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  1. I said I've been around long enough to know no matter what this team does, there will be people here *****ing. That's a fact. As for jumping to conclusions, here you are moaning on about how we didn't bench Matt Ryan 5 months ago so we could POTENTIALLY lose a couple more games for higher draft picks where were could have POTENTIALLY picked different players. Cause there's no way we could have taken Terrell, Davidson, and Hennessy 3 picks higher in each round. That's exactly what I mean. You're still complaining about a decision that's half a year gone, that MAY have resulted in more losses, and if it had we MAY have chosen different players in the draft, and those different players MAY end up being better or worse than the players we actually got. If you can't see how asinine that is, it's on you.
  2. Ah yes, I forgot how much better it is to whine, *****, and moan instead.
  3. What I find funny is some of the same people complaining that we reached, would be ecstatic if we had actually reached. For example, if we take Grant Delpit at 16 we now know for a fact now that NFL front offices viewed him as a 2nd round talent. That's a reach. Instead we take Terrell, a player who would have almost certainly went top 20 (Dallas or LV) and people are upset. I guess I just find the "we reached" argument funny. Terrell may bust and Delpit may be a HoF but we didn't reach with our pick.
  4. If you have the number 1 pick next year, you take Trevor Lawrence. And I love Matt Ryan. I would take Lawrence over Burrow.
  5. Man, people cant stand a "meat and potatoes" draft. I'll admit I wanted more playmakers but the selections all make sense in context. Solid draft.
  6. I give it an A+. You know what they say, can never have enough punters.
  7. yeah, TD hates Georgia players confirmed.
  8. Juan Jennings gone as well. Unfortunate.
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