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  1. But we all know this is exactly what’s going to happen. We’re going to go 6-10 or maybe even 7-9 and end up picking around 14-18. Just watch.
  2. It’s hilarious watching Perrera start by saying the calls on the fumble, punt returner interference, and out of bounds spot should all be overturned, with good explanation why, and slow motion video evidence confirming it, only for them to not overturn them and Perrera to have to back-peddle and conjure up some implausible excuse why they upheld the calls. As if we all didn’t see it with our own eyes. Just kick us in the nuts while we’re already down why don’t ya, NFL. This really sucks.
  3. 5 inexplicably wrong calls by the refs today. They wanted Murray to win this game.
  4. I still can’t believe the fumble call not being overturned on challenge review. That cost is a TO and challenge too. Just beyond belief bad and unbelievable.
  5. 4 obnoxiously WRONG calls by the refs that screwed us today. Unbelievable.
  6. And now they just called interference on Neasman on their punt returner that didn’t happen. WTF is wrong with these refs????
  7. Another insane call by the refs right there against Justin Hardy on the punt return. These refs are crooked.
  8. That’s the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen in football. Ever. Like 1000% unquestionable fumble. The guy never touched the ground and the ball came out. How is this possibly explained?
  9. That means nothing. Just wishful thinking. We can’t move the ball consistently with this scheme, and it’s caused Fromm, who has been historically accurate, smart, very good, and confident, to become insufferably below average in all those things. There is a reason for that. And the only logical deduction is he has zero confidence in the plays being called and his mind is not in sync with his body. That is a coaching issue when a player loses faith in the plays he’s supposed to run.
  10. Simmons, just like Landers, should never see the field unless we’re up 20+ points. Cook should get 15 more touches a game. Robertson, Pickens, and Blaylock should get all the receiver playtime and touches. Woerner should never be thrown a ball behind the LoS. The RB’s should run 80%+ of their runs outside zone off-tackle. And we should throw deep (25+ yards) no less than 10x a game. That’s the only way we salvage this season.
  11. Because SC can’t hold LSU’s jock strap. This wasn’t like the LSU loss, we lost to a very bad team today. There isn’t a person who follows UGA who honestly thinks we can beat Florida or Auburn after seeing what we saw today. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves.
  12. The defense only gave up 10 points today. 13 if you count OT. The issue is the offense. We have insane talent on offense. How can we only score 17? Well when you run 21 times between the center and the guards, and 16 of those go for only 3 to -3 yards, that’s how. So the bigger question is how do you decide to not stop what isn’t working after maybe 5-6 unsuccessful attempts? How do you run those same unsuccessful plays 15 more times? Didn't work, didn’t work, didn’t work, didn’t work, didn’t work... oh, just going to run this like 15 more times. That is beyond bad play calling. That is negligent homicide. Kirby should get 21 lashes for hiring this guy, but Coley should be escorted out of the facility with security tonight.
  13. I blame him for making Coley the play caller, but it doesn’t change the fact Coley is calling horrible plays and not adjusting. You know darn well Kirby isn’t sitting there overruling his calls and demanding they continue calling runs up the middle. Did Kirby call the OT stupid TE screen in the middle to 4.8 speed Charlie freaking Woerner on 2nd and 9? I seriously doubt it. Not only does Woerner drop it, but who here thinks he has a chance to catch a ball behind the LoS and run for 9+ yards? Nobody. Not a single one of us would have called that monumentally crap *** play and we don’t do this for a living. Not one of us would think, “Hey, our 4.8 speed no agility mediocre hands possession TE is the best guy to catch the ball in the middle of the DL behind the LoS and get us closer to the goal line in this incredibly important moment in OT.” Only an idiot who’s horrible at his job thinks that was the best play to call at that moment. Same idiot who thinks it’s good to run 15+ unsuccessful runs right up the middle.
  14. Not kidding, I think I counted 21 run plays that were directly off-center/inside guards, and 16-17 of them the RB ran into the back of our OL at 0-3 yards because there was a wall of OL’s stood up be their DL and no hole opened. How can you have that much lack of success doing something and just continue to do it? Especially when the outside runs were clearly getting more gains? Coley is worse than Chaney. I blame Kirby for making him the OC. Worst move he’s ever made. Just a terrible play caller.
  15. Kirby clearly screwed up. But he’s not calling the offensive plays. He’s not sitting there overruling Coley’s calls. Coley isn’t calling an outside zone run or a pass, and Kirby is going, “Hold up, run it again off-center.” Thats not how it happens. This was an OC seeing us run inside the guards over a dozen times with little gain or even a loss, and somehow still calling off-center runs like 10 more times again. Its 2nd and 9 in OT, and he runs a freaking middle screen to Charlie Woerner?????????? In the same spot where their DL has been blowing up the inside of our OL????? That is just awful. Worse than awful.
  16. We went to a NC and almost won it with Chaney’s play calling and Kirby’s decision making. It all looked very different than this, and it’s not because they level of talent is different. Kirby isn’t sitting there going, “Run it up the middle, James.”, that’s just Coley calling in the plays. All freaking season long we haven’t been able to run off-center. Every game. But we try it 95% of our run attempts today??? That is an OC who sucks at his job.
  17. Fromm had a terrible day because in the back of his mind he’s screaming to himself, “Coley is calling yet another terrible play that I have no confidence in!”
  18. Coley needs fired immediately. Dude is the worst play caller I’ve ever seen. 20 runs up the middle, 17 for virtually no gain, but let’s just keep going back to what isn’t working. Especially in OT. Idiot should be told he’s fired before he even makes it to the locker room.
  19. If he goes early, he’s competing with Tua, Herbert, Eason, Burrow, and Hurts. If he waits until 2021, he only has Lawrence and Fields, maybe Ehlinger but probably not. Jake has said he wants his degree, and money isn’t an issue as his parents are well off. I think he comes back, even if we won the natty.
  20. I still think Fromm comes back next year.
  21. It’s called greed, selfishness, willful ignorance, hypocrisy, dishonesty, deceit, and moral bankruptcy. And, when these people who are consumed with excessive empathy and guilt, who are drowning in excessive emotions, and need an enemy to resent, blame, and hate so they can virtue signal, claim moral superiority, and alleviate their self-suffering... meets the reality of their livelihood and status being affected by the almighty dollar... the dollar and livelihood selfishly wins. It’s why we have politicians and celebrities who want to ban guns, but they get to keep armed security. Why they want open borders, but they get to live in gated/walled mansions. Why they want high taxes, but mostly so they can buy votes with welfare and promises they rarely keep and so they can enrich themselves and their cronies. Why they want to impeach someone for alleged corruption, while they make bank off corrupt deals they’ve perpetrated countless times. Why they want to destroy someone else to cover up their wrongdoings so they can continue their corrupt and luxurious lifestyles. They're just really awful people.
  22. If Snitker doesn’t take Tomlin out or even put Luke F’ing Jackson on the postseason roster, much less actually pitch him, we don’t lose game 4, and probably not even game 1. See, I can do it too.
  23. He’s made bonehead decisions that have cost games. He11, the morale is probably as crappy as it is because the players know Snit has been an idiot. Get over yourself.
  24. Well, Hawks preseason game 2 on at 7:30. Guess I’ll be watching that.
  25. Oh well. Good season guys. See ya next year.