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  1. I didn't say the teams look at their message boards as if it had an influence on their pick now did I? Isn't it pretty clear coming to our boards, for instance, that OLB, DE, & OG are the Falcon's top needs/priorities? So some guy who's trying to make up a mock draft isn't going to look at safety or QB as a possibility after reading our boards now is he? Work smarter, not harder. Come'on man. Context is your friend.
  2. 1. Peterson has 1 more year on his contract, played aweful on pass coverage after game "2" on, & you just admitted that our entire LB corps played below average vs. coverage in general, so the solution is to bring in 3rd round talent?? Sorry, I just disagree. Peterson isn't fast enough to cover the OLB zone anymore. I think he'd be great depth & I'd rather him groom new first round talent for the 1 year we got him. 2. I think we're saying almost the same thing. Receivers were open due to poor secondary coverage & lack of pass rush. But there wasn't a bunch of gains over 25 yar
  3. Yes, Babs played a lot of snaps, but mainly because Lewis was virtually a rookie 2nd stringer. Our first round pick went down & we started virtually 2 other rookies in Walker & Johnson at RDT. We didn't have a choice. And Babs did rank as one of the highest DT's in the league, so it's impossible to be pessimistic about his position or abilities, he's proven himself as an elite DT. In the end, we have a 1st round pick injured rookie coming back, & Lewis, Johnson, & Walker are all essentially in their second years. I Just don't get what taking another high round DT pick is go
  4. QUE?? Baker yes, but Blalock is our worst lineman. I am 100% certain we are picking up an OG with our 3 or 3c pick to bump Blalock to 2nd string by mid season. If Jerry or Ducasse is still on the board at 84, we grab one of them IMO. Baker, Dahl, Clabo, & McClure are locks to start. Although I'm pretty sure we pick Tennant or Walton to eventually replace McClure. I think OT is a position we go after next year depending on how Clabo & Reynolds do platooning RT. Svitek is actually decent depth behind Baker, but Baker really needs to step it up this year. And Ojinnaka is good depth
  5. No way. First of all, the Steelers play a 3/4. Second, they have Woodley, Timmons, & Farrior who are all exceptional LB's. Meanwhile, they have 2 of the worst OG's & the worst C in the league. Not to mention very mediocre DE's & DT on their 3 man front with terrible depth behind them. They have a CB problem possibly too. Either way, those 5 positions are of MUCH greater need for them than a prototypical 4/3 OLB would be. I'd be more worried about them gobbling up Graham than Spoon. But it's a very safe bet they will go with Lupati or the best OG on the board at 18. NYG it's
  6. This has been said a million times. If your pass coverage sux, your pass rush is going to suck. And conversely, if your pass rush suffers, your secondary is going to give up pass plays. If an opposing QB walks up to the line & sees Peterson on the wide field, a winded Houston/Hill next to him, & a winded Grimes/Owens on the other side, he's going to call an audible that gives him 3 choices of targets on a 3 step drop & 10 yard dump. That takes 2 seconds to run & the DE's have zero chance of a sack or disrupting that. This happened about 250x last season. And you can blame th
  7. Morgan Griffen JPP Pouncey Kindle And if this many people plus Graham & Spoon are already gone, then people like Spiller & Bryant would have had to move back. Which is so unlikely it's almost futile to even mention it. It's not going to happen though. One of these picks will be there. Plus if you truely look at the needs of the other teams, what pro days they've been attending, who they've been working out, & who is blowing up their message boards, NONE of them should be picking Spoon or Graham.
  8. OLB would definitely start over Peterson. Next year is super DE heavy, moreso than this year. We'd have great chance of getting what would normally be considered a top 10 pick late in the draft where we will surely be.
  9. Again, Babs was ranked the #1 DT in the league this past year & PJ is supposed to be very good, hence the 1st round selection. There's no case that can be made to support DT being a priority this year.
  10. Babs is at the top of DT's in the league & PJ is last year's first round pick. Both of them are 110% starting this year. No question. And the 2 guys behind them would be considered better depth than the majority of the teams in the league have, especially considering they both started half the games last year & got 300+ snaps each & ended up ranked in the middle of the pack. Peterson is ranked at the bottom of OLB's in the league & he's gone after this year. Blalock is ranked at the bottom of OG's & there's literally no depth behind him. McClure is 31 & has no backup
  11. This is a TERRIBLE mock draft IMO. No logic behind a ton of his picks. Suh going 8th!!!!??? WUT!? No. LOL! KC picking an OT over safety/Berry!? No. Morgan before JPP?? Not likely. Denver NOT taking Bryant???? And instead taking another ILB when they already have one of the best in the league with Andra Davis??? Plus they have 3 very good 3/4 OLB's on top of that too. WTF? That's just stupid. NYG taking Spoon instead of McClain or Spikes??? Huh? Pierce is BY FAR their weakest LB & he's on the inside. Clark is an awesome OLB & Boley is on an expensive contract. No, they won'
  12. Babs is #1 ranked DT in NFL & our first round pick rookie was injured. Walker & Johnson are respectible depth when PJ comes back. DT is definately NOT priority #1. OLB->OG->C->OT-> then it's a toss up between DT/WR/DE.
