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  1. I cant imagine a scenario where I'm not a Falcons fan. I didnt really start watching Falcons football until was 10. Which was around 2000/2001. I would always watch the games with my Dad (who has been a fan since the 70s) My favorite player growing up was Patrick Kerney.
  2. Elway can shove it mile high up where the sun dont shine. horse face prick.
  3. I absolutely love this hire! To the people who hate this hire think it through. Ryan doesnt have to learn a new offense. Familiarity with him and Julio. Hes going to be better than Sark calling plays and definitely better than Bevell.
  4. legends says he still waiting for Rex to show up
  5. Why is everybody in a hurry to replace Ryan?? Hes going to play for more years.
  6. I wouldnt hate the hire but he isnt my first choice for OC. I honestly would prefer Dirk Koetter over him because familiarity with Ryan, Julio etc.
  7. Bruh lol
  8. you really need multiple threads on this??
  9. Im sure they are doing their due diligence on who they want as OC. I just dont want them signing someone without interviewing a few candidates for the job. I believe they signed Sark right away without interviewing anyone else. Sark wasnt a horrible hire but it wasnt great. It was good enough at times but some of his play calling was questionable. I kinda want them to hire Koetter so Ryan can run the no huddle again.
  10. is it the same bird that told Led to wait outside the branch for Rex Ryan?
  11. So Falcons fans cant celebrate a team win and hate seeing their team have a losing season over tanking for a pick who might not have a great nfl career? GOTCHA.
  12. 7 wins.
  13. Im happy we won. people throwing a fit because they wanted the team to lose and didnt get a top ten pick. I WANT WINS
  14. Im glad we won and the crybabies are mad.