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    Dieng it!

    Dude, you just gave ME the “abusive behavior” warning on my record for the most innocuous and mild “name calling” on the planet, rather than dealing with the actual problem. Not to mention it was a week ago and we stopped interacting since. But good catch. Yeah, it’s now on you.
  2. Really think we got a steal here. Still can’t believe he slid all the way to 48.
  3. Beef

    Dieng it!

    I shouldn’t have to put anyone on ignore. You know darn well he’s in the wrong. I’m not the only person that’s embarrassed him and now he stalks them like an angst-filled teenage girl with a grudge. The solution is right in your face, but you’d rather let him continually instigate conflict and then give warnings to those who don’t just take it. And, as if “egomaniac”, “stalker”, and “weird” are even on the level to warrant a warning, to boot. What a crock.
  4. Beef

    Dieng it!

    Telling someone they’re an egomaniac because 90% of their posts are subtle insults drowning in condescension and self-proclamations of reverence, while effectively calling anyone they disagree with wrong and dumb in the process of lying by misrepresentation or ignoring things said is “name calling”? Telling someone they’re a stalker and weird because they continually single you out thread after thread lying and stretching all possible context in the obvious pursuit of a gotcha moment and low-key insult is “name calling”? You realize this is his intent, right? To get away with instigating and antagonizing and trick you into penalizing me. Good job letting it happen. I’m sure you made his day. He’s laughing at you and proud of himself for it.
  5. Was just an exaggeration to emphasize the point. He was a second rounder, so not a huge deal. Schlenk’s only mistakes so far seem to be Dorsey, Kaba, Spellman, and Fernando. But he’s hit on everything else that mattered, so not fretting over this. Am just disappointed in Bruno for not maximizing his freakish potential.
  6. Meanwhile, Embiid will still get to lumber to the basket with elbows flared and throwing shoulders and get every ticky-tack call under the sun, while Trae gets pummeled coming off every screen and gets zero continuation shots even though he tosses it up a nanosecond after someone knocks him 5 feet across the floor.
  7. Cooper 11/6 JJ 20/10 Both looked pretty good, but it was all around very sloppy play. Mays cost them the game at the end, just allowing that steal and not coming to the ball, plus 2 costly turnovers in last 1:30. Not to mention 1/6 from 3pt.
  8. JJ is like a gazelle out there. He’s a big dude to be moving like he does. Freak of nature. Yeah Cooper is looking good too. His passing is next level. It’s funny watching all the crazy hustle ball. All these guys vying for a spot, so they sprinting everywhere. Ive seen like 6-7x 3-4 guys diving across the floor fighting for the ball. Surprisingly entertaining.
  9. Good grief these refs suck. Already gotten 3 calls wrong in first 10 mins.
  10. Now when Rife does bring the ball down the rest of the team just stands there watching him. I don’t get it. He slashes to the basket and pulls the entire defense with him, but nobody is there to take his dish.
  11. Sloppy start. Don’t know why Cooper isn’t always bringing the ball down and letting the offense get in position. They’re just passing it around the top of key and running no designed sets. Then getting back on defense pretty slow and all over the place with unorganized switches. First game so not a big deal. JJ is a grown a** man, by the way.
  12. LOL. Not really what I said, but that’s funny. The dude is 6’10 and physically gifted. Probably 2% body fat and could likely run the floor for days. And when he was in college, if you watch his film, he was dominant and seemingly doing everything well. But in the NBA, his physical gifts could no longer over-compensate for his lack of everything else, I guess.
  13. Still not sure what happened with Bruno. Dude has all the physical tools, but it just never clicked. Was strangely always out of position, horrible at running screens and picks, slow to react to nearly everything, and consistently disrupted our offensive set flow. Maybe he’s just a dullard with no instincts. Which I just don’t understand because he looked freaking good in college. It’s like the light bulb turned off and never came back on. As for Dunn, it was apparent in the playoffs that he was not a scheme fit and had no chance of adjusting. Dude knows how to play, but it almost looked like he was being stubborn and refused to accept his role. Which is too bad because he’s a heck of a defender. Our backup PG either has to conform to the scheme and focus on being a robot with a set design, or needs to naturally be able to run our plays and manage flow like it’s second nature. We know which one Cooper is. He just needs to get up to speed and buy in. Schlenk must see something in Wright, though. So going to trust his judgement. Lou, on the other hand, just didn’t/doesn’t have the capacity to be that guy, but he absolutely does have the ability to be a spark off the bench at the 2 when needed. So it’ll be good to see him focus 100% on that role and not worry about being a point.
  14. Trae and Lou officially signed their new deals too.
  15. Pretty cool seeing guys take less money to play here than they could probably get if they wanted elsewhere. Remember Lou was contemplating retirement for a minute because he was so bummed about being traded to Atlanta… until he figured out we were really freakin good. Now he’s hoping to get a ring and taking less. Good times.
  16. Cooper was supposed to be a first rounder and anyone who’s watched him knows he has elite facilitation skills, even by NBA standards. Even before he steps on the floor, he is already likely better at dishing out assists than Delon Wright. It’s certainly going to take a bit for him to learn our scheme and figure out precisely how to mimic Trae and be that guy that keeps the play flow going when Trae gets his resting minutes. But he has intangibles that can’t be taught that are already NBA level ready (and NBA level exceptional). Speed, ball handling, unselfish passing, vision, footwork, agility, instincts… all he’s partially missing is accuracy, positioning, teammate’s positioning and proclivities, humility, and wisdom, which can all be taught and learned. I’ll be shocked if Rife isn’t THE backup PG getting at least 15 mins a game by mid-season. Can he do that on a 2-way contract? I think so, right?
  17. Okay, so let’s try this again…. First of all, have we heard more about Lou Williams? He really wants to come back to Atlanta, but I can’t find if we for sure re-signed him. Hill came back for $2.39M, but we surely won’t pay Lou $15m again. Could he accept our MLE at $9.5m? Or who’s taking our $3.7m BIE? Anyway, here’s what we do know for sure: Depth chart by position: PG: Trae | Delon | Rife G: Bogi | Huerter | Mays SF: Hunter | Reddish | Hill PF: Collins | Gallo | JJ C Capela | Dieng | OO Depth chart by set/lineup: 1: Trae | Delon | Rife | Mays 2: Bogi | Reddish | Huerter | Delon | Mays 3: Hunter | Reddish | Huerter | Hill 4: Collins | Gallo | Dieng | JJ 5: Capela | Dieng | OO | Gallo Man are we deep. Probably 3 guys coming off our bench that would be starters on half the teams in the league. If by some chance all our starters sat at same time, we could see a lineup on the floor of… Delon | Huerter | Reddish | Gallo | Dieng How do you guys feel about that? I actually like it a lot. I’ll like it even better when Rife is up to speed to replace Delon, and OO is back to replace Dieng. But either way, there’s a ton of scoring there along with solid defense. We got a he!! of a bench! And, at some point I still think Reddish starts at the 2 and Bogi comes off the bench, and Huerter plays some at the 3.
  18. Not entirely accurate. Giannis was making $41m, Middleton $32m, and Holiday $29m. That’s a lot more than 3 guys making “at least $25m”. We will have Trae around $40m, Collins at $25m, Gallo at $20m, and Bogi and Capela at $18m, but all 3 potentially coming off by the time Hunter and Reddish are due, although Bogi has a 2024 PO. But I agree with GaF that Bogi could be trade material after next season. Either way, we have a growing salary cap, plus nearly $60m coming off the books by the time both Hunter and Reddish need to be paid. We can do this, AND probably also Huerter, since Ressler is willing to go into luxury. The bench might be thin with no Bogi, Gallo, and we’ll surely have to find Capela’s replacement by 2023, or sign him for much less, but we have 2 more drafts for that on top of developing OO and JJ. Schlenk has been masterful so far. It’s pretty darn astounding how well we are setup for now and in the future. Huerter and probably $20m in luxury tax heading into 2023 seems our only real big unknown/hiccup for now.
  19. LOL, Solo layin the guilt trip on thick!
  20. I think he’ll be back to 20/10 soon. He put so much energy and focus into his perimeter game and defense that I think he got a bit too timid on his play in the paint, while also trying to give some room to Capela while they figured out who was supposed to be where and when. Remember, this was Capela’s first season in our scheme, and JC’s first season making 3’s a permanent part of his game. And all while having to pick up a ton of slack due to injuries along the way. Having to play with guys like Snell and Hill starting for nearly 1/3rd of 72 games, and then rebuilding chemistry with the regular guys once they came back from injury. Cohesion and consistency is everything in this game. Guys knowing their job and where to be while knowing their teammates know their jobs and where to be automatically is beyond important. When you feel like you have to do your job, plus someone else’s because they aren’t consistently in position, it’s very difficult to do your explicit duties at peak level. Our team suffered from this all season, and we still almost got a chip. And JC probably had to pick up more slack than anyone else. They will be more comfortable next season, though. That’s what Schlenk has enabled.
  21. Possible. But Huerter is coming into his own and has incredibly underrated skills and value by many (which is why he will ultimately be cheaper cost than he’s actually worth). Vastly improving on defense, lowering his TO’s while improving already very good ball handling, beginning to be able to create his own shots, not just depend on the assist, and all on top of a ridiculously fast release on high percentage shooting. It’s going to be very difficult to let that go if we can get him for $20m/yr. I mean Huerter could have better number than Tobias Harris after next season, and we could get that for a third less cost, most likely. Just sayin… gonna be tough to let him go. He’s only going to get better.
  22. Beef

