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  1. You can't simply divide the overall 100m and 11s to get what the 40y split would be. Running doesn't work like that. Here's an example of the 10m splits of the world record holders in the 100m dash. Pretty much all of these guys runs around a 4.20-4.25 40yd, but they hit peak speed at around 50-60m. Gray is fast, though. If you extrapolate out split percentages based on the averages here and apply them to Gray's 11.0s, and then convert his 40 yards, he likely runs around. 4.47-4.52 40yd. Which at 6'6 250 is fast af.
  2. Either 4 years and $35 million, with about $26 million guaranteed, or maybe even 5 years and $44 million with about the same $26m guaranteed. Somewhere around $8.5-$9m per year is my guess.
  3. I am a partner at a wealth management firm and can tell you there's quite a bit more his advisor is likely doing (or should be, unless he sucks). He will assuredly create an LLC (FineMeLater, Inc? haha) and then anytime he does an appearance for fee, or autograph signing, or commercial, or really anything outside of football where he gets paid, he will do it under his LLC DBA. Then, as an LLC, I would advise him to pay off his home and car(s), and then lease these personal assets to his LLC. This gives him much bigger tax breaks and pass-through income that is taxed at lower corporate tax rates than normal income tax rates. Then I would have him start a SEP (Self Employed Pension) which allows him to put up to 25% of income or $54,000 (whichever is less) into a tax-deferred qualified pension. All of this would have him saving probably a million in taxes instantly, in addition to a couple hundred thousand in taxes every year thereafter. Then I would have him purchase a big fat cash value life insurance policy. At his age, if you toss $2 million into a VUL or Whole Life policy right now, in 30 years when he's 50 years old, this thing would be spitting out around $500,000-$600,000 a year in TAX-FREE INCOME for the rest of his life. You can also invest in oil & gas partnerships to get additional instant tax writeoffs while also generating good long term income. We're about to hit a LNG boom in this country, so the market is ripe for this.
  4. Faceless and a bunch of us are over at It's basically here but without any moderation. So no holds barred.
  5. You're missing: Marvin Hall - WR Jack Lynn - LB Reggie Davis - WR (speedy kid from UGA) Jarnor Jones - CB (6'3, 209) Josh McGee - WR Deron Washington - S Anthony Dable - WR (6'4, 220, fast, has good chance of making PS or even 6th WR slot) Darion Griswald - TE
  6. If we stick to cover-1 like we did the last half of the season, then Neal will cover slot receivers or #2 TE's in 2-TE sets most of the time. Campbell, being moved to SAM/SLB would cover strongside TE's more often. Last year we relied on Wheeler a lot for this or we played a cover-3 which I think put the NCB on the TE or left LB's in zone coverage in the middle while safeties covered deep seams. Riley may not get as much playing time as people think. More than likely just WILL in base, and then an MLB backup role in nickel.
  7. I'm more concerned about our lack of backup tackles/a legitimate swing tackle right now than I am RG. If Matthews or Schraeder goes down, it could get ugly.
  8. LOL, dude I'm 45, with a masters in finance, and own a wealth management firm. I'm just having fun and tossing out joyful forum slang. You need to get laid or something. You seem uptight and way too serious.
  9. Key word.... SUPERBOWL. Where were you and the Bucs? Sitting at home watching and wondering who to pick at #19.
  10. Them loooooong arms! Dayemn!
  11. I'll take Julio, Sanu, Gabriel, Freeman, Hooper, Coleman, Hardy, Roberts, and Toilolo over any other set of offensive weapons in the league right now. It's silly when people try to compare #2 and #3 WR's straight up with yards and TD's when we have RB's who get 2-3x more passing targets and receiving yards than other team's #3's and RB's combined. We put up almost 5,000 passing yards with the 7th fewest passing attempts in the entire league (only 537). We have the highest passing efficiency ratio by far. Our receivers only dropped 11 passes in 537 pass attempts. We had the 3rd highest completion percentage (69.6%). The 3rd highest amount of receiving TD's (38). The highest scoring drive percentage by far. We demolished every team in number of 1st downs. 2nd overall in pass plays over 25 yards(42). 5th in the league in air yards while also 2nd in yards after the catch. And oh yeah, our receivers can all block in the run game as good or better than any team in the league. Judging a receiving corps is a heck of a lot more than just looking at individual yards and TD's among #1's, #2's, and #3's. All those other teams being listed ahead of us are worse than us in 8 or 9 of those 10 statistics, and some demonstrably worse.
  12. Please stay humble and grounded.
  13. Maybe it's because in our nickel packages, Neal was consistently lined up on the other team's slot receiver? We sorta lived in a cover-1 the last half of the season last year, which means a single-high FS, and the SS comes up to cover the TE or 4th receiver in 3 to 4 receiver sets.
  14. So I once argued that our starters on the outside will be/are Tru and Alford, and that Collins isn't quite what everyone thinks. He's certainly not bad, but I think Collins is a backup CB. But folks here railed me over it and insisted Collins would start outside and we would move Alford to the nickel CB. Well MM just reasserted that Poole is our NCB, and it appears Alford Is staying outside. So, yeah.