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  1. Its fake. Plus the guy who tweeted this out is the same guy who try to pass off that white helmet from a few days ago as a leak.
  2. its hard to tell from the quality of the vid.
  3. Then dont read them than. At least the dude is putting out content in this crisis.
  4. I trust this dude over the people who claimed they have seen them on twitter.
  5. Hopefully he will be able to get it done soon so we can make this signing official.
  6. another dude claiming he works for somebody that deals with the nfl license. Im done with nobodies claiming they seen the uniforms. I need my birds to reveal them already
  7. I love the determination. Love this pick up.
  8. Praying for ya Gritz!
  9. Right. They dont want anyone outside the organization to know until they released it.
  10. Ollison posted something a few weeks ago with the one at the training facility. it was our current logo but all white. I think thats the one you are referring to
  11. I wouldnt mind on a cheap deal.
  12. out of all the mock ups Ive seen these are my favorites.
  13. Nothing wont be leaked until the day before or day of. I honestly just want a date. I know its April just when exactly.