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  1. Was also a D. Hall fan, he was super fun to watch. And I feel you on the dline, at least we had Abraham and Babs for a little while.
  2. Same except I'm 31. Can't forget Crumpler and Dunn.
  3. I respect that take. Though I do think letting someone know why their content isn't being well received can lead to better discussions. OP may have some decent analysis to share for why he has his opinion. I personally don't mind reading negative stuff about the team, I'd just like something with a little more substance. For example, you can talk about how bad our OL is liable to be if Andrews is the best LG on the team. Dude has been consistently one of the worst starting Olinemen in the league.
  4. I don't know J, it's not often you see a thread around being sad about downvotes. Especially when the content of his posts has mostly been "Falcons are bad, who else you going to cheer for when we suck?".
  5. Toughen up bro, it's the internet. You want to go on a fan site and talk about the team finishing 3-14 before a single snap is played? Cool. But be prepared to catch some pushback. Especially with the "analysis" you've provided for your take.
  6. This is straight up disrespectful to Gage. Gage is about to establish himself as a legit #2. Hoping Darby can earn some reps for WR3 though.
  7. We'll soon find out. Plenty of good/great running backs have went undrafted. I've been on the Hawkins hype train since December.
  8. Late round and undrafted RBs and WRs break out on a semi regular basis. Quarterbacks far less so.
  9. Was in Nashville the night of the draft, went ahead and got his game day jersey recently when they were selling the old styles for cheap. Super excited for Chris, feel like he's going to be a cornerstone of our oline for the next decade.
  10. I'm starting to drink the Frank Darby koolaid.
  11. Had to go check when I joined up. March 2010. Pretty sure I lurked around for a couple years prior without an account. Still mostly lurk so not much has changed 😂
  12. Hawkins is a baller. Love his attitude too.
  13. I love that Mike Davis was and is a Falcons fan. He was underrated last year on the Panthers. I'm rooting for him.
  14. We just need to have practices on the moon. We keep having earth practices over and over and it doesn't get us anywhere.
  15. Franks has got a long way to go if we ever intend for him to be the starter. I think him becoming Matt Moore is more of an goal than Matt Ryan. And nothing wrong with that. Getting a solid backup as an UDFA is a great deal.
  16. Hawkins is a good receiver, he had no drops last year. Louisville just didn't pass to RBs. He showcased his receiving ability at his pro day. Pass blocking won't be his strong suit though.
  17. Hawkins will 100% make the roster this season and will make plays as a rookie while getting about 5 or 6 touches a game, book it.
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