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  1. He's going to find a home in someone's RBBC. As a fan of the U, I'd be stoked to pick him up late.
  2. Players get injured every year, this is a dangerous sport. Was it a mistake to not undergo surgery last off-season? Absolutely. But acting like he had a choice in "not earning his pay" after his body didn't heal the way he expected it to is crazy.
  3. I'm more of an Damien Harris and Benny Snell fan. Devin will be a good back but his frame is small and we need a back who can get a yard when we really need a yard.
  4. Man, all you guys writing Free off are nuts. He made a mistake not having surgery last off-season. Now that he has actually been patched up and has had time to rest I fully believe he will come back hungry as ****. I'm open to the idea of bringing in someone through the draft simply because we probably can't keep TeCo but I fully believe Free steps right back in as a 90 ypg player.
  5. He's can become a **** good number 2 in my opinion. I'm more worried about Freeman right now.
  6. Teams don't respect Edelman enough to bracket him until he's already went off for 7+ catches. The focus is usually on Gronk.
  7. Edelman isn't a world beater. There aren't many teams that would trade their number 1 WR for him. He turns it on in the playoffs but bracket coverage on Edelman and we can take him away. Gronk is a problem but he is likely retiring.
  8. If y'all don't watch Unintentional Grounding, he keeps that same energy. It's grown on me.
  9. The answer to beating Brady is to pressure him. Which is harder than it sounds since you have to have LBs that can take away the dump offs and CBs that don't play 10 yards off the line. Basically you first have to make him hold the ball, then get pressure on him. Quinnen could be a big piece of the puzzle.
  10. Over Oliver? As someone who loves Wilkins, nah man.
  11. We moved up from 27 to 6 that year. It shouldn't take nearly what we have for Julio to get to 4. I could definitely see it costing us a first next year and a 3rd or 4th this year.
  12. I agree, I can't imagine him making it past 5. And I totally understand not being willing to move up that high. We have a ton of need on the oline and whatever it would take to go up to 4/5 would definitely tie our hands a bit.
  13. So with the Ed Oliver slide happening around the mock circles one thing that is often quoted as a reason is the "DTs don't go high". Todd Mcshays recent mock had Quinnen falling to 4. With that in mind, the additional possibility of QB needing teams moving up means that's it's realistically possible that Quinnen could slide slightly. My question is, how far does Quinnen have to slide before you would consider a trade up? Honestly if he's sitting on the board at pick 4, I hope TD is on the phone with Mayock to discuss it. Quinnen can easily play 1T and would instantly solve our run D. This would also help keep Debo clean. Normally I don't support the trade up but this is one of those rare exceptions. What are your thoughts?
  14. Hahaha it's about time we had another two sport athlete.