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  1. Dude, it's like so past time to trade this bum. He's clearly not improving. 17 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1 steal... man he's such a liability on defense. And going 3 of 3 on 3pt'ers?!? Totally reminds me of those cringe-worthy Josh Smith shots. So frustrating.
  2. And yet again the team we’re playing can’t freaking miss a shot. 3 minutes in and Dallas is already 5/6 on 3’s. Why does this always happen to us??
  3. Gezuz F'ing Christmas, your overwhelming bleeding eyes hate for Collins is beyond nauseating at this point. We get it. You don't like the guy. You think he's 4 inches shorter than he really is... some how, even though you supposedly "have season tickets and go to the games!", and even though he's never played the 3 for us, you seem to be mad he hasn't improved at the 3 since we drafted him. You also seem to be mad he hasn't improved at defense, even though he absolutely has, significantly. Go figure. It's time you deal with it. He's here and he's not going anywhere. And no amou
  4. In other words, Giannis didn't begin to shine until year 5, where he began doing exactly what TS and CLP are trying to mold Collins into, but in year 3. As I said. Thanks for the input, though.
  5. I agree. After hearing more about that "Core 5" meeting, I'm pretty certain TS is planning to ride with these guys to the end. I believe he feels Collins can become something similar to Giannis. He!!, Giannis didn't really begin to shine until at least year 5 (2017-18 season), and even then he was only just doing what Collins is already doing at year 2.5. I think we will lock Collins up at $28m/yr and make him the permanent 4, and only a 4 (although multiple on defense, of course). I believe we ride with Huerter, Hunter, and Reddish rotating the 2/3, and then draft a backup 4
  6. Again, Giannis has never played the 5 a day in his life. He’s a 4, averaging 31 mins a game and scoring 30/13/2 from that position doing EXACTLY what we have Collins trying to do now. There’s 48 minutes in a game and Collins has tons of experience splitting his time between the 4 and 5. You play Capela at the 5 for 30 mins and Giannis at the 4 for 30 mins, and there’s still 36 minutes left between the 2 positions. Collins can get 18 mins at the 4 and 12 mins at the 5, and nobody is complaining about not getting enough minutes when everyone is getting a minimum of 30. And Reddis
  7. We are bottom in the league giving up an average 119 ppg. Toronto and Boston are giving up 106. The Bucks, 107. 13 teams are giving up less than 110 ppg. 25 teams are giving up less than 115. 29 teams are giving up less than 119. 124 isn’t good. We average 110 ppg scoring. We aren’t going to be able to put up 120+ every night. Excited about the win, but man we gotta learn how to keep teams under 110 somehow. Was really hoping we’d come out of the break with a shutdown game.
  8. Love the win, but good grief can we please stop allowing teams to score 120+ on us? And it actually looked like we were playing great defense tonight for a change. I just don’t get where the points come from. It just seems like everyone we play shoots way above their average from the perimeter. Can’t wait for Capela to be healthy, though. Really hope he causes a cascade/compounding effect on defense.
  9. Logic says the FO doesn’t want a top-5 pick. They are clearly wanting to win games. If we just win 30-35%, we likely end up picking between 6-10. Anything more than that and we’re likely 8-12. Between 6-12 we’re likely looking for a combo 2/3 3-and-D specialist off the bench, or a backup combo-defender at the 4. But obviously a high caliber starter is no longer a necessity and probably not a goal. OR, we trade back to get multiple picks and get both of those. But it’s pretty obvious we’re not gunning for a top-5 pick anymore in a very weak lottery draft board.
  10. While Tyler Bey is the best 1/2/3 defender in this draft, Reed is easily the best 3/4/5 defender. He has tremendous hand-to-ball accuracy with reaching in, either for blocks or steals. And he’s also a stellar rebounder. Combine his rebounds, blocks, and steals, along with his knack for disrupting shots and passes, and his DWS is through the roof. His downside is that he’s not very athletic on the offensive side of the ball. He’s sorta heavy-footed (slow’ish) and his handles are average. However, he’s smart with the ball and doesn’t turn it over much in spite of this. He’s an effi
  11. We’re just going to have to agree to disagree, I guess. This FO and coaching staff is very obviously trying to turn Collins into precisely the same thing Giannis currently is, and they just traded for Capela for the purpose of developing Collins next to that guy. Every single thing Giannis can do, pick-n-roll, slash from the elbow, stop-n-pop short game, fast-breaks, set screens, give-n-go, space and pass, hit 3’s, putbacks, rim defend, secure rebounds, switch, guard mid to perimeter on shooting 4/5’s, blockout, bang with bigs for position... they want EXACTLY this too from Collins.
