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  1. I know most everyone wants us to get a win or two down the stretch BUT if we do lose out, I think we'll be guaranteed one of Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, or Nick Bosa. In which case, we will have a new star on defense. Ed Oliver is my guy, haven't seen anyone so freakish since Clowney but I'd be thrilled with any of the three.
  2. Careful not to burn yourself with that hot take
  3. And ignore one of the best DL classes in years? No thanks. Our second is prime for OL, it's even fine to double dip in the 3rd. But we need a big another big time playmaker on our DL.
  4. After watching more of Quinnen, he looks like a monster. However, I still prefer Oliver. If Oliver played on an Alabama front, he'd have unbelievable stats. Love that Oliver looks to be dropping a little, means we might actually have a chance.
  5. Later ✌️
  6. Wouldn't be upset but if we can't get Oliver, Bosa, Ferrell, or Lawrence then I think we need to go OL.
  7. Trade up for Ed Oliver
  8. No way is Aaron Rodgers 2nd. Joe Montana and Peyton Manning are easily above Aaron.
  9. That's because Cleveland is a good team. People act likes the past has any bearing on today. It's an entirely different team.
  10. I've been on the Senat hype train from day 1. Senat will become a force under Quinn.
  11. I'm absolutely gutted right now. Kazee will play well, but if you think this defense won't miss 22, then you are crazy. He made receivers nervous to catch the ball between the hashes. Get well soon Keanu!
  12. Ripkowski cut
  13. Where are you seeing that at? I'm looking around but can't find the injury settlement?