  13. Biermann #4 on special teams as well as being #11 DE. Abe #4 even with low sack count. Babs #1 DT, wow! Walker & Johnson were below average at best, these guys are decent 2nd string only. Need PJ back, but I think we are set on DT if PJ is healthy & plays well. Weems #5 on kick returns, much better than thought. Don't need to replace this guy IMO. Peterson 50/53 for OLB's. That's rediculous, we need to replace him badly. All our CB's were middle of the pack. Surprised Grimes & Williams so low. Owens is the starter this year for sure. Grimes should be strictly nickle. Snelling
  14. I think the Pats pick him up in round 3 with a very slim chance of round 2.
  15. With 4 safeties, I just don't see us adding another CB to the 53. 10 just for secondary taking up roster spots is 1 too many.
  16. Shoot, I don't like Spikes being so low. It makes Spoon more attactive to any teams that were considering him for the 1st round behind McClain.
  17. Don't see Griffin before Graham or Spoon. But if Spiller is available, as I've stated before, I just don't know what they'll do. Norwood has simply been that unreliable that it could actually be an option. That said, IF something crazy like that did happen, I picture something extremely unexpected to happen that gives us a 2nd round pick. I think it's a very very low percentage chance though.
  18. I'm not saying he's not crazy good, I'm just saying it's something else that bothers me. There's more to a pick than just what he does on the field.
  19. I'm a HUGE Paul Johnson fan even though UGA is my team. Watching that triple option is amazing entertainment. So I pretty much watched every GT game last year. And it's what I didn't ever see that gives me the feeling. Dude never does interviews, never talks, I never saw him running around waving his arms or huddling up his teamates & trying to pump them up. It was always run on the field, do his job, run off the field & hang until time for defense to go back on. And I'm not going to name-drop, but lets just say one of my very good friends who was a DE on the 1990 GT national champ
  20. JA & Davis didn't do squat last year, literally they were horrible (Biermann had more tackles & sacks coming off the bench than both of them combined). Abraham was double-teamed half his snaps & winded the other half. Our DT's have very below average depth rotating in & filling in for injured PJ. Coleman & DeCoud played great but were in for way too long all the time with little rest. Our corners were out of position & also playing too many snaps without enough rest because the backups couldn't be trusted. We ran half as many blitz packeges than the previous year b
  21. You don't draft based on what if so & so gets injured. You just can't. If a spot needs depth, then you look to later rounds to fill depth. When it becomes need for immediate impact, then you look at rounds 1 & 2. The obvious problem this year is we have more need for immediate impact players than we have picks, so it's anybody's guess which way we'll go. Next year does have a TON of excellent DE's coming out though. 5 or 6 will be going in the 1st round & there's probably 5 more that will go by the end of round 3.
  22. It's just hard for me to grab on to a guy who's got the personality of a wet shoe. He's not vocal, doesn't give off that vibe of confidence, no leadership skills... he's just prototypical DE size & had 1 great year with 51 tackles, 7 sacks, a few passes batted down, & 4 fumble recoveries. Maybe he's all business, I don't know. But he just gives me the same vibe that JA gives me. I'd rather have Graham I think.
  23. This is a great "problem" to have. All our CB's who started last year are going to be playing second string this year. No other team in the league is going to have this kind of talented depth in their secondary. Especially when you add Moore back into the mix with DeCoud & Coleman. And now Giordano solidifies safety & the nickle plus gives us an excellent punt returner. It doesn't get any better IMO. And I agree, I think Williams is the starting LCB unless Owens just proves he is the better player sooner than expected. Owens may take over mid-year or they just platoon evenly, who
  24. So 5 CB's isn't enough? D-Rob, Owens, Williams, Grimes, & Jackson. Plus I see Grimes, Williams, & Giordano rotating nickle. And now we certainly got safety depth locked down. I just don't picture us picking another CB & tieing up 10 of the 53 with d-backs. That's overkill unless someone goes down with an injury. But you don't draft based on IF there's an injury, ever.
  25. I'm a Dawg fan to the core & love Rennie, he's a brilliant tackler (or at least making the first hit, dude has as many assists as he has tackles) & in on virtually every play. Fast & fearless, but he's extremely mediocre at pass coverage. No INT's, only 4 pass breakups, & only 6 sacks in 3 years. Tons of heart, funny & great personality, born leader... like I said I love the guy, but he's just not at the same level as Spoon.
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