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  1. Anyone who is putting the drops on Ryan need to get their head checked.
  2. Electric player on the field. I will never like what he did off the field. He did his time and I forgiven him. If we would have had a more a mature and disciplined Vick, god knows where the franchise would be today.
  3. I think hes more than capable to step up and be a legit weapon for the offense
  4. Any Given Sunday. We can compete with anyone. Just got to finish.
  5. aka The Justin Fields Fan club on TATF
  6. Definitely not a professional on proofreading
  7. I go into every season being optimistic. I think we can compete with any team. Im not the type of fan to go "oh we are a playoff team" or "we're going to the super bowl" All that does is setting you up for disappointment if things go sour during the season. Now I wont do is calling our team not competitive because that is a insult to the guys busting their tails off in camp. How can you say that and the season hasnt started yet? We dont need that negativity.
  8. this is me when I see these type posts
  9. at least I dont have to hear anymore of Quinn's slogans or how fired up he claimed he was
  10. Tired of this garbage take. Who is he supposed to throw to? Himself? Casper the ghost? jimmy selling popcorn in the stands?
  11. You're not lying. I got sick of it. Arthur Smith putting a end to that nonsense.
  12. Keeping the players accountable. No more clapping when you return to the sideline for giving up a TD.
  13. I think we will see our starters take a few snaps in all of preseason. Maybe two or three series. With a shorter preseason dont want to risk injuries.
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