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  1. Kind of hard to convince people you know something about Gallinari when you spell it Dalinnari. Just sayin. That said, I actually agree there are folks here who clearly don’t know squat about him, suggesting he’s a 4 and a defensive liability is just ignorant.
  2. A guy with ~5 OWS and ~2 DWS that plays almost exclusively on the wing and outside the paint is a backup 4 with poor defense? Whatevs. SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️
  3. I think with the get of Gallo & Kris Dunn, the BB/Rondo deal is likely out. If Dunn can stay healthy, I’m much happier with what we got. 1/PG: Trae , Dunn, Goodwin 2/SG/Wing: Huerter, Reddish, Snell, Hunter 3/F/Wing: Gallinari, Hunter, Snell, Reddish 4/PF: Collins, Gallinari, Okongwu 5/C: Capela, Collins, Fernando, Okongwu Thats likely the starting 5, and then you can see who might combo where and what some of our packages might be. The depth looks stellar and the defense should have significant improvement. Not only because of the additions,
  4. Well we now have our backup PG in Kris Dunn. Much better defender than Teague.
  5. Not sure what he’s talking about. Gallo is nearly a 2.0 on defensive win share (DWS), which is about a full point above league average (1.0). On top of being around 4.5-6.0 OWS, which is in the top 10 for offensive rating. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/g/gallida01.html For reference: Trae: 5.3 OWS, 0.6 DWS Reddish: -1.2 OWS, 0.8 DWS Hunter: -0.4 OWS, 0.5 DWS Collins: 3.8 OWS, 1.2 DWS Capela: 2.8 OWS, 2.1 DWS Gallo is an enormous improvement on the wing at both offense and defense, and he’s no where close to a defensive liability. Wi
  6. Pretty sure Gallo spent majority of his minutes on the wing. Not much time in the paint. I suspect he will mostly be in rotation with Hunter, Reddish, Snell, and Huerter on the wings. Maybe, for the handful of minutes JC is at the 5, we might see him slip into the 4 occasionally if the matchups work. But this guy is a 3pt specialist who can play decent defense because he’s much bigger than most wings he goes up against. Don’t expect him to be banging around inside, except on P&R’s, which he also excels at. He’s a really good fit for our system and the players we have.
  7. Beef

    2020 Free Agency

    Well we got our 3pt help coming off the bench in backup wing in Snell, I guess. Dude can shoot it, so not a bad move.
  8. Right, because 22/10 guys in their 3rd year, who have displayed marked improvement year over year just grow on trees. Probably will end up a 24/12 guy this year, too, per his trajectory. And, he just happens to be the absolute perfect fit with what Trae and the rest of our system does... and in a shortened practice camp only 4 weeks before the season starts. And I guess TS is lying when he says one of their top priorities is locking down JC and they have no intention of breaking up this core? Dude just use your head and some logic, is all I'm saying. TS doesn't mince words and play
  9. Makes no sense in an understood complete rebuild to make this statement. It's just not accurate at all.
  10. I seriously doubt Mays makes the 15 unless he can walk into the extremely shortened camp and instantly bang 50% from 3 for the entire camp. The only other thing that might change that is we have a crazy amount of open positions at the end of the bench. Jones, Lab, Teague, Bembry, Carter, Brown, and Graham are all gone at this point. Maybe we bring back Graham, maybe Teague if he is open to coming back. The rest I'm not sure about. With the super short camp (season starting in 4 weeks?), it might be smart to bring back guys who already know our system rather than trying to bring in sever
  11. Anyone else notice Okongwu was already wearing exact Hawks colors? He obviously knew he was coming here.
  12. No. Who's been saying that, besides Celtics fans? Why would we trade for a guy with only 1 year on his contract and is then a UFA? And why would we give away assets we have control over for that? We just spent our only other item of value on a pick and we're not giving away future picks for a 1 year guy. And if we wanted him on an extended contract, why not just wait 1 year and get him at no other cost? It just doesn't make sense to give away assets for him.
  13. Collins averaged nearly 10 of his 33 mins/game at the 5, so clearly we love us some small-ball packages. Onyeka just adds a defensive specialist to that package finally.
  14. Those are just media rumors. There's been zero confirmation we were actually interested in any of those guys. The only legit interest in anyone has been Bertans. Which is consistent with what TS has said many times now... that we are looking for 3pt help off the bench.
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