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  1. We only have 3 picks left, right? I hope we don’t have to move up for an OLB, which is surely our most serious need at this moment. We kinda have to go LB and S today, don’t you all think? Or are we saying we’re good with Neal, Rico, and Kazee? Our TE room is barren, too. And I really hope Gurley can stay healthy. As much as I’d love getting McFarland, we don’t really have any luxury 4th round picks to get him. And what about edge? Takk, Fowler, and Larkin are it?? Yikes.
  2. People need to remember we run a 4-3 Under on run downs and a typical 4-2-5 on pass downs. In the Under, our lineup is something like 6/7/8t—1/2t—4/5t—7/8/9t with Grady or Davison essentially playing NT. Marlon would very likely play the 5t in this formation with maybe Bailey or Comminsky outside Grady and Takk or Fowler on the edge. However, there’s a chance Marlon plays outside the NT and we stack Grady and Davison/Senat inside, because he’s flexible enough to do that too. On pass downs, we’re typically 7/8/9t—3/4it—3/4it—7/8/9t, and I very much suspect Marlon will be inside
  3. Cushenberry better than Hennessy. Did it in the SEC too.
  4. I don’t see us going 3 defensive players in a row. So my guess at 78 is Cushenberry. Can start at LG and then slide over to Center when Mack is done.
  5. I’m guessing we draft Cushenberry. Can start at LG and slide over to Center when Mack done.
  6. If we get Madubuike I’m gonna be very happy.
  7. Should be either Delpit, Winfield, or Madubuike for us.
  8. Well go watch this video: TD is answering about Henderson and DQ is giving off non-verbal head shakes/nods. Looks and sounds to me like they valued Terrell over Henderson and had no intention of moving up unless very specific guys fell, which sounded like they were referring to Young and Simmons. I do not buy that radio guys had inside scoops on anything. This team keeps this info so close to the vest, there's no freaking way they know if we were mad or not about not getting potential trade partners. And Rapaport is clearly speculating, too. There is absolute
  9. Not sure who was saying that, but it's in direct contradiction to TD himself saying that was not the case. It appeared to me the only guys they would have been willing to move up for were Young and Simmons, and that was only if they fell past 9. One of the media specifically asked TD if he was considering moving up for Henderson and he very quickly said no, Terrell was their focus at CB, and if he was in danger of going earlier they were even considering going up to get him. It was pretty clear they didn't want a CB with tackling issues, so Henderson was clearly rated lower than
  10. He's 6'3 300, yeah he's a pass rushing 3T/5T. Dude also ran a 4.83 40 at that size (1.73 10-yard split, too). Go watch his film, he's crazy quick for his size. Also got more sacks, QB hurries, tackles, and tackles for loss than Blacklock and Gallimore, and he did it in the SEC. Problem is, he's very likely gone before 47. But I'd take him in a heartbeat if he were there.
  11. BTW, it's Neville, not Nevin. And really I would love to get Madubuike as my first choice, or Blacklock as my second, but I think both of those guys will be gone by 47 and we'll settle for Gallimore. And I use "settle" loosely as he's a beast. Madubuike s the best of the 3 though. Just has more elite quickness inside and did it against better talent.
  12. What's funny is, everyone who is selecting bad player and right player/too early was 100% saying the same exact thing about the Keanu Neal pick. I'll admit I was surprised when I heard the name, but that's only because every year this thing devolves into a confirmation-bias-echo-chamber as people get excited about 4 or 5 of the same guys and we stop learning/hearing other names and possibilities. But now that I've gone and watched all the videos I could find on this kid, he looks super legit to me. Dude is silky-smooth with his feet and hips, he's lightning quick, and has incredible
  13. They clearly liked AJ better. Explicitly mentioned his physicality (which means tackling... which is something Henderson doesn't do, but Terrell does very well), and the fact that Clemson would leave him on an island with #1's anywhere on the field. It's clear they thought Terrell is the better CB.
  14. Supposedly the Raiders would have taken him at 19 instead of Arnette. I've seen mentioned that they were debating between Ruggs and Terrell at 12. TD, in interviews already, confirmed they were more interested in Terrell than CJ Henderson. And this is just me, but I noticed some of those sub-conscious non-verbal visual queue's from DQ while TD was addressing this. TD and DQ were on split-screen doing Zoom/Skype with the Atlanta media, fielding questions, and when someone asked TD if he was considering going up to 9 for CJ Henderson, TD shot that down quick and said Terrell was the
  15. Not sure how anyone can think this. It's just a silly assertion. Terrell has some of the quickest feet and most fluid hips I've seen in a while. Compare his combine workout to Okudah's and Henderson's, and you'd walk away believing Terrell was absolutely the more polished looking CB. Dude i silky-smooth with his body control. Like Keanu Neal, he's going to come out day one as a starter and surprise everyone. Will probably get some rookie PI penalties, but he'll do the job well enough.
  16. 6 CB's went off the board in the 1st round, and the Raiders were supposedly considering taking Terrell at 12 instead of Ruggs, so we know darn well they would have taken him at 19 instead of Arnette.
  17. Well damm, now I don’t feel so bad about the pick. That was nearly 10 straight minutes of 2 guys giving AJ Terrell proverbial fellatio.
  18. All I know is TD is going to pick a guy everyone thought would be available in the second round, and then whoever that is, they’ll be injury-prone by middle of year 2 and will probably never play a complete season for us again.
  19. My question is... why? So the pick gets called, and you type it in, and then what? It all looks cool, but I don’t actually see the purpose. ETA: oh, are you a hardcore gambler/bookie and your making/booking prop bets or something? I guess that would be a valid reason for all this data access.
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