 104). Tannehill threw 29% of targets to TE’s. But again, he didn’t have a Julio, Ridley, and Gage. He only had Brown and Davis (tier 2 WR’s), and that’s it. Smith got 65 targets
  13. Lost me when he said the Titans didn’t hardly use TE’s. Say what?? Smith had 65 targets and played 745 snaps(70%). Firkser had 53 targets and played 350 snaps(32%). Swain had 12 targets and played 354 snaps(33%). Pruitt had 8 targets and played 265 snaps(24%). 28% of their total passing targets went to TE’s(134/485). And they were in a 2+ TE personnel formation around 33% of the time.
  14. Before I give my guess on this I’m going to nerd out and go look up what AS did with Tannehill and the Titans. How many attempts and percentages to TE’s, average yards per reception, who got targets in the redzone... stuff like that. Then try to apply it to Matt, but with probably more attempts, and then divide them accordingly among our targets based on the percentages AS did at Titans. We have a lot of quality mouths to feed, so not likely to be a relative extrapolation, but it won’t hurt to try and see.
  15. Yes, you are wrong, though. He passed for 21 TD’s in 2015 and 38 in 2016. That’s only 59. There’s 288 more he threw in 11 other seasons. He didn’t become the #4 all-time average per season TD passer in just those 2 KS seasons, of which one of them was one of his worst out of 13. You absolutely are just a hater. Your omissions and downplaying of his redzone prowess and accomplishments makes that abundantly apparent.
  16. Dude, we literally set scoring and redzone records in 2016. We have the #7 ALL TIME scoring offense ever that year. We have been top-5 in TD’s and top-7 in passing TD’s for 11 of Matt’s 13 seasons, and he is currently 10th ALL TIME in QB passing TD’s(347), as well as 4th ALL TIME in average passing TD’s per year(26.6), only behind Manning, Brees, and Brady. And easily 90%+ of all those TD’s came in the redzone. Just stop making absurd clown statements. You sound like an irrational hater and nothing else.
  17. The new cap limit would be able to absorb that, so why is it really an issue? That said, it would almost certainly be an extension, actually, rather than a restructure. Very likely would lock him up through 2024, and then spread any cap reduction this year across 4 years. No way they want to let Grady go after next year. I can’t imagine they aren’t in discussions about an extension after June 1. They could also easily do a restructure/extension with Julio and free up $8-9m, too. Or again, simply cut a few backups that aren’t worth their contracts.
  18. Yeah 6-7 might be stretching it a bit I guess. But at least 5. If Fitzgerald can put up 10 yards per reception at 36 then I know Julio certainly can too.
  19. Thought I saw $15.7M. My bad. But either way it’s not $7M for the rookies, and why do we need to free up $15M for your proposal? We can restructure Grady and free up $8m and cut Keith Smith (which is likely to happen anyway) and also have enough to sign the draft class and pay an aging Justin Houston $3m. What is the obsession with losing Julio? How would this possibly make us better?
  20. ^^This. Logic is the key here. Same as it was with the 4th pick. People are saying the reason(s) to trade Julio is the cap situation and after picking Pitts we don’t need him and let’s get something for him while he has some value before his “apparent and certain” soon to be decline. 1. There are multiple possible EASY solutions for the cap issue that don’t involve reducing our receiver talent and paying one of the best WR’s in the league to play on another team. In what universe would it be more logical and smarter to trade away a starting superstar before cutting a couple bac
  21. The rookies only cost $6.25m. You think we need $15.7m to sign the rookies and a $3m vet. How is anyone supposed to take some of you folks serious on your opinions when you don’t even know how the cap works?
  22. We weren’t over the cap before signing the draft class. You’re interpreting something wrong. The numbers are widely available. The 3 main sites, OTC, Spotrac, and NFLPA, even after McCarron’s numbers came in, showed us under the cap. And with the draft class, we are now $5.77m OVER. I never said we were under, anyway. I very clearly said “over”. But $5.77m over is nothing. For Christ sake we could cut Gono and Oliver and free up $5.7m. What would be the smarter move? Trade Julio or cut a backup OT and CB? How dumb would you have to be to say “trade Julio”?? My critici
  23. Was 2015 a “rebuild” in your eyes? Because we went to SB in year 2 of that one, and this one already feels like we’re way ahead and better off than we were in 2015. Just the fact we’re not being inundated with slogans and catch-phrases like “fast and physical”, and hearing about some “toughness/competitor scale” to gauge players, and are rather just getting down to business without being constantly “sold” a narrative already tells me this isn’t a throwaway season or rebuild. These guys are here to win now. Nothing is sugarcoated with a salesman’s attempt to persuade us it’s good. I c
  24. Nonsense. Lance was picked and there wasn’t an ounce of disappointment shown from anyone in the room. And then, when Detroit calls, TF says we’re staying at 4 to get our guy just like we told you we would before. That means premeditation to pick Pitts was already made. They obviously already told Detroit during a previous inquiry that if Pitts is there at 4 we are not interested in anything but staying there and picking him. How you can not understand this means Lance wasn’t an option I don’t get, but okay, I guess.
  25. Our OC’s have sucked in the RZ. They over-think it and purposely avoid targeting Julio, on top of always making him run the corner fade, which Matt just isn’t that great at throwing. The corner fade is a low percentage route for every QB in the league, and it’s even worse for Matt and Julio. Matt also seems to progress past Julio even when he is the primary target because it’s always a low percentage route and Julio is usually bracketed, so Matt thinks he can do better with an Iso route/target. And that could be subconscious of Matt at this point. Bad play design so often and Ma
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