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  1. I think everyone loves Sanu but the reality is that the team needs to sign Hooper this offseason while still figuring out how to field an NFL defense. With our cap situation if we can get something for Sanu then we do it. Praying for at least a 5th.
  2. I have no problem criticizing this team. As fans, we have every right to. But calling your team "bottom feeder trash" is ridiculous.
  3. Let's not forget the college catch that set up their first 3 points while we're at it. #######.
  4. I'm not sure if you are purposefully ignoring my point or not understanding so let me be clear. I'm not bragging about anything. I'm saying that if your answer to "Why are we 1-4?" is "Matt Ryan isn't a good QB", then it is obvious you don't understand the problems with this team. If your rebuttal is that we have invested too much into him and the offense, that is objectively false as we are middle of the road for offensive spending. If you just don't like Matt Ryan, then be honest and just say that. Don't try to put this teams abundant deficiencies on his shoulders.
  5. For the posters I've seen lately, I don't think it depends at all. Matt could have 0 INTs to go with that stat line and the first post game post you'll see is "MaTtY mElTs"
  6. 1.) Matt has been better inside the 20 than outside. 2.) It's moving the goalposts to say we shouldn't "brag" about about Matt during a losing season. The discussion/question has been "Why are the Falcons losing games this season?" There are several good answers to that question. "Matt Ryan sucks!" is not one of them. It's the least nuanced, most ridiculous take there is.
  7. Matt could throw 7TDs and 500 yards and a good amount of posters will be ready to tell you how Matt is the worst problem on the team. All this despite our defense doing their best Susan Storm impersonation. My best guess is they simply don't understand enough about football to make an actual analysis. "Youst"
  8. I'm alright with Mike McCarthy. Don't want us to hire a guy that once had coffee with Sean McVay. Mike is a veteran and runs a WCO that Ryan could have a lot of success with. Plus, if he gives Ryan as much control to make adjustments at the line that he gave Rodgers, I'd be pretty happy. Honestly, I'm more concerned with what we are going to do on defense. Grady and Debo are the only players worth keeping. (I could probably be swayed on Rico)
  9. To everyone reading this, If you blame this loss on Matt Ryan, then you don't understand football. ******* "youst", SMDH.
  10. Man gazoo, I honestly appreciate your attempts to bring some positivity to these boards. Your gonna get flamed but if the defense had been able to get a stop at the end I honestly believe we would have overcome everything and won. Matt played lights out the 2nd half.
  11. This is a physical game, players get hurt.
  12. *Out-reffed
  13. I'm a little cold on the idea. BUT if it actually happened, it wouldn't take me long to get on board lol.
  14. Just ******* pay Julio already. Julio is clearly tired of it and expected it to be done already. With all the **** drama going on with WRs across the league, we are blessed to have Julio.
  15. My body is ready. Feel like this has taken as long as possible. Ready for Julio to get the bag and we can get onto our Super Bowl run.
  16. Agreed. It's time to call Money.
  17. Julio doesn't give lip service like that. If he says he loves everything about Miller then I'm stoked to see his progression.
  18. This is the video I came to post. This was the moment I realized how good Julio actually was. I mean I knew the accolades but this was when I fully understood. Number 2 for me is the NFCCG against the Packers. Number 3 is the posterizer. As already said, the context of that game and how I felt watching us ruin the Panthers perfect season was a great moment. I was screaming at my TV right along with DQ.
  19. You and me both. I thought he'd develop into something similar to Sanu. Don't get me wrong, as a 4th option he is good. I just think Gage has so much more upside at this point in their respective careers. Hardy will find a spot on somebody's roster if not ours.
  20. I never win any giveaways but why not.