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  1. Both these teams are terrible. Florida especially.
  2. That play calling after the int with Syracuse on the 4 yard line was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
  3. This ish is so rigged. They showed the guy clearly step out of bounds but still gave him the TD even after booth review. What a crock.
  4. Fromm will stay for his senior season. His family is loaded so money isn’t an issue. Plus he’s said he wants his degree and he’s still 2 semesters short after this year. Then Caleb Williams or Gunner Stockton will take over in 2021. We probably get Williams.
  5. Yeah, Eli Wolf is looking solid. Both he and Woerner getting targets. I still want Washington, Johnson, AND Gilbert. I’d take all 3 in a heartbeat. And tell Gilbert he can play whatever the frick he wants. I’d love to see Gilbert blocking DB’s for our RB’s on outside run plays or being a mismatched possession receiver outside.
  6. I think it’s because they know Freeman will miss games every time he gets a concussion, which is quite likely to happen at least once this season, if not more. I don’t think they want to have look towards the Jeremy Langford’s or Terrence McGee’s again for late season RB depth.
  7. Build the future around a bunch of UDFA’s? LOL, sure.
  8. I didn't mean to put Campbell and Oluokun in there. But Hill and Ollison are not decided per what I heard on the radio a bit ago.
  9. If you don't see a space between them then they're undecided who's in that spot. Brown/Carpenter Gono/McGary Hill/Ollison All toss-ups between the two still.
  10. “...with Robert Alford gone that should be an improvement in and of itself.” LOL, brutal, Eli.
  11. Just not sure yet how this team is really going to look. Our offense averaged 291 passing and 98 rushing per game in 2018. Our defense averaged 260 passing and 125 rushing allowed per game. We clearly need to improve these numbers. And right now, on paper, it really looks like we should be able to do this quite handily. Receiving corps and QB are elite and Matt should get his 300-325 passing with a couple TD’s. Hopefully one or fewer turnovers and only a couple sacks at most. If it’s worse than this, we’re probably struggling bad in this game. Running game is a mystery right now because no clue how the OL will do with opening running lanes. Hopefully we go for at least 120+ and at least one rushing TD. We attacked the short yardage problem this offseason, so I see us converting a few more third downs and controlling time of possession. Matt Bryant was 88% last year, hopefully he is 90%+ this year. I see him averaging 2 FG’s a game. Defense was clearly bad against the run last year, but with additions like Davison and Bailey, plus getting our injured starters back, I think we can hold teams under 110 yards a game on average. Our secondary shouldn’t be worse, so I expect them to hold teams to 260 passing a game or even better. Especially if we can get more pressure on the QB this year, which we should. Hopefully we end up at least +1 in turnovers every game. We got some real ballhawks and bruisers on the D, so there’s a good chance of this. ST just needs to keep our average starting field position +8 over the opponents average starting field position (ie. us ~30 yd line, them ~22 yd line), and no turnovers. That’s very doable and makes a huge difference. So this game against Minnesota I see us with 2 passing TD’s, 1 Rushing TD, and 2 Bryant FG’s, and the D holding them to 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD, and 3 FG’s. Falcons win 27-23.
  12. We didn't cut DiMarco, he was a UFA and signed elsewhere for the money. I still think Brady Ewing would have been really good if he didn't get hurt.
  13. He hasn't played a snap at guard all pre-season.
  14. Nope, both dressing. Wes is the backup center now. If you sit Carpenter or Brown we essentially have no backup guard on the sideline.