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  1. not funny, making injury jokes. stay classy
  2. is that you whiny d-led?
  3. but you cared enough to post on here
  4. It is a major trophy tho. quit being a hater.
  5. stop posting this negative garbage in here
  6. Dimitroff is amazing! WOW!
  7. go away
  8. heres a tip. quit bringing it up!
  9. Because shes a aints fan...along with being a bears fan and raiders fan. shes a bandwagoner
  10. I think AJC could do better but I wouldnt go as far as degrading the man. I have seen comments calling him mentally challenged on this board and thats messed up.
  11. Yay more clickbait! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  12. I guess Quinn got faith in the d-line. Beasley need to get your crap together or get out of Atlanta. this draft is a c-. Missed out a some players by reaching for crap.
  13. This one I dont get.
  14. I swear yall complain about every pick. Good lord thank god yall are not the running the team.
  15. decent but not great pick.