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  1. I assume these are skewed by our pitchers batting as well, which makes them all the more impressive.
  2. Something is off with Reilly’s swing. He’s striking out an inordinate amount the past 7-8 games. His average is plummeting. Pitchers are killing him with low outside sliders/curves/change ups. He was willing to swing inside-out before and drive those opposite way. But now he’s just got one pull swing only and unless the ball is belt-high down the middle or inside, he’s not even making contact. Its 7-8 games now. Time for a batting coach to get him in the film room and figure out what’s changed and how to get back to what his swing was when he first came up.
  3. What does this have to do with anything? Again, we have a ridiculous amount of trade capital in our farm league. So much so that quite a few of them we’re going to eventually lose simply because their minor league contracts run their course and we wasted them. There are some outstanding individual BP pitchers on some mediocre and bad teams. We have so much trade capital we could make offers that no GM with a brain would refuse. We also already have guys who should get a shot at setup and closer, but we’re not even doing that. Touki came in today and threw like 15 split fingers, and 11 of them were balls, 9 of which weren’t anywhere close to the strike zone. How is this even happening? Who thought that would be a good eighth inning setup plan? A long-reliever throwing splitters in the eighth. And why did Newcomb come out? Snit was playing the matchup, but why when it was obvious Newcomb was in a zone and had elite stuff going? Sometimes you gotta trust your eyes and stop over-thinking and playing matchups. But this is how we’ve run this bullpen all season. Weird decision after weird decision. How Luke became the closer, and keeps being put out there as one, is still mind boggling. Dude is at best a setup guy.
  4. You can have an ERA of 3.40 and still blow a boat load of games by 1-3 runs, ya know? Lowest ERA for a month or two doesn’t mean “best”. I’ve played and watched decades of baseball. I know what my eyes are seeing. Our bullpen is an anxiety creating machine and instills absolutely no confidence. And anyone who says they have confidence in our bullpen and don’t suffer from chronic stress every time our starter comes out is either an idiot who knows crap about baseball or they’re just intellectually dishonest and being an obtuse homer.
  5. Ugh. Remember when it was Venters and Kimbrel every eighth and ninth? It was automatic. Zero anxiety. Maybe 10-12 pitches each, at most. Why can’t we just have that again?? This is the year we need that. Not those crappy wasted years. Now. What bothers me is that I think we could find something similar, but for some insane reason we’re not looking. We have incredible trade capital in our farm system that’s going to go to waste. We can win a championship this year with just a couple moves, but I’m afraid AA is pissing the opportunity away.
  6. Not sure we will, actually. CLP already said Trae will get at least 35 mins a game, and Turner will be the backup point. Plus Bembry can as well. He also mentioned Reddish playing some point forward too.
  7. Remember he had a core injury and was only 2 weeks into recovery when he was drafted. Has 2-4 more weeks left I think.
  8. There’s another angle to this too. We just drafted 3 more guys. And right after drafting 3 guys last year. And we could potentially be drafting 2-3 more next year. We’re also assuredly going to sign Collins to a hefty contract too. That’s potentially 2-3 big contracts and 4-5 more decent contracts if we want to keep this core together, which is very much the obvious plan/hope. Spellman made it easy to make a cost-benefit analysis early judgement call. And Parker falls off just as we’re needing to re-sign our draft picks.
  9. Bruno looked darn good too, and that was after no team practice and no team play for 3 months. I don’t often toot my own horn, but I was the first person on this forum to even mention Bruno Fernando as a want well before the draft. I sees it. He gun be guud.
  10. Welp sounds like you've made up your mind that our organization sucks then. So we'll be expecting you to find another team to watch?
  11. He got 17 mins a game last season for GSW, he won't get that here, unfortunately for him. Len will probably get 28-30 mins a game with Fernando getting the other 18-20, and slowly but surely Fernando will get more and more. Collins will even get some mins at the 5 too. So I suspect Jones is going to be very upset about this trade.
  12. Well that doesn't bode well for us getting VC back, then. Also means the organization might be a little upset with Spellman as this is a pretty significant handcuff for the PF position behind Collins.
