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  1. I was on the Matt Ryan bandwagon since he was drafted. Unfortunately, no more. That sack he took where he wasn’t touched by a defender, he simply bumped into one of our OL’s and then essentially fell over (took a dive, more like it), I decided I was done. This is nearly an every game thing for him it seems. Dude is so obnoxiously immobile and playing scared, plus he’s noticeably lost a fair amount of his accuracy, and also noticeably losing arm strength (which he can’t afford to lose), I just can’t make excuses for the guy anymore. Sure, Keotter sucks, but Matt use to be ab
  2. You’re repeating yourself and the season hasn’t even started. Going to get old quick if after every game you complain about LP and tell us how you put him on notice. Just sayin.
  3. 1. You have no idea what she feels. And it is 100% fact that the school and admin USED HER for their personal gain, and that it ultimately had a reverse affect on the underlying “cause” the whole thing was about (gender equality). Again, she inadequately and grossly under-performed what a male can do in that position, and football coaches will not be clamoring to recruit girls and instead are now even more turned off by the concept. 2. You’re a dishonest hack and everyone sees it. It clearly means a lot to you to try and shame me for allegedly attacking or demeaning a female. Yo
  4. That's twice now you didn't read anything that was actually written by anyone and still made the same wildly false and incorrect accusations. And by "you people" I'm directly speaking about you ignorant few who keep twisting this into something it's not. Acting like the focal point of those of us complaining is about "a girl in a men's sport" when it's always actually been about "the stunt and it's resulting negative consequences". Sarah is a victim in this. She was used by the school, admin, media, and woke activists because they think it scores them virtue points to force a femal
  5. Why are you commenting and chastising people when you clearly haven’t read a word anyone’s actually said and you don’t even know what the girl did? She didn’t kick any field goals (only a bad squib kick and a couple 20 yard EP’s... they skipped her over when FG was needed), nobody is demeaning her personally because of her gender (we’re criticizing the woke gimmick and her ridiculous lecturing the team at half-time for not cheering), and there absolutely were negative consequences that affected some of us (game with UGA cancelled/seniors get no senior day game sucks and also = millions in
  6. What part of “quit because they didn’t sign up to be an experiment in woke virtue signaling” and “This clown world move caused players to quit” did you not understand? Seriously, how can you see me say she’s not personally to blame like a dozen times while explaining who I think is to blame another dozen times, and then act like it all doesn’t exist just so you can take one sentence out of context and misrepresent what was said?? WTH is wrong with you people? Do you get off on dishonesty?
  7. Both of you need to quote where I allegedly said Vandy is cancelling the game “because of Sarah”, or Shut up. And when you can’t find it because the quote doesn’t exist, how about you then apologize?
  8. No, I didn’t. You’re being dishonest. I consider Sarah a victim in all this. She was used like a tool by Vandy and their SJW AD. And subsequently used like a tool by folks like you who are virtue signaling off her name and the stunt, in spite of the incredibly unremarkable sub-standard performance that you laughably consider a boon for women, when in reality it only set a low bar that probably now makes it even more difficult for girls in the equality argument. I have repeatedly blamed the people who pulled the stunt. The ONLY thing I criticized Sarah for was thinking it was oka
  9. I didn’t miss anything. For Christ sake I’m the one that researched her and made you aware. Don’t freaking sit here and act like you looked her story up prior to me just saying it and then claim I’m the one who missed something. Holy crap. There’s thousands of female athletes with similar stories of triumph over adversity. As I said, that is something to celebrate. But she is not unique in that regard and did nothing extraordinary on the field with men. So don’t sit here and act like you care about this girl, and then use that as a way to try and shame me. You’re precisely the p
  10. You know, if you keep accentuating generalized "insecure men" as the villain's of this story, some might think you're one of those silly bigoted man-haters. Just sayin. For crying out loud, this has nothing to do with "her" kicking EP's. You're suggesting men are threatened by her by calling any man who criticizes this topic "insecure" and that's just asinine and childish. I don't think you're even doing her or women any favors, either. Do you really think that a girl who kicked a 35 yard squib kick actually earned SEC ST player of the week honors? Do you think women are emboldene
  11. A lot of folks thought he was entering the draft and gone anyway. The position is pretty loaded and this might actually signal to a recruit there could be some open playing time right out the gate. Would love for something like this to sway Foreman or Adaleye.