    Dieng it!

    Yeah, but none of that was happening for $4m, and it’s pretty apparent getting rid of Capela was never close to an option(especially at his extremely reasonable cost for his production). Nor should it be. I like what they’ve done and where their heads are. We have those 5-6 plays that we have near mastered when Trae has the point, and nobody can stop us from scoring ~50% in those sets… with this exact crew. It’s a proven formula that works. They know it. And they don’t want to experiment away from it. Dieng isn’t going to get many minutes and have us change up that entire formula. I almost think his purpose is to spell Collins and run that type of PnR/midrange perimeter game since Gallo can’t really do it as well. Dieng is definitely athletic enough to do it.
  23. Awesome. Still well under the $33m/yr max he was eligible for from us or the $30m/yr possible from other teams. I’ll take it. We are set for the future, fellas. Huerter will probably get 4/$80m after next season(or at least that’s his likely offer), and then we have to figure out how to re-sign Hunter in 2023. But it should be possible since Gallo and Bogi will come off then, too. It may be impossible to keep Reddish past 2023, though. But that’s a long ways away and anything came happen in between then and now, so who knows. Either way, we have this crew together for at least the next 2 seasons (+/- Huerter after next season).
  24. We’ll probably have 3 guys tied with 4 sacks, sooooo yeah. 🤨
  25. Beef

    Dieng it!

    You also said we needed to get rid of Capela. 😉 I liked Garza and Huff so we could get some perimeter action from our center, too. Just not at the expense of Capela.
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