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  1. LOL, you just replied and complemented yourself. Did you forget to change to your alt account?
  2. Ridley would have to go something like 75/1200/10 to get OROY, because I’m pretty sure Barkley is going something like 225/1100/7, and 30/300/2. In other words, it ain’t happening. I can see Ridley doing something like 55/800/6, but even that’s a stretch because there are so many mouths to feed on this offense.
  3. Serious or were you being facetious?
  4. We actually average about 5-6 snaps a game in our NASCAR package, which is precisely our top 5 pass rushers on the DL pinning their ears back. Mostly happens on situations where it’s 2nd or 3rd and 15+. These are the downs people saw Clayborn and Shelby on the inside with Beasley and McKinley on the outside, and one other circling around an edge or coming up the middle like a blitz, but it’s a pre-designed 5-man rush.
  5. Now I will say this... if we brought in Kendricks to get those LB snaps, then they can play Campbell anywhere they want and I believe the dropoff at LB would be nil. This is really why I want Kendricks. Not only because our depth at LB suddenly goes through the roof, but because Campbell can get fewer, but more effective snaps all over the place, including pass rushing off the edge.
  6. Reed plays LEO in base, yes. But he’ll also get some edge snaps in subs too. Especially now that Clayborn is gone. I doubt McKinley gets all 700+ sub package snaps. Vast majority, but likely not all. Beasley and Shelby are on the other edge in subs. Campbell outside Crawford/Shelby (5T’s) in base. Maybe Campbell gets some edge snaps in nickel when Beasley needs a spell for an occasional snap? Campbell already played 950 snaps last season with maybe 200 at SAM, a handful at LEO, about 100 between WILL/MIKE, and then around 600 at OLB (both closed and open side). I mean I love the thought of him rushing off the edge in either package, but who’s covering his LB snaps when that happens? Sounds like we’d have a dropoff. Beasley + McKinley edge rushing with Campbell at LB >>> Campbell + McKinley edge rushing with Riley or Oluokun at LB. Follow me yet? Just doesn’t make sense we’d put our defense in a less effective set just to force some pass rush snaps for Campbell. If Beasley or McKinley is tired and needs a spell for a bit, sure. But it makes no sense for either of them to be standing on the sideline on a passing down other than that.
  7. Campbell would logically edge rush while playing Joker/SAM or LEO in base, and blitz/stunt from the OLB in subs/nickel. I’m not sure I see a situation in Subs/Nickel where Beasley, McKinley, or Reed come off so Campbell can get actual DE snaps in a 4-man front. That just doesn’t seem logical. I would love to bring in Kendricks, though, so we can do more with Campbell in pass rush. I would feel a lot more comfortable with Kendricks and Jones at ILB if Campbell was appropriated elsewhere than Riley, Ishmael, or Foye trying to fill in for Campbell.
  8. RotLA=GOAT ”Top........ men.”
  9. McFadden or Wreh-Wilson.
  10. The brilliant thing about the NFL is it's a parity league because of how the cap system, free agency, and contracts work. And, rookies can make huge impacts right away too. As a result, probably something like 26 or so teams every year think they are capable of winning a SB, some of them realizing they need a bit more luck than others, but all legitimately believe they have a shot. But here's the kicker, literally about 10-12 of those actually do have a shot. And that's still a heck of a lot of teams with good enough roster capacity. This is why there's no other sport like it. This is why gross revenues for the league are over $10 billion a year and it's like a crack addiction for millions of people. Every team is fragile and probably a single big injury away from a totally derailed and wasted season. If we stay healthy, we're in the top 3 or 4 teams in this league right now with what we have on this roster. If we make it to the final 4, we just have to execute better than the other guys for 2 games, because they're probably just as talented as we are. In the end, it boils down to execution.
  11. It’s the same scheme as Shannahan. How can you sit here and lecture us when you don’t even know that Sarkisian didn’t bring in “his scheme”? You didn’t even know that we kept Kyle’s playbook, jargon, everything, and Sark was the one who had to learn a new scheme, not the players. The drops went from 11 in 2016 to 34 in 2017, 8 of which bounced off receivers hands and became interceptions on top of it all. And you don’t think that is an excuse for Sarkisian? LOL, GTFO.
  12. First of all, I’ve watched nearly every Sark video of him doing some kind of mic’d up coaching that we can find (obviously mostly on YT). There are vids of him doing some very cool film study sessions and drawing up plays and scheme on white boards. He knows his stuff WELL. He is adept at scheming and play design. There is no denying it after what I’ve watched. My belief is he suffered the same issue Shanny did, except with even more difficulty because he had to learn someone else’s scheme and play jargon. And as for USC, he was thrown into a crappy situation. That team and recruiting had been a mess the previous 2 years under Kiffin. That said, Kiffin averaged 32ppg in 2012, and 29ppg in 2013. Sark came in and they immediately jumped up to 36ppg (24th in the country) in 2014, and 34ppg in 2015. They lost 4 games and 6 games because their defense sucked. They went back down to 32ppg since Helton took over. Don’t get me wrong, I was not happy with a lot of his play calling last year. His halftime adjustments were perplexing. He clearly guesses way too much and got it wrong too often. But I was saying these same exact things about Shannahan last season. He deserves a chance to try again without the handcuffs of being new to the scheme, jargon, and players.
  13. I’m guessing Deion will be somewhere between 40-69. Matt will be between 30-50. Julio between 8-15. There is a slim chance Grady is between 50-69, I think. He deserves it. But it’s slim at this point because I thought he’d be in the 80-100 range. Just my gut feelings.
  14. Not sure how this is quantified. He wasn’t a starter his freshman year and yet played in all 13 games with no injuries, no missed time. CU went to their conference championship and a bowl game and Oliver played in all 14 games with no injuries, no missed time. CU had only 12 games last season, Oliver got a bad leg bruise in week 8 and missed the next 2 games, came back and played exceptional in the final 2. That doesn’t sound like “always nicked up”.
  15. During the draft, nearly every LB in the first 2 rounds they tried to compare to Deion if they could. It’s a safe bet Deion is highly regarded by everyone across the league. Every GM and coach is trying to find his clone to man the middle of their defense.