  12. Vandy will lose about $2.5M by not playing this game per their SEC revenue contract. UGA about $3M. That, and the fact Mason was fired, players quit, and UGA seniors don’t get a Senior Day game... some think this is a big deal. I’m happy for the charity. I’ll even send some money to it myself. But this stunt had real consequences that are bad and far outweigh the good. Especially when many of us know the “good” was only done for some people’s (Vandy AD) personal selfish reasons (prop up their virtue points/status in woke culture). As much as I would love to be proud
  13. We should be able to get a decent school last minute. The TV contract payout alone is probably $500k-$1M for whomever UGA plays. You would think there’s a dozen+ teams that would jump on that in an instant if asked.
  14. Don’t forget, after the Missouri game, she chastised the team for not cheering during the loss, too. And a couple days later Mason is fired, allegedly for disagreeing with the AD about Fuller being on the team. And a dozen or so players essentially quit, also allegedly because of Fuller, and now they are under the player threshold and are cancelling the game vs UGA. Real consequences. People can be ticked off about this and it have zero to do with the politics of gender equity. I have an amazing wife and 2 incredible daughters. I love, appreciate, and respect women.
  15. I’m sorry this is happening to you.
  16. You realize you started by making a snide reply to me, right? I expressed my opinion about the thread topic, then you got butthurt and took a dig at me. But you go on acting like you don't care and aren’t defensive.
  17. Who are you trying to kid? You're literally on every page of every thread Sarah Fuller is mentioned in this forum making snide defensive comments at anyone who has an ounce of criticism or disapproval. It’s clearly hit you in the feels more than anyone.
  18. I’m sorry you don’t get to score virtue points and act like you’re some amazing champion for women and better person than me because this stunt didn’t quite do what you wanted it to do. Me: +1 Your feelings: 0
  19. There’s nothing “impressive” about anything she did. A 35 yard squib kick and a 20 yard EP is nothing to be impressed over. What I’m irritated about is that not only could their punter, who was already the backup kicker, have done everything she did, but Sarah decided after the game last week she was going to stand up in the locker room and berate the entire team for not cheering on the sideline during the game. Sorry, but you’ve only been on the team for 2 days as a publicity stunt. You didn’t earn anything. You’re a virtue signal for your woke SJW AD. You don’t get to lecture the f
  20. Well, we started with crazy low shooting percentage last year and then gradually improved. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long this time. Last year it seemed like an eternity for it to come up. 112 is still a lot of scoring so that’s good. A lot of new pieces, too. Should see improvement once they start gelling. Looks like FS1 is replaying the game at 11, so I’ll get to watch it still.
  21. I just walked in the door so missed the game. How did we lose? 61 rebounds is a ton and still gave up 116? What happened?
  22. Entering his 4th year and he’s already a 22/10 PF, and still improving. His ceiling is probably 25/12, which is freaking awesome by itself, but then he starts refining his defensive game. No way TS let’s him go somewhere else. And TS has as much as already said this over and over. Now add to this that JC has Trae Young as his point, Reddish is a budding 2/3 combo possible future superstar on the rise (and he!!, Hunter could be special too), we just signed a really good wing longterm, and we also have a legit Center and at least 3 legit bench players that half the teams in the league
  23. Kind of hard to convince people you know something about Gallinari when you spell it Dalinnari. Just sayin. That said, I actually agree there are folks here who clearly don’t know squat about him, suggesting he’s a 4 and a defensive liability is just ignorant.
  24. A guy with ~5 OWS and ~2 DWS that plays almost exclusively on the wing and outside the paint is a backup 4 with poor defense? Whatevs. SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️
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