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  1. Defense only gave up 16 points, and 6 of those points came from two field goals that only happened because of turnovers (that were BS thanks to terrible refs). How in gods name can anyone be upset with our defense??
  2. Falcons 31 Bills 23
  3. You just got destroyed by facts. Now go sit your troll butt in the corner and shut up.
  4. This game should have been 44-17 or at least 40-20. Those tipped INT's would have been scores and everyone knows it. They're an anomaly and won't happen often.
  5. God we have some terrible dumb fans. Tru has like a career 65-70 QBR and 50-55% reception rate, and QB's are consistently forced to check down from him when his receiver was the #1 option, making him consistently bottom 5 in targets. He plays one side of the field like this, which means our secondary gets to focus on 2/3rds of the field because Tru's 1/3rd is rarely thrown at. Everyone has bad games. Everyone has penalties. But Trufant is very VERY good the vast majority of the time, and he makes life easier for this entire defense. Some of you are reactionary and ignorant. Like I tell my kids, pause and think before you spout off, less you sound like a fool.
  6. I just took this one on my TV.
  7. Ryan's only went that far because it got stuck in the Moon's gravitational force for an instant. /s
  8. Holy smokes this dude sounds like he wants to make babies with Stafford. Rodgers and the Pack tried to play the underneath game on us too. They complete those short passes, but our LB's and secondary are so fast they shut them down the majority of the time almost instantly. Two games in a row now they can't pass deep, they can't run when it counts, and they thought they could beat us with a dink-n-dunk short game, and we held them to 17 and 23. Go ahead and try it again. You'll need to score more than 28 to have a chance.
  9. Indoor HDTV antennas. Mohu has one with a 65 mile radius. I've tested several different ones and this one is the best by far that I tried. Can go direct here: Or if you have Amazon Prime then go there.
  10. Quinn did his usual Monday presser yesterday around 3pm and said he has no idea where this "Beasley out at least 4 weeks with a slight tear" came from. He said it's not a slight tear. Beasley has a strain and will miss this week, but possibly back the following week. I think he even said he's "day-to-day", not week-to-week.
  11. Campbell also had 1.5 TFL's too. Dude is going to continue getting better too.
  12. This was my point too. But can't hardly speak about certain people like this without some being offended.
  13. Settle down. I didn't say anything about his football smarts. He's got them in droves and the players love him. He just isn't an "executive" type. He's the perfect D.C. Because of this. We get a guy who knows football and we probably don't have to worry about him getting poached.
  14. Vs Bears: 6 tackles, 1 PD Vs Packers: 8 tackles, 1 PD, 1 sack He took a step back?