  13. Well, there's a reason you're on a message board and not coaching rookies in the NBA, I guess. Maybe since it was 1000% clear we weren't going to play for a championship with a team full of rookies, they created an actual plan for acclimation that they, as professionals, think is most suitable for learning and progressing in the game. Like prioritizing the building of chemistry first, then maybe learning the offensive scheme which focused on dribbling, passing, and shooting, and then after they've honed all of those things, they planned to shift the focus towards defense. A step-ladder of sorts rather than bombard them with everything all at once, which could logically stunt/slow the development and capacity to progress in them all. This is actually sort of the definition of "Focus". And I have some shocking news for you... we're not going to play for a championship this year either. There's 3 more new rookies and 5 new teammates that everyone has to build chemistry with and learn the offensive and defensive systems. If you're actually whining and playing "second-guessing the coaching" armchair games because you're not getting some instant-gratification, then that's a big YOU issue. Good grief, you can be so astoundingly unreasonable sometimes, it's just incredibly bizarre.
  14. Yeah not sure how your whole body can be a foot+ inside the baseline and launching with your right shoulder into the catcher, while the entire baseline and outside is wide open, and someone not think the runner did something consciously wrong and on purpose. He literally left his open/unimpeded running line to move into the path of Lucroy. If he doesn’t get suspended I’ll be shocked.
  15. That’s not what CLP said. He said they “didn’t really ask them to focus on defense last year”. Or something similar to that. The way you’re saying it makes it sound like they didn’t even coach the concept of defense, which is ridiculous.
  16. Bruno ended up with 4 blocks, Spungeman 3, and Hunter 1. The one Hunter got I originally thought was Bruno so I credited wrong guy at first.
  17. I think that might actually be an indication or symptom of a pitch issue when the outlier gets that skewed. I wonder what the count is on most of those 9 infield hits. What kind of pitch is he throwing for most of them. He’s consistently throwing way too many pitches and that has to mean something.
  18. If Luke doesn’t blow six saves we’re tied with the Dodgers for best record in baseball. Six. Plus about at least eight more that were heart attacks like today. He’s creating the situations that enable the “bad luck”. Like that bunt today never should have happened, but he primed the situation where two guys were on base with no outs. And that’s been his constant issue. Walking guys or giving guys fat pitches because he’s behind in the count and/or not hitting his spots and hanging breaking balls. Dude needs to be a 6-7th RP or 8th setup. Anything but closer.
  19. It’s time to stop calling it weirdness and bad luck. I haven’t looked but I’d bet he has more pitches, walks, and hits allowed than probably any other closer with over 30 appearances. We already know he has more blown saves than any other closer by a few. It’s time to make a move. We got talent in the minors going to waste. Trade for somebody, AA. We got something special going on here. Fix our only real hole and we can go the limit.
  20. That’s a fine and suspension maybe right there. Lucroy’s body was a foot inside the line and nowhere close to blocking the plate. The outside was wide open. There was zero reason to bulldoze him that far inside. If Lucroy was on the line in front of the plate, absolutely. But this was completely unnecessary. Hope Lucroy is okay.
  21. Yes, it was. He tried it 3x and only got it once, though. But that was just nerves, IMO. Can’t blame him. He was obviously uncomfortable and pressing. He’ll shake the rust off after a few practices and a couple games. That shot block was insane, though. He can clearly get WAY above the rim. Dude is super long and can jump out the roof. It’s gonna be fun watching his defense.
  22. There’s like 5 other things PG’s need to be able to do too, though. 5 steals against SL scrubs is great, but 8 turnovers, 2 assists, and 24% shooting, plus zero concept of how to manage a pick or screen, and simply looking like an out of control bull in a china shop most of the time is very worrisome, don’t you think? Both games have been scary ugly for both PG’s.
  23. Lost. Smooth, clean form, good defense, but often out of position and probably too uncomfortable and pressing to have good concentration on his shots. So he missed a lot. I haven’t looked but he probably shot maybe 30%. It’ll come, though. He probably had jet-lag and was very nervous.
  24. 90-66 That was some ugly jungleball.
  25. Yeah this is actually something to worry about. This is some of the worst point play I’ve ever seen from supposed professionals. I hope Turner can backup Trae. CLP mentioned letting Reddish run some point too.