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  1. I swear, If this buys Quinn more time Im going to lose it.
  2. With AJ Terrell now out.. our defense going to make Mitch look like a pro bowler
  3. New game. Lets get this win train going.
  4. I have him on a short list of possible HC candidates. Hes not a top pick. We would have coach with some intensity in him. no stupid brotherhood and resilient metaphors.
  5. Again nobody cares if you criticize Ryan. Yes he should get some of the blame on things but when idiots on this board puts ALL the blame on Ryan when he has great game (even in the SB) in a loss. Im sick and tired of it. Y'all have this lame agenda against the man and its disgusting.
  6. Look, I dont care if you criticize Ryan. I even get on him for throwing stupid picks here and there. The man is not perfect. The main problem that I have is when Ryan will have a great game in a loss, The people on this board will go out there way and put the whole blame on Ryan. For example, defense allows 400 yards passing and 3 tds. Ryan 315 yards passing 2 tds and no INTS. But somehow Ryan fault. Oh Ryan didnt do enough even though the defense was garbage lets put the blame on Ryan. But we get called Ryan homers because we come out with facts proving your ignorant remarks are garbage and n
  7. I've had my fair share of going through some dark times mentally that I actually considered ending my life. If anyone asks Im in a lot better place now. Thank you to Dak and Hurst for speaking up.
  8. No because people on this Board will put all the blame on Ryan for the loss even if he has a great game. People have been hating on the man ever since he got drafted and its a shame. Ryan is not perfect but he is far from the problem that these haters make him out to be.
  9. Yes, if we go 0-3 Fire Quinn after the game. Get an early start on the head coaching search. Im done with Quinn.
  10. I dont see Quinn making it to the bye if things dont improve.
  11. Blank wont and its sad. Firing Quinn would send a message to the team.
  12. Nah its not realistic. Defense cant get the job done to help Ryan and the offense out. Defense lost us BOTH games. Ryan and the offense did their jobs. Im sick and tired of this agenda you haters are trying to pull. RYAN NOT THE PROBLEM!!
  13. glad it wasnt as bad as it look. Happy he is going to be ok.
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