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  1. So I didn’t see 3 or 4 charges that weren’t called or fouls they decided were jump balls in those last 15-20 minutes that went one way and allowed the blue team to come back from down 16? Whatever.
  2. Good grief, could they make it anymore obvious they wanted Lebron’s team to win? They were hacking and charging like crazy and only calling it against the red team in that last quarter. And even at a freaking allstar game Lebron cries about calls. God I can’t stand that guy. Such a baby.
  3. Don’t know. But suddenly we had people saying we need to trade Collins because in year 2.5 he apparently hasn’t improved at all at the 3 position. He’s also apparently 4 inches shorter than we thought. Someone with season tickets confirmed this with their own eyes. LMAO And, our team ginger in year 1.5 apparently has no shot at this NBA thing because he’s “slow”, in spite of consistently running circles around people with surprisingly exceptional handles and quickness. LOL, whodathunkit? Apparently second and third year players are supposed to be great at all aspects of
  4. Collins has gone from 7.3 rebounds to 10.2, and 0.6 blocks to 1.6, while going from 10.5 ppg to 20.6... while being surrounded by rookies with insane inconsistencies at both ends. Seriously, what in the blue he!! are you even talking about... "IF" you let Collins play the 4? That's his position, and he's averaging 10 rebounds, 21 points, and nearly 2 blocks a game there. All he's done is get better. This is just mind boggling. And Klay Thompson came into the league as a minus defender, and Huerter has 3x the handles and agility that Thompson has, and Klay is now known as one o
  5. LOL, dude. Like I said, you're embarrassing yourself. Griffin is 6'9 and Love is 6'8. SMH
  6. He’s 6’10, clearly taller than Hunter, and yeah, he is a tweener, between the 4 and 5 like ALL our PF’s and C’s are by design. Again, you just said a guy who claimed Collins was shorter than Hunter made a “great post”. You’re both clowns and embarrassing yourselves with these latest takes. I’m just trying to help you but you’re making it impossible and now I’m irritated I tried.
  7. You guys are freaking killin me. Great post? The guy just said John Collins is a SF/PF tweener and shorter than Hunter, and you think he is qualified to make a valid point? LOL Ya'll just STOP this nonsense already. Holy he!!.
  8. “Thompson told The New York Times recently that the process of becoming a solid defender began by squatting his way to a more solid lower body. In “Golden State’s Klay Thompson Is a Different Kind of Dangerous,” Thompson recounts the grueling summer of 2012 that followed his rookie season. “They would kill us,” Thompson said. “It was not fun, man.” Golden State didn’t make the postseason that year, so Thompson worked with other young players on the team to get better defensively. According to the Times, “the coaching staff would put 60 minutes on the clock and have them defend” — wit
  9. Here’s an article about how Golden State and Klay Thompson were horrible at defense at first. This guy complains about the Thompson pick... https://warriorswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/02/how-klay-thompson-became-one-of-the-nbas-best-defenders/ ”Who needs defense anyway? Golden State already has Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, two pure shooters who don’t play a lick of defense, so the Warriors went out and added Klay Thompson, a guard/forward who shoots and doesn’t factor in on the other end of the floor. Brilliant. Either the Warriors are going to shop Ellis hard in the
  10. AGAIN, we have 20-23 year olds who haven’t gelled and have little experience together spending all their time and effort trying to score to compensate for lake of confidence in everything else. You are jumping the gun and making silly assertions like they are already absolute fact. Stop it.
