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  1. Trae didn’t even shoot his first foul shot until 5 mins into the 4th period and these clowns are berating him for foul hunting?? Trae is so deep in their heads already, it’s delicious! 😎
  2. Because right now we are only $5.8m over the cap, and that’s peanuts in the NFL. And next season, the cap will likely be upwards of $215m-$220m. Even with all the cuts/dead money, restructures, and extensions, we’re still going to be around $20m-$25m under the cap next year. Except if we trade Julio this year, then we’ll only be around $5m-$10m under next season. Trading Julio to free up $15m this year (still costing us $7.75m dead money), only to reduce our cap by $15.5m next year, and effectively paying him to play on another team, is a horrible idea. Extending Grady
  3. Right, because everyone has a podcast and does 350 player analysis and 32 NFL team videos. NOT Are you saying you weren’t being obnoxiously defensive? You weren't indirectly inferring I couldn’t critique Emory unless I too had a similar video to his? And you think that’s reasonable? LOL, okay.
  4. Wow, did I trigger you since I was critical of Emory Hunt’s rankings? Is he your boifriend or something? So you didn’t find calling most of our UDFA’s “solid starters” quite a bit zealous? Or the fact his 28th ranked RB is supposed to be a solid starter and only 4.5 rank points below his 7th ranked RB? You just got so offended that you demand I have to have a draftnik podcast to make any sort of critique?? LOL, eat less soy, man. Don’t get so sensitive.
  5. LT: Matthews | Gono | Kion Smith LG: Mayfield | Dalman | Willie Wright OC: Hennessy | Dalman | Ryan Neuzil RG: Lindstrom | Willie Wright | Bryce Hargrove RT: McGary | Mayfield | Gono I suspect the depth chart ends up like this, with Smith, Wright, and Hargrove going to the PS, while the other 8 make the 53, but Neuzil doesn’t dress with the 46. It’s a solid starting 5, but with obvious unknowns at C and LG. If we stay healthy, it’s above average in pass protection and average in run blocking. And only reason for that is because we’re just so young. In 2 years, th
  6. He has Pitts rated an 88, should easily be a 95. And strangely he has like 8 of our UDFA’s in the 70’s, which on his chart means “Solid Starters”. Javian Hawkins was his overall #7 RB with a score of 77.5, but then Caleb Huntley is his overall #28 RB with a score of 73. So 28 and 7 are only separated by 4.5 points? And the 28th overall RB is supposed to be a “Solid Starter”?? Pretty sure Emory said we were picking a QB at 4, too. Emory is decent at analysis, but a bit too off with his ratings/rankings.
  7. Trae Young to coach Mac in the 4th quarter about Lou Williams, “Coach, leave him in there!” Lou Williams to Trae Young with 9.8s in the game: “Don’t you pass that ball!” Man, we got somethin here fellas!!!
  8. If not for LP soaking up games at the start Daddy Mac would be CotY. Freaking Jeff Schultz asked McMillan in post-game presser if he thought the officiating changed in the 4th quarter “for the Hawks”. Mac avoided the question nicely, but Schultz is such a monumental doosh for going there. Clearly trying to bait Mac into another fine. Really dislike that guy. Such an ATL hater.
  9. Seriously, if Gallo and Huerter hit their normal shot rate, and the refs actually call fouls properly, we win this game by 20. Gallo was what? 3/14? Huerter maybe 3/11? Trae didn’t go to the line until 5 mins into the 4th period? And we still won this game in MSG?!?!
  10. Randle held to 15 pts! Defense was FIRE!!
  11. That just happened, and we didn’t even shoot well. **** YES!!
  12. 9.8s, tie game, we have the ball. PLEASE CLOSE THIS OUT!!
  13. Those refs wanted so bad to reverse that call. But dude not only bumped Trae on the apex of his shot, but he smacked Trae in the head during his half-step.
  14. The refs are handing the Knicks cupcake fouls, meanwhile Trae just had his first foul shots. If Trae not having a foul shot until halfway through the 4th quarter isn’t proof of ref bias, I don’t know what is.
  15. Gallo and Hunter playing insane defense vs Randle. If they could just hit their shots.
  16. Ugh. And here come the refs BS calls.
  17. Wow, I flipped it over to TNT for a minute and you guys aren’t kidding. The verbal fellatio they are giving the Knicks is insane! Please, please, please Lord help the Hawks beat the snot out of the Knicks so we can bask in all these jackhole’s egotistical tears!
  18. Still can’t believe he got fined so much for barely even coming close to an insinuation. Like not outright saying it (“bias”). He simply insinuated it indirectly. And hardly even did that. And to get hit for $25k???? What a crock. They showed more bias with that fine than they did moving the game to Sunday and assigning this particular officiating crew. That fine had “butthurt about the awkward truth” written all over it.
  19. Put it on Bally Sports SE (Comcast 221) and you’ll get our usual Rathburn & Nique.
  20. I’m so hyped for this game. We’d be killin em if Gallo would hit his 3’s (he’s 0/4). And we need to stop going limp when a no-call happens. Everyone knows the league and the refs favor the Knicks and are going to give them calls/no-calls. We just gotta keep the energy up. And for Christ sake put a body in front of Rose under the basket!
  21. Hes got 60 TD’s in 10 seasons, 2 of which were cut short due to injury. Not that 6 vs 5 is a big difference, but let’s not purposely undercut the dude’s accomplishments because you’re on an exaggeration hater rant. Plus 95.5 ypg average is #1 ALL TIME among ALL receivers, and 15.2 ypr is #3 among active receivers. 84.8 receptions per year is also #1 all time among receivers with over 800 receptions. And then, it’s not like the Falcons don’t score TD’s. Matt is 10th all time in passing TD’s and 4th among active QB’s. How do you think we got to the redzone in those 347 TD’s? Just
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