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  1. That's because Cleveland is a good team. People act likes the past has any bearing on today. It's an entirely different team.
  2. I've been on the Senat hype train from day 1. Senat will become a force under Quinn.
  3. I'm absolutely gutted right now. Kazee will play well, but if you think this defense won't miss 22, then you are crazy. He made receivers nervous to catch the ball between the hashes. Get well soon Keanu!
  4. Ripkowski cut
  5. Where are you seeing that at? I'm looking around but can't find the injury settlement?
  6. We need to be on the phone with his agent. No need to keep Ortiz or Fowler when we can pick up Prosch. He's one of the best blocking FBs in the league.
  7. This is literally the worst news I've heard all day. Teddy was one of my favorite non-Falcons. Truly a shame.
  8. Finally picked up a Neal jersey. Wanted it in a throwback but oh well.
  9. From conversations over at r/NFL it seems like it was an issue all season. Fans of multiple teams have pointed it out.
  10. Man, that's the truth. Just to clear the air I was never on the trade Julio or Julio sucks side of things. That was the most ridiculous overreaction. I was just worried that Julio may have put himself over the team for once. I shouldn't have let it but all the noise had me questioning. So excited that he's back and can't wait to see what happens this season. The sky honestly is the limit imo.
  11. Thanks for the link J. I never weighed in on the holdout talk but that interview reminded me why I shouldn't have doubted Julio.
  12. I like Jake a lot and glad we have him locked up. I for one, don't want to be scrambling to find a good LT for the next few years during the prime of our SB window. That said, it would have been awesome to get him a few dollars cheaper.
  13. Ready to watch my boy Senat. I expect he will claim the starting DT role next to Grady.
  14. Dolphins and Seahawks are both teams who have mediocre-at-best backups. Dallas and LA both need backups as you pointed out. You are correct to be skeptical of an UDFA, however after watching him decimate the Hurricanes last year, I became a believer. He was the late round QB I wanted most and I honestly believe his floor is a long career as a backup. I think if he continues to develop he could even be worth a future pick in a couple of years. We'll see what happens in the preseason but I think you'll come away impressed.