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  1. Pretty sure our first 3 picks will be CB, LB, and DT (in no particular order) after the FA moves we’ve made. We probably need a S and OG, too. And if TD thinks he’s on the chopping block after this season, I won’t be surprised if he mortgages future drafts to make several moves up to get certain guys in this one. Simmons is too far up, but Okudah, Brown, and Kinlaw aren’t. It would be such a TD thing to do to move up 7-8 spots for Okudah.
  2. Gurley doesn’t cancel anyone out since he was cut by the Rams? Correct?
  3. Okay, Mr. Complainer, whatever you say.
  4. Dude, it's like 10 pages of you doing 90% complaining. GFYS
  5. I honestly don't GAF at this point. There's 3 straight pages of you saying the same GD thing over and over and over and F'ing over. You are a horrible fan and a miserable human being and I bet you complain about everything in life and people quietly loathe and resent you for it. Stop being that guy.
  6. Thank the Lord. I couldn't take FI2012 and Spts1 crying their little F'ing eyes out about Trae and Huerter's defense any longer.
  7. 21-22 year olds in a rebuild full of temp contracts and injuries. It’s getting irritating how people keep ignoring this like we’re supposed to be something more than what we are. Cam was a 30% shooter in college and came in shooting 20% for his first 3 or so months. Hunter wasn’t much better, and Fernando was even worse. Plus Len went from ending last season making something 35% of his 3’s to barely making 15%. Vince can’t hit the side of a barn anymore. Parker and Crabbe were terrible from 3 and they’re gone. Huerter and Trae started slow but got consistent, and were above league average by mid-season. Cam and Hunter have easily added 20% to their percentages since the ASB, but they were so bad at the beginning and middle that their overall percentage is toast. Consistency will come with more time. It’s already drastically improved. If you start evaluating us from the ASB, we are significantly better than before.
  8. Don’t see how you can listen to that and not realize and know that we have an extremely good professional basketball coach. Dude knows his stuff and has the right temperament and style to lead a young team. He’s going to develop these guys and turn them into mature intuitive and max effort basketball players. You can already see their growth. Some people just have/had too high of expectations of them being at certain levels before it’s reasonable. Especially after being snake-bit with unforeseen hindrances too. No suspensions and lower volume of injuries and necessary minutes forced upon getting rookies experience, and next year will be a revelation compared to this one.
  9. "They were everyone's sleeper pick to make the playoffs this year." And they very likely would have if not for Collins suspension. Combine that with Reddish and Hunter not being able to hit the broad side of a barn for their first 45 games, too, and there are clearly tangible/recognizable, and most of all correctable, reasons why they didn't take a next step. The prediction and expectation was 30 wins. But again, that didn't account for Collins missing 25 games. If they somehow go 11-8 the rest of the season, they hit it. And if that happens it'll be a huge sign. We have a good shot. The schedule is favorable.
  10. We better make drafting a defensive specialist or two, as well as replacing Carter and Graham with defensive vets, the biggest priority of the off-season. We have the makings of an elite offense already. We don't need more scoring specialists. The team will improve on defense. It's coming. They will gel and start reacting instead of watching and thinking. And Capella SHOULD help create that anchor, especially with Collins next to him under the basket and banging for position and protecting the rim. That should be a catalyst, along with obvious growth of Reddish and Hunter. That will come. But I still don't expect miracles. We will probably be a middle of the pack defensive team next year at best. And it'll be better again the year after next, and so on.
