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  1. Can’t believe they even acted like they had to review that clear-path foul on JC. In what universe would that have needed legit review??
  2. Great win, but I’m in a freaking forehead vein-popping rage right now over the refs deciding to just stop calling fouls against the 76’ers. I mean if they stopped against both teams I could understand they just wanted to allow a physical final 5 mins. But they very obviously allowed the 76’ers to maul the ever crap out of us while calling every ticky-tack tiny touch against us. Holy he!! I want to punch something right now. So livid they almost stole that ish from us with that BS.
  3. We have to figure out how to score against these swarming traps. If they had done this all game we’d be losing. They are so long and the refs aren’t calling reach-ins on the Sixers, so it’s hard as crap to pass around them when they have us pinned on a sideline.
  4. The officiating is so obnoxiously one-sided right now this is sickening. Hawks only up by 7 after being up by 19 with 5 mins to go. Such BS.
  5. Gad dimnit! Like 5 horrible calls/no-calls by refs in a row. Just handing Sixers shots and possessions.
  6. I’ve got an 80” HD screen and I’m rewinding and looking at plays and it’s just gotten silly. The “block” on the JC fast break was 100% hand. Simmons literally pulled JC’s hand down, sending him flying across the ground, and the refs didn’t call it. And yet, we’re STILL winning big. I love it!
  7. Same ish new series. Philly mauling us with easily visible reach-in arm slaps and refs refuse to call em, meanwhile calling every mild touch on the other end. We just need to keep cool and don’t hand them any TF’s. Our guys know this is going to be the case with any team we play. The League simply does not see ATL as a National brand yet. We do not yet bring in the ad revenue other teams do. Close, but not there yet. Until that happens, the bias is going to continue to be obvious.
  8. I’m sorry but the Hawks are playing the best defense in the NBA for the last month, and it’s abundantly apparent last week and right now. Never in a million years did I think I would type that about this team. Trae and Huerter were bonafide liabilities last year, but right now both are causing turnovers, and Huerter is flat out locking guys down. The team, in general, is moving like a single-celled amoeba. No matter who’s on the floor, the defensive flow is in sync. This is freaking awesome!
  9. Not exactly. Titans can’t pay us back for the upfront bonus money we’ve already paid Julio. On top of the $7.75m dead money this year there is still another $15.5m dead money next year too.
  10. Hunter out. Embiid is starting. Gonna have to be in best form for this one, fellas.
  11. We still have $7.75m in dead money this year and $15m in dead money next year because there’s $22.75m we've already paid Julio up front in guaranteed “bonus” which was spread across years through 2022. So we free’d up $15m this year, of which our rookies will take around $6.6m of (remember, with Julio gone it’s now 6 rookies counting against the 51 rather than 5), leaving us approximately $8.4m in cap space. And even with Julio’s $15m in dead money next year we should still be around $25m or so under the cap going into next FA, depending on how much rollover we have from this year.
  12. Ugh. So we gotta listen to dudes giving proverbial fellatio to Philly for 3.75 games?? That sux.
  13. All of Julio’s worst looking plays are perfectly thrown deep balls that he’s dropped. One in particular we all certainly remember. And again, Matt is usually top 1-3 in the league every year in deep pass efficiency, yards per attempt, and air yards, so this makes no sense. It’s either written with a negative slant to fabricate a non-existent controversy, or the writer is just ignorant and making crap up.
  14. Matt restructured his contract 4x in 22 months already, including the latest within weeks of TF becoming GM. Your post makes it sound like Matt has been greedy and unaccommodating at the expense of the team, which is absurd nonsense. Some of you are still making way too big a deal about the cap. Most likely because you’re ignorant and still falling for the media’s constant blowing it out of proportion, because they either want clicks or they’re also ignorant. DLed is a perfect example. That idiot still insists we have to free up nearly $13m right now when it’s really only around $6m.
  15. KP was spittin fire for the first couple mins. I was rollin. That was great. We all knew the McMillan HC offer and extension was coming, so no real surprise there.
  16. OO couldn’t have been handed a better mentor than Capela. They have the same makeup/style/design. He just needs to learn optimal positioning for rebounds and those rim tap-ins like Cap does so well and he can be Cap’s twin. It would be awesome if when Cap goes to the bench OO comes in and there’s zero dropoff. Not there yet, but could happen in the near future.
  17. If Embiid really has a torn meniscus and misses much time vs us, yeah we have a great shot.
  18. Knicks are straight punks. Noel, Bullock, Randle, Gibson... are all piece of **** jackholes who deserve an *** beating. I can’t wait to win this series and shut em all up.
  19. Again, Coach Nate McMillan got a $25,000 fine for mentioning the league bias towards the Knicks. All any of us are doing is discussing said obvious bias. You are just trying to be an internet tough guy for some reason. Us: “The bias is obvious and yet we’re still beating the snot out of these guys. Nice!” You: “StOp CrYzInG loOzErZ!” Its dumb and not a good look. Quit it.
  20. No he’s not. Would you stop acting like billy-bad*** already, Mr. tough guy?
  21. What makes it beyond obvious is that the Knicks are throwing more elbows and crazy hard body checks than any team we've played against all season, too. I mean obnoxiously flagrant fouls all over the place, and no-call after no-call after freaking no-call. Two guys will absolutely maul Trae or JC, and the refs just ignore it, while we barely swipe air near any of them going into the paint and it’s whistles everywhere. For Christ sake, I still can’t believe they didn’t retroactively penalize/disqualify Nerlenz Noel for game 3 after he got away with a flagrant tripping of Trae in game
  22. 12/44 on 3’s And the refs are letting NY commit flagrant fouls all over the place. Can’t win under those circumstances.
  23. The problem is the refs have called ticky-tack BS fouls against JC and forced him to sit the bench most of the game. Gallo has had to play.
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