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  1. Ryan played well. Defense let the fans down once again.
  2. I think people here are failing to realize is that they only call in about two maybe 3 plays at time into his helmet. People on here think its Madden where you can change the play as much as it he wants. It dont work like that. Yall want to drag Ryan for trying to do his job and its disgusting.
  3. Hes not allowed to change they play anytime he wants. This isnt Madden.
  4. dont bring the mans wife in this dude. have some respect.
  5. Youre just a ignorant fan dude. All you dude is find reasons to crap on Ryan. Find a new team already. Every week youre on here after we lose trying to push your ignorant agenda. GTFOH
  6. Hes part of it due to him fumbling but will I put full blame on him? No because Im not an ignorant fan
  7. Burn those ugly uniforms. You can polish a turd all you want but its still a turd. SMH
  8. Doesnt matter. We could have held them to 3 DUH
  9. Matt Ryan. People tend to over look where we were before we had Matt. The whole Vick going to prison and that coach who left in the middle of the night. The whole argument saying "That hes only good because he has Julio" is a bunch of bull. Ryan has been so good for us and its sad to see him get constantly disrespected. Hands down the Greatest Falcon of all time. Ryan is my QB!!
  10. Too bad the selective few on this board will still complain. Falcons are not dumb. They know the cap consequences if they tried to trade them.
  11. Yeah and your lame post dont mean a thing either. Team sport dumb dumb. Go learn about it and come back.
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