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  1. Possibly. Even probably. But to sign another star is going to require us to lose someone we currently like simply because the money isn’t there for them all. Collins is going to get a max deal from someone if it’s not us. So if Schlenk wants to keep him, and I’m pretty sure Trae is asking him to keep him, then that’s a big chunk of our free capital gone. Huerter is likely going to get around $15m/year soon, too. Gallo and Bogi aren't cheap for next 3 years of their existing deals. And then Trae is going to need a max deal, too. If Reddish and Hunter breakout, then we pote
  2. I have a hard time taking anything these guys say seriously when they are nearly 3 inches off on Trae’s height and call him “The little guy” over and over.
  3. I’m not sure what to do in the off-season anymore (other than definitely pay Collins, and then Huerter). I mean, we haven’t even had Hunter and Reddish through all this. Heck, as recent as the beginning of this season we were complaining about how bad our defense will be/is/was when Trae, Huerter, and Collins were on the floor at the same time. And now we’re talking about Huerter needing to be on Holiday or Middleton and JC on Giannis outside. Even Trae is consistently getting steals and rebounds. We forget these guys are kids who are still learning how to play together, build
  4. The Cabrera hit/Sid slide/“Braves Win!” is still to this day my favorite and most memorable sports moment of all time. Talk about a mad house celebration… there was easily 200k-300k people packed into about 3 square blocks of Buckhead running around going absolutely nuts that night. Cops were shotgunning beers with people on the street. The bars were just handing out shots. People were 30 feet up light poles. Rooftops were full and an endless stream of confetti was everywhere. I thought I was almost about to feel that feeling again when it looked like the Falcons would win the SB,
  5. Trae looks nothing like Curry (or Nash). They both had/have traditional shooting strokes. Trae has a push stroke from his chest, and he’s a volume perimeter shooter with a noticeably lower hit rate on 3’s. Trae’s 3’s are designed for purpose rather than consistent scoring… to force defenses to spread out further than even usual so they have to collapse in from greater distance. This opens everything up on offense, including rebounding for second chance opportunities and of course alley-oops. And when they don’t spread out, he burns them with the mid-range floater or the deep 3. The “St
  6. LOL, Trae in his postgame talkin about “middle school”! Dude is just a kid and he’s doin this. Future is bright, folks.
  7. My wife doesn’t know squat about matchups and even she was like, “WTH is this lineup?!” LOL! Atleast OO had 2 impressive blocks, Bogi got a steal, and Hill somehow juked Middleton for a sweat dunk during these handful of minutes, otherwise it would have been even worse. But yeah, that’s just a head scratching lineup that must never happen again. Lou normally just makes 3-4 baskets during something like this, but he couldn’t make a thing, so it got ugly quick.
  8. Actually the rotations were perplexing and bad at times. We should never have Bogi and Hill on the floor at the same time, nor should we ever have Trae, Huerter, and JC off the floor at the same time. But these were the case multiple times, and this is when the Bucks had big runs. Our best lineup yet again was Trae, Huerter, Collins, Gallo, Capela. But we only played that lineup in the 3rd for about 6 minutes and we had a 17-4 run with it. This needs to be our dominant lineup. And Huerter needs to guard Holiday if we’re not putting Reddish in.
  9. You are by far the worst poster on these forums, and there isn’t a close second place.
  10. These odd lineups are hurting bad. Trae, Huerter, and JC off the floor at same time… thats 90% of our points sitting in the bench. Can’t do that, McMillan.
  11. Holiday running circles around him and Bogi. Gotta try something different.
  12. Lopez demolished JC a few plays back. Can’t believe that wasn’t called.
  13. We gotta put Reddish on Holiday. This is getting ridiculous. He’s doing anything he wants.
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