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  1. yes hes wrong. Matt didnt have a bad year.
  2. From the practices that I've attended, Saubert has look really good. I have high hopes for Hooper to have a great year but don't sleep on Saubert.
  3. how about we see him in a preseason game before we cast judgement?
  4. I think they did but I might be wrong on that.
  5. we're not gonna lose Julio. Signing them to 3 more years doesnt count against the cap!
  6. So, the falcons having more pressing needs to help secure our defense for the future over caving to a diva wr who cant stay healthy. Im a Falcon fan whether Julios is here or not. This is not the Atlanta Julios.
  7. yeah lets pay Julio for three tds last year. Julio cant stay healthy with his stupid foot.
  8. Pretty dang sad. Julio is putting himself over the brotherhood. Fine Julio play your selfish game. Dont come crying after Blank starts fining you for not showing up. You hang out with T.O. and now your turning into a Diva. If we wanted a Diva we should have picked up Dez. Honor whats left of your contract before asking for more money.
  9. Just make these our uniforms and l'll be happy.
  10. Julio turning into a diva. Trade him now. not one player is above the brotherhood.
  11. Im a fan of hers! WOOOOOOOOO!
  12. Julio is not going anywhere you troll.
  13. wow you must feel special. ban this moron. get your clickbait garbage out of here.
  14. Dallas Cowboys.