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  1. How about in the 4th when Simmons got the flagrant 1 on JC? JC was literally in his 1.5 step, ball in both hands, about to dunk, and they STILL didn’t give him foul shots. He got the 1 shot for the technical and then we had to inbound the ball, which we didn’t convert into a basket. It’s crap like that which people aren’t processing. Trae not getting foul shots on 3 fouls when he was clearly beginning the shooting process or absolutely had an immediate continuation. Should have been 6 more points for Trae right there. The ball clearly goes out on Simmons, but they still re
  2. Huh? Don’t show your hand? We just won game 4 with that hand after getting whooped the last 2 games trying to play smaller. Im pretty sure this is the formula and everyone already knows it. Everyone in the league gets bullied by Embiid, so that’s a bad take. If we can’t beat him 1v1, you simply get more bodies in there. The dude had over 20 rebounds with us playing our 3 bigs at same time most of the game. I think it would be nice to have a lengthy 7’er in that mix occasionally. I’m not saying replace Capela, just would be nice to have a professional rim protector off the
  3. Trae would have had 30 assists if we shoot around 50% and hit 4-5 more 3’s. We only shot 36% (30% from 3) and he still had 18 (along with 25 pts), and some clowns in this thread were claiming he’s not a super star (after admitting they didn’t watch any regular season games, too). LOL People who don’t watch any games and then act like Trae isn’t good because of one underwhelming half in a playoff game vs the #1 defense in the league are the worst. And people who complain about people discussing officiating are even bigger jackholes than them. As if officiating isn’t a HUGE factor in a
  4. Yep. This needs to be the starting lineup. I really wish we had a big 7-footer on this team that could body these guys around the rim. The Sixers are so freaking long, we’re almost never above them inside. We get okay rebounds, but they get more meaningful rebounds. And we can’t seem to stop that when we need to. At least playing big at 3 & 4 helps. Gallo at the 3 just needs to consistently move inside on defense and get his body in there to create another layer they can’t easily go around. Make it 3v1 on rebounds vs Embiid. Box him out with volume, like a wall. Hopeful
  5. I’m still trying to figure out how we won this while shooting so bad and feeling like the Sixers hardly missed. Its not computing in my head where we gained 19 points in the 2nd half.
  6. You guys see that replay? Embiid demolishes JC, then falls down for no reason, and they call a foul on Capela. Just damm!!
  7. Milton pushed Bogi down and flying out of bounds, then hits an open 3… no call. This is just BS, guys. Nobody can win with this crap.
  8. Between the 4 obvious travels they’ve no-called and the 3x not giving Trae continuation foul shots, the refs are yet again being a factor that hurts us.
  9. Multiple end zone drops and consistent inability to get open/separation is why he fell down the depth chart. Dude is really fast, but that’s about it. Strangely has no wiggle/body control, doesn’t run routes that great, and has average hands at best. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes, but it’s not a terrible loss for us.
  10. Huerter had a cold game (just like all of our guys) because everytime he breathed on a Philly player they called a foul on him. Already had 3 fouls with 10 mins to go in the 2nd period, and 5 fouls when the 4th started. We can’t play with any confidence under these conditions. Embiid averaged 10 free throws a game during regular season, and he’s averaging 16 a game vs us. During the Wizards series he averaged 7. SEVEN! But 16 vs us. That’s BS. Meanwhile, Trae averaged nearly 9 free throws a game during regular season but is averaging 7 vs Philly. And repeatedly they refuse to
  11. These guys are deeply demoralized. You can see it in their face and demeanor. They're having to play the Sixers AND the refs every game now. The bias is VERY real, it’s overwhelming, it’s hanging over them like a fog every game all game, and it’s eating away their spirit. Our poor shooting, non-aggressive defense, no confidence, and lackadaisical body-language is all a symptom of extreme demoralization. We can try to say they should have the mental fortitude to overcome it because that’s what professionals and championship teams do, but this really young team isn’t there yet. Th
  12. The path Embiid took was directly at Gallo. To the point that if JC wasn’t helping Gallo up off the floor, Embiid would have tripped over Gallo or stepped on his chest. Gallo still had his left hand on the ground (right hand being pulled by JC), and Embiid already had his body leaning on Gallo. That’s what pisses me off about that call. Not only didn’t Gallo do anything but stand up and try to hold his ground, but Embiid clearly, CLEARLY, b-lined it into Gallo and instigated the entire thing instead of very easily walking a different line, or even totally different direction. Gallo l
  13. Thybull lowers his shoulder into Capela and they call a foul on Capela. All game, we’re playing 2 opponents, while shooting terrible. Cant possibly win like this.
  14. Yet again I’m about to punch the wall over the obnoxiously obvious ref bias. Those no-calls a min ago were nuts. So infuriating.
  15. 6 fouls against the Hawks already and they just called the first against Sixers, and almost didn’t even call that, even though Embiid literally landed on Trae. Gonna be another one of those games.
  16. How do they call a 3 second in the paint penalty when Embiid is standing 1 foot outside the paint dribbling for 5 seconds?????? WTH is that BS? And they showed the replay the ball clearly went out of bounds off Embiid’s hand, but they reversed the call without even reviewing it?? F this league and their bias.
  17. Why does everything say the game starts at 7:30 but it still hasn’t started and it’s now 7:45?? Whats going on?
  18. I’m with Willy Mo. We absolutely need a play creator who can play some D backing up Trae. Another true PG, instead of these converted SG’s. Think of what our second unit is. Gallo, Huerter, Reddish, Hill, Snell, and OO. And yet Lou comes in and has minimal capacity to truly activate these guy’s capabilities. Lou is an undersized off-ball 2 that we are literally forcing to play the point. And the only reason it’s moderately working is because he can score at a nice clip and our second unit is an above average rebounding/second chance group. And Dunn is nearly the same thing exce
  19. Grrrr… I’m switching between Sports Center and NBA Gametime and both are so far up Luka’s rearend, they are suggesting he’s the playoffs round 1 MVP. WTH??? His team lost. They are out of the playoffs. Meanwhile, Trae puts up 30+/10+ in 4 out of 6 games and whips the #1 and #2 overall league defenses. These freaking people!
  20. Beef

    Trae Young

    I think it was more along the lines of CLP being misguided by thinking hype and accolades would cause distraction and reduce focus and discipline. Turns out that Trae (and the rest of the team, for that matter), can quite handily absorb it all while actually elevating his game. CLP was clearly holding this team back. Not maliciously, but because he had a bad methodology, thinking they weren’t capable. A philosophy of coaching for low expectations never works.
  21. Would you shut up and stop telling people WTH to do? It’s a legit concern when you’re watching your team get hacked to death and the league is obviously trying their hardest to help your team’s opponent. Either leave or shut the F up. Your crying about me is worse than us fans having legit discussion about game officiating.
  22. You got called for 34% less fouls than we did already, bub, and now you want it even more in your favor??? How about No.
  23. I don’t know why they don’t just give it to Embiid in the low-post every play. He either scores or gets the foul call like 90% of the time. We’re going to have to shoot 50%+ every game to win this series.
  24. There was a fast break when Simmons pulled down JC, too, with no call. Sixers got 35 foul shots to our 21. 20 fouls to our 26. The refs tried so hard to help them out, and yet Doc Rivers in his post game presser is complaining about the officiating, claiming we got all the calls. LOLWTF?
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