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  1. Wow, Embiid is hard to listen to. And now he’s whining about not getting calls. LOL Holy crap how delusional can you get.
  2. I’m so jazzed up it’s gonna be hard to fall asleep tonight. So happy to have more games of my team to watch.
  3. Seriously, could he sound more biased? Holy crap.
  4. Bogi, Gallo, and Lou need to fix their ish in the second half.
  5. Ok who’s the old fart sounding commentator? He’s giving the Sixers proverbial fellatio and it’s getting irritating.
  6. Same with Embiid. Doc resting him more than normal probably trying to save him a bit so he’s not spent in the 4th again, I guess. Or maybe he’s just still tired from Wednesday.
  7. Only made 2 of our last 12 shots and both of those were dunks. Come on, guys!
  8. Gallo gotta stop being timid on 3’s. Hes so open all the time, and then takes a 20’ fadeaway. Come on, Gallo!
  9. LOL, Dwight goes crazy over the back and then complains he was held. Hated him when he was here, can’t stand him still.
  10. McMillan needs to make a mandate… NOBODY BUT TRAE brings the ball down the floor.
  11. I broke out the Blantons for this game. Cheers!
  12. The current league MVP was the 40th overall pick 5 years ago. Clearly it’s possible.
  13. Sorry, man. I know you are all just spitballin and dreamcasting, but there are some hard and obvious realities we’re facing soon. The good news is they aren’t bad at all. Literally this roster as is has incredible potential to be a multiple championship team. Aside from Lou and Gallo, none of our regulars have come close to hitting their ceiling and look at what we’ve done already. Trae is only freaking 22 years old! 22!! He!!, we all watched Bogi even improve as the season went on. That dude can go 6/10 from 3 pt on any average night, and he might even improve that.
  14. Are we even going to have money to sign anyone of significance at this point? Collins is going to want a near max contract to stay here immediately after these playoffs. Then, won’t it be time to give Trae one after 2022 season? And then after that season don’t we have to pay Hunter and Reddish? And also Bogi is done then, too, I think. Huerter has to fit in there somewhere too, no? Do 6’7 SG’s with handles grow on trees, too? Not really. And all he’s done is greatly improve his defense and then drop 18 points in a few post-season games. Dude is good and only getting bett
  15. Trae is facing a first team all-nba defender who is 6’11 for most of the game, and when Simmons isnt in, he’s facing a third team all-nba defender in Thybule. And yet, he just put up 39 points. Nobody left after the Sixers is a threat to contain him. We already played the best and second best defenses in all the NBA and proven we can still win. I’d rather not play an offensive juggernaut. We can beat defense. What we don’t know yet is if we can outscore an unstoppable offense. I’d rather play the Bucks I think.
  16. That’s just not true. Again, when ratings are down, less advertisers are advertising, as well as paying less for those that do advertise. And, less syndicates are paying for games to be televised on their networks. ESPN/TNT/Disney aren’t universal tv sources. The games aren’t automatically televised everywhere around the world or even around the country, and many cable/satellite companies don’t televise games that don’t meet ratings standards, and many providers and networks don’t syndicate games if they aren’t getting enough advertising dollars to make it worth it, or they simply pa
  17. Dude it’s way more complicated than that. First, understand that NBA “Team” revenue (also called BRI - basketball related income) comes from many more sources than just national tv advertising contracts. On top of this, each team makes very different amounts of revenue based on all their assorted income sources, including tv ads. ESPN/Time Warner paid the league $24B for a 9-year deal from 2019-2028. But in that breakdown, the Knicks get significantly more money than the Hawks, for instance. And when the playoffs come, each team gets “playoff” money from that deal based on the size
  18. You all know darn well the league office is freaking out and praying there’s not going to be a Hawks-Suns championship series. They are already losing tens of millions with no Lakers/Golden State/Heat/Celtics/Knicks/Mavs currently playing, on top of it being a shortened season, and a bunch of stars being injured. If we win this series and play the Nets in the ECF, we think the officiating has been bad… it’ll be over-the-top egregiously biased. And I don’t even think they’ll care how obvious it’ll be because of how desperate they are not to have a probable 50%+ drop in viewer ratings.
  19. When we start seeing crap like this get called properly, then we know it’s finally sunk into their heads. Until then, we can only assume they see us as a hinderance/nuisance. No flagrant call here. Not even foul shots.
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