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  1. Im still gonna watch regardless.
  2. if we have the cash bring him in
  3. its because Ryan just got paid
  4. not even worried. when training camp hits in the ga heat the pounds will be flying off.
  5. Bye! Respect to him for being the first deaf nfl player but he was bad last season.
  6. tell that to some of the folks in here.
  7. rather bring in Dante Fowler jr. I think Jags didnt pick up his option either
  8. can someone ban this clown already. Ryan got paid what the market is. Ryan is NOT a selfish player you claim him to be. Blank and Co. were going to pay him no matter what.
  9. exactly. Rodgers is going to get a bigger contract just to stroke his ego. Ryans deal will look cheap in a year.
  10. Yeah It would be nice for some UGA guys to come in as UDFA. but you need to understand that other teams that are calling them too. sometime they are taking the first options to get into the NFL because they didnt get drafted. Im not even upset and Im a dawg fan.
  11. 89676021334118forfor
  12. he had a cap from every team on the table in front of him. there is a video of him reacting to Minkah getting drafted and it showed a ton of hats.
  13. Julio is not going anywhere