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  1. That Gallo fade-away at the end was absolutely amazing. Granted he’s a foot taller than Curry, but that hand was smack in his face still and he hit nothing but bottom of the net. Just a he!! of a clutch shot. Gallo and Lou dominated that last 5 mins.
  2. I wanna see more of that Collins slashing to the basket and then dishing it to Capela once Embiid moves to block the slash. One of them is going to be wide open.
  3. Lemon-Pepper Lou wasn’t feelin the trade when it happened… but he’s feelin it now, alright! Dude lovin him some Hawks and Trae!
  4. I won’t deny that I switched it over to the Braves game at halftime, and then went back to Hawks when 3rd period started. But then within a minute we were down 26 and I switched it back to the Braves. I didn’t go back to the Hawks game until 2 mins into the 4th period when someone here said we’re only down 14. So I did miss about 13 mins of the game. I stayed up to watch the DVR, though.
  5. I can’t remember who it was on NBA channel, but someone accidentally spilled the beans on live TV saying exactly, “McMillan has already signed a contract as the permanent HC, they just aren’t announcing it until after the playoffs. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that, but oh well, it’s now out there. And McMillan has definitely earned it.” Its merely a formality at this point. Everyone with a brain has to know he’s already got the job.
  6. I don’t know what was wrong with Capela tonight but he was awful. That first half especially was beyond bad. I wonder what’s up with him.
  7. LMAO, you a darn fool, man. And you know dang well you are! LOL!
  8. I just… I just… I’m seriously tearing up a little right now. I can’t believe that just happened.
  9. That was just BS. OO had full control of that ball and Simmons pretty much just full body pancaked him. Jumped off the ground and landed on top of him with all his weight. No call. Not even jump-ball. Just gave the ball to Sixers.
  10. It’s not like we’re not playing defense. Nearly every shot is contested. Sixers are literally shooting 90% right now. Seriously, 90%! They just aren’t missing ANYTHING, contested or not. This is crazy.
  11. We gotta stop missing layups. Already 3 layups rolled up there too hard and off the rim. Freaking infuriating. Meanwhile, Philly can’t miss. Like 8/9 already. Just insane.
  12. Simmons took like 4 steps, but no call. LOL
  13. Does that mean he tested positive for covid or something? I thought all these guys were forced to take the vaccine months ago? Are we seriously quarantining vaccinated players during the playoffs?
  14. It was funny and memorable for me because I jumped up off my sofa and threw a pillow that almost hit my dog, and my wife had no idea WTH happened, why I was so pissed, and why the Sixers were getting a free throw. I had to spend the next 2-3 minutes rewinding it and explaining the call and rules to her on defensive 3-seconds. Since then she’s been counting the amount of times Sixers players have been standing in the paint for over 3 seconds while they’re on defense. Even counting the seconds out loud and then screaming obscenities at the refs/TV for not calling it on them (which has been
  15. It was rhetorical. Not actually directed at you. Sorry.
  16. I’ve played a lot of basketball and also coached some youth teams, not to mention probably 35-40 years of avid fandom watching and attending God knows how many games. I’m 100% certain I know good and typical officiating from BS and bias. Can you imagine being on defense, standing in the paint arms outstretched guarding the opposing ball-handler who is directly in front of you standing stationary for 5 seconds dribbling (he’s maybe 2 feet outside the paint after stopping his attempted penetration), and your team’s center is directly behind you also in the paint, and the refs call a 3-seco
  17. TNT/CBS/ESPN all stopped showing half of the foul replays in our games because they’re consistently confirming BS calls. I didn’t even realize it until my wife asked me for about the fifth time why the heck we aren’t seeing the foul replays, and even several of the out of bounds turnovers. The networks even know.
  18. The thing about this Hawks team is they’re mostly naive, nescient, unwitting kids who have a very broad spectrum (low floor/high ceiling) on everything from emotions, fortitude, discipline, composure, and even skill. And raising that floor only comes with experience, wisdom, and increased muscle memory. Which isn’t really plausible in their first playoff appearance for nearly all of them. The good news is, the ceiling is so dang high, that if these guys are naive and unwitting just enough, and happen to find and stay in a zone while not really realizing how much more experienced and
  19. One could argue when we were on it (ie. game 1), they couldn’t beat us. Even with the officials swallowing their whistles on just one side of the court. If we shoot around 50% from the field and 40% from 3 like game 1 (51%/42%), I don’t think any team can beat us. Since McMillan took over, we’ve had 15 games with around, or just under, that 50%/40% figure and won all but one of them.
  20. Please stop hijacking and derailing legitimate discussions.
  21. Uhhh, why did Newk come out?
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