  11. You sound ridiculous. These guys are 20-23 years old with tons of room to grow and learn. Huerter doesn’t have slow feet, Thats asinine. He’s got bad technique and doesn’t put in enough effort. But he absolutely can be taught how to play better defense. Cam clearly puts more effort into defense. He’s closer to who he’s guarding, lower, wider base, willing to reach in and has accuracy doing it, shuffles rather than crossing over while keeping hands wide and using his body to push or leverage to cut off angles. All our guys can do all that. Some just don’t because it’s hard and
  12. First, there's no way to bank on getting Wiseman. We're not the worst team in the league, or even the 3rd worst, so we're probably going to have less of a chance at the #1 pick, especially after the moves we just made. Second, the main reason Trae, Huerter, and Collins don't play defense is because they think they need to conserve energy for the 35+ minutes they're "desperately needed" for offense. And, when they are on defense, they think the highest percentage chance they have at scoring is a fast-break. So they are constantly leaning that direction, and it consistently keeps them ou
  13. Our defensive woes seem like an easy fix. Seriously, just make SOME F'ING EFFORT at getting rebounds with any of our existing guys, and we've quadrupled our defensive output. Then, when you get picked, SWITCH and start guarding your new guy with active hands, active feet, and on-ball proximity so they can't slash past you and they don't feel comfortable making a shot. Meaning don't chase your assignment who's now 10 feet away and leave open a guy standing at the top of the key with a wide open shot. And then look like an idiot trying to sprint back 10 feet with your hand in the air
  14. We're not pulling anyone with many more games like last night. Ugliest game of the season, IMO. And it wasn't even the highest scoring game against us. But it was beyond horrible defense and effort. I really hope it was just the guys were ready for the break and had checked out early. Granted that's not a good look either, but it's a better explanation than the alternative.
  15. They're gonna be so surprised when we put up ~42 ppg.
  16. This is very true. If Edwards was in last year's draft, he'd have gone maybe 8-12, and we might have still picked Reddish ahead of him at 10. Which is why I have changed my mind on tanking. Don't get me wrong, I want Wiseman more than anything. But if it looks like we're only going to be a 5% or less chance to get the #1 pick, then we might as well play to win and settle for one of the guys I mentioned earlier as mid-late round potential gems. Because everyone from 3-10 ranked right now looks like they'd be 20-30 last year. So take a flier on a defensive specialist or a 3-and-d guy a
  17. It is garbage. But only because there are so few with potential quality longevity while there are so many who look like their apex is just average at best. I mean, for instance, the #3-10 guys aren’t in the same realm as Young, Hunter, and Reddish, and will never come close to reaching the ceilings and potential of our 3 players, and yet we got them at 5, 4, and 10. And as far as I can see, there is only 1 potential gem shooter, 3-and-d, and John Collins type later in the draft, but that’s about its only redeeming quality aside from the top-2 picks. So unless you got top-2, or g
  18. Huh? He’s 18 years old. He’s nowhere close to being a finished product. He’s 5-7 years from reaching his full potential and being polished.
  19. Our defense is so bad. Just standing around. Nobody goes after rebounds.
  20. Clint himself said he thinks after the AS break. Skal we don’t know.
  21. These guys are in their 1st/2nd/3rd years and ALL need serious development. Including Huerter. They just made moves that confirm Damien Jones isn't part of this team's future, so that's already been dealt with. But Capella and Skal are hurt, so Jones is going to get floor time until probably after the AS break. Bruno has been off and on hurt, so he's missed time. Not to mention he's obviously struggling trying to learn our system. They want our 4's and 5's to be multiple and capable of taking on switches instantly inside and outside the paint, hence why we now have 5 guys who
  22. I don't see how they keep Ringo off the field even as a freshmen. Dude looks like an NFL CB already when you watch him. On top of the size and crazy speed, he's got near flawless technique too, plus he loves to hit and tackle. Where we're thin is at safety. I suspect we'll see Webb, Wilson, Speed, Brini, and Poole all cross-training at the safety spots. Chris Smith is the obvious immediate backup at safety, and he's really good, too. There's some video out there of him getting right to off-season training and workouts with some pros and at camps, and the dude has bulked up and lo
  23. Yeah the Magic shot 64% from 3 in the second half. 14 of 22. Can’t do anything about that. Just seems to happen to us an awful lot.
  24. Damien started last night and was replaced by Dedmon about 3 minutes in, and hardly played anymore the rest of the game until Dedmon fouled out in OT. And you can see Damien is defeated and not really giving it his all. He knows once Capella and Skal can play, he's toast.
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