  11. This is so vapid and parochial. If a national championship 7A high school football team was suddenly thrust into the NFL, and got smoked by everyone, I guess you'd be like, "They are just a bad team. Enough with the excuses...". Because, ya know, reality of situations doesn't matter. Those darn "excuses" are so meaningless. I'm sure anyone could run in the Olympics with a broken leg or dominate in MMA with an arm tied behind their backs, too. Circumstances... PFFT! Screw em! SMH
  12. Hunter has a DWS of 0.5, which is the same as Trae. ETA: Correction.... just looked again and Trae is a 0.6 DWS. Cam is only a 0.7. Huerter is a 0.6. Fernando a 0.4. Jones a 0.6. Bembry a 0.8. Teague a 0.2. Carter a 0.4. Goodwin a 0.2. Dedmon a 0.3. Len was a 0.6. Crabbe was 0.1. Collins is the best defender on the team with a 1.0 DWS. Just to put this in perspective, our top 9 minutes played guys have an average DWS of 0.6. And that’s a bit skewed because Collins missed 25 games. And if we go look at the Bucks top 9 minutes guys, they have an average DWS of around 2.8. Most good defensive teams are around 2.0. They have a few in the 0.x range, but more in the 2.0-4.0 range. We don’t have a player above 1.0. Most rookies and young players come into the league under 1.0, and slowly improve. Zion is only a 0.4 DWS. Steph Curry came in a 1.6, regressed to a 0.4, and then by year 6 was up around 2.9. We just have a ton of youth that hasn’t had time to build up that learned-intuition and muscle-memory. On the defensive end of the floor, they are consistently out of position, making late and improper switches, second guessing, wondering who’s job it is to do what, wild or lazy with their hands, crossing their feet, jumping late, getting beat for position in the box, staring at shots, watching and thinking rather than knowing/reacting unconsciously..... All things young inexperienced players do. And because EVERYONE is in this same experience boat, it just compounds the problem. But they will improve. They will gel. They will learn and build that intuition. They will eventually know who’s job is what and react correctly without having to think about it. But right now, they don’t have it. And all CLP can do is give them minutes and trial by fire learning to try and build that muscle-memory.
  13. Not even close to the comparison with us. Collins out 25 games. Played 1208 minutes. Huerter missed 11 games. Played 1610 minutes. Trae 6 games. Played 2010 minutes. Hunter 4 games. Played 1879 minutes. Reddish 9 games. Played 1435 minutes. Jones 9 games. Played 883 minutes. Carter 7 games. Played 812 minutes. Fernando 11 games. Played 671 minutes. Bembry 20 games. Played 915 minutes. Parker only played in 32 of 52. Played 837 minutes. Crabbe only played in 28 of 52. Played 522 minutes. Turner only played in 19 of 42. Played 251 minutes. Parsons only played in 5 of 52. Played 54 minutes. Len only missed 2 of 52 games. Played 745 minutes. As you can see, not even counting the fact Teague and Dedmon came over late, between the guys who were/are our core players, or were supposed to be part of meaningful minutes, missed 218 games. And virtually all due to injury. And, of our top 5 players in minutes, 2 are rookies, and 2 are second year players, and the last is a 3rd year player who was suspended 25 games. But this is on CLP?? Nah.
  14. This is incorrect. Think for a minute, man. There's 48 minutes in a game, and 2880 seconds. Divide that by 24 (shot clock). That's 120, 24 second shot clocks if every possession went the distance. You just listed a game with 195 possessions and 205 possessions. That's an average of 15 seconds a possession (2880/195), and 14 seconds a possession (2880/205). That's RIDICULOUS. They were not averaging 15 and 14 seconds between every shot for 48 minutes. Teams do not, and cannot possibly, keep up that pace. You're welcome to plug the numbers into this actual basketball possession calculator: Hawks: 72.78 possessions Magic: 63.01 possessions 136 total, or a pace of 21 average seconds per possession. and Hawks: 77.48 possessions Clippers: 68.07 possessions 145 total, or a pace of 20 average seconds per possession. That said, the (0.44 x FT's) is an arbitrary load of crap. The "44%" number is pulled out of thin air. Way more than 56% of FT's come from a FGA, and way less than 44% come from an off-ball foul in bonus time or technical. Not to mention, many FT's are 1's as the result of a made FGA. There is no freaking way there is only 56% of possession overlap. It's easily... EASILY, 90%+. Free Throws should be left completely out of the equation and you'd have 1000% more accurate number. Anyway, as I said, Hawks had nearly double digit +possessions in both games. AND, the obvious deciding factor was rebounds. We were +12 and +18. Which AGAIN, means Trae being there or not being there made no difference in why the Magic and Clippers scored under 100. And for the last time, the official scoring for Trae, which is the same metrics used to gauge defensive prowess of every other player, says that Trae is a 0.6 defensive win share, and Goodwin is a 0.2 defensive win share. This system may be flawed, but it's still identically relative criteria from player to player either way, so the comparisons are obviously relative. And the metrics used to decide where players compare to each other on defense says Trae is a 0.6, which means he's not THE problem, or even the biggest problem defensively on the team. These are hard coded facts. Not conjecture based on 2 games with fabricated attempted correlation pulled out of someone's ***. But actual quantifiable facts. So yeah, whatever. Done.
  15. I did too. FREAKING REBOUNDS AND CRAP SHOOTING PERCENTAGE BY ORLANDO AND LAC. Two things Trae has NOTHING to do with. Okay, done. This is stupid.