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  1. Wow, what a BS call. The shot from behind clearly showed the ball left/outside the pylon.
  2. Anyone know his college stats and his measurables? I saw that he’s 6’2, 237, with both pass rush and coverage skills, so sounds similar to Campbell. But what are his drills like? Is there any video of him playing? What were his stats in our preseason games?
  3. I’m pretty sure we still have one more open PS spot. Alex Gray, the international player, isn’t supposed to count against out 10 limit for his entire PS eligibility (3 years).
  4. Branch was awful last night. More terrible plays than good. It was Branch and I think Lammons and McFadden who got burnt on that Tyreek Hill long TD.
  5. Ito has 2 games running behind our 2nd and 3rd string OL. The couple runs he got in the 1st quarter last night he ran for 6 and 5 yards. Quinn just trying to keep Free healthy and get others more reps. You're making something out of nothing.
  6. Senat is easily heavier than 315, and the dude is WIDE. He's a definite space-eater who also has the quickness and strength to get inside penetration too. But it's a moot point. In our Base pkg, the 5T stays at 5T on either side, and the 3T and 1T swap depending on if the call is OVER or UNDER. This means both Grady and Senat will each play some 1T and each play some 3T. Senat will probably get more 1T snaps, but Grady will definitely get a few too. This is only ~30% (maybe 300 total snaps on the season) anyway. We don't run a NT in our Nickel pkg. The DT's are in the 4iT in most other subs.
  7. I read somewhere that league officials watched something like 3,000 plays from last year and would have flagged only 3 of them under this rule. I don’t think it’s going to affect much.
  8. Crawford will play both the 4i-tech DT in Nickel as well as the 5-tech DE in Base. He’ll probably get some snaps at 5-tech in our NASCAR pkg too.
  9. LOL, no he didn't. This was an obvious exaggeration.
  10. Man, that catch over the middle, if it was full contact, Neal would have lit him up. That would have been ugly.
  11. Over/Under on Lee being a school teacher too?
  12. Because the term is "arguably", and this came right after he said "A fresh of breath air". "Argumentatively" is "someone who is prone to argue". "Arguably" means the "subject is open to doubt". I like Steve Smith, but the dude has either had too many concussions or he's just not smart enough to put together coherent sentences. It's certainly not a big deal, but it's also not good to generate the stigma of low literacy either. Just sayin.
  13. They need to protect Ridley. He doesn't need to be hit by safeties and LB's crossing the middle. They'll break him in half. He's going to be outside the VAST majority of the time.
  14. They kept mentioning Ridley playing the slot, but that's incorrect. He may get a few snaps in the slot, but 80-85% will be outside. Sanu is our slot receiver.