  12. Uhh, I'm not sure when it supposedly became taboo to have 2 guys who dominate the paint and boards on the floor at the same time, but that's just silly talk. It's not like Giannis can't spread the floor. 24% of his shots are from 3pt, 35% are from 10'+, and only 49% are actually at the basket. And even then, only 16% of his attempts are dunks. And he's still scoring 30ppg with an effective fg rate of 59%. One of the reasons our defense is so horrible is because of our lack of rebounding. I mean we look like we get a lot of rebounds, but that's only because we let our opponents tak
  13. Beef

    Trae Young

    Trae was pressing on his 3's, but they shouldn't have kept him off the floor at the end of that game. He was facilitating better than anyone on the floor and that's what was missing in the last 10 minutes. He'd have probably drawn 2-3 fouls and gotten another 3-4 assists in those last 10 minutes and helped the red team put the game away.
  14. I don't know, there's a lot of teams out there with multiple rim protectors who are flexible scorers. I mean he already plays with the Lopez brothers. I'd imagine with us being a pick-n-roll team, he'd love it if he wasn't the only rebounder on the squad and could spread out more and wait for lanes to open up. And we have floor spacers. Trae already draws defenders 30' out, and our wings are becoming reliable threats on the corners. Collins is even taking shots outside while Jones and Fernando work the roll sometimes. You need to read that article that explains how Collins ca
  15. Great article. You can see already we are giving Collins more time on the perimeter and allowing him to do something other than pick-n-roll dunks, including 3-pt'ers when on offense. JC's natural position is OBVIOUSLY the 4. His defensive woes almost exclusively come when he's at the 5 and we're playing small-ball. And the real reason we consistently went to this lineup was because Alex Len is one of the worst rim defenders and rebounders that's ever played the Center position, Damian Jones isn't much better, and Bruno Fernando is confused on what he's supposed to be doing and is rarel
  16. Assuming we do NOT get Wiseman or Edwards and end up with a pick somewhere between 6-10, this is what my dream scenario for the Hawks would look like after this season: PG: Trae | Teague | Goodwin SG: Reddish | Huerter | Tyler Bey SF: Hunter | Reddish | Tyler Bey PF: Giannis | Collins C: Capela | Dedmon | Vernon Carey Jr. Obviously this means we traded back with our likely top-10 pick and got 2 mid-round picks, as well as obviously signing Giannis to a big deal. And no, I'm not going to continually spell out his last name. F that. LOL This also assumes we re-si
  17. This is perplexing from Kirschner. I mean in what world has he ever seen Hunter doing what our PF's normally do? I don't get it. He even mentions being a "more impactful perimeter defender", which is not something we really expect from our PF's. We expect our PF's to guard that 12' to 0' area and banging around the boards with our center trying to create blockouts to secure rebounds. So he's making no sense. I mean some teams do have 6'10 PF's playing both the 3 and 4, but nobody plays small-ball anymore with 6'7 SF's at the 4. They'd just get abused and foul out in this current env
  18. ^^ This ^^ Hunter and Reddish only ever touch the 4 spot when there are forced switches off a pick or the opposing 4 has slipped out into the perimeter and looks to possibly shoot from their zone. They've never run the pick-n-roll or banged around the paint waiting for alley oops or putbacks. Hunter and Reddish are only 6'7-6'8, and they are exclusively wings who can multiple on defense, but that's it. Both of them barely average 4 rebounds a game for a reason. Anyone (and we know who that is) who suggests Hunter could/should play the fulltime 4 is a monumental buffoon and
  19. Ugh. If Golden State ends up with Wiseman I’m gonna be sick. That would be crazy once Thompson and Curry are back. Can you imagine a lineup of Curry, Lee, Thompson, Green, and Wiseman? That would be hard to beat. Don’t want to see it. I’m starting to like Paul Reed as a defensive specialist at the 4. Also, Okoro is a terrible mock selection. Horrible defender and not even a good shooter. Guy is projected for early-mid teens or later on most big boards. So this is a dumb mock.
  20. Does this also mean cleared for contact? Because he was already practicing last year.
  21. So far, this dude has Collins playing the 3, Hunter and Capella playing the 4, Collins shorter than Hunter, Collins not improving at anything since entering the league, Jaren Jackson rebounds the ball, Collins doesn't rebound the ball, Huerter is slow and has no chance to improve, and some Israeli SF should be drafted to replace Collins because he will be a superstar and won't cost us a max deal. And he knows all this because he has season tickets and goes to the games. So legit we should all just give up trying.
  22. This clown doesn’t go to games. He’s lying. He already proved that when he said Collins was a SF and shorter than Hunter. Nearly everything he’s said in this thread has been laughably wrong or just an absurd assertion. I stopped wasting my time on him.
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