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  1. If we let Neal walk, JOK jumps really high up my board.
  2. Neal was playing at a high level for the back half of the season, once he was trusting his body again. I think we need to make a strong effort to resign him.
  3. Exactly. I think he can actually develop to excel in a couple of different roles depending on the coaching. He has a unique build and is still raw but the athletic tools are there in spades. Moving down to about 10 or so, picking up a couple extra top 100 picks and getting Rousseau could be fantastic.
  4. He's still the most intriguing dline prospect in this class, imo. He isn't prototypical but if you have a staff that has a clear plan for his development and usage, I think he could be a monster.
  5. Hope you don't live to regret it man. Congrats @Rings!
  6. Draft Slots are: # 4 - Patrick Surtain II, CB - Alabama # 36 - Jevon Holland, FS - Oregon # 68 - Carlos Basham, Edge - Wake Forest #105 - Trey Sermon, RB - Ohio State #144 - David Moore, OG - Grambling #178 - Olijah Griffin, CB - USC #182 - Justin Hilliard, LB - Ohio State #211 - JD Spielman, Returner - TCU #213 - Pooka Williams, RB - Kansa
  7. I'll play given the options available (Najee ain't gonna be there at 68 unless he tears his ACL training). I'm also concerned about some of the character issues on Parsons. If they have truth to them, he's likely off our board all together. That said, here are my choices.
  8. Holy ****. First I'm hearing about this. Yeah, no chance we take him at any point if the allegations like these have weight.
  9. I think we have had the exact same transition on these QBs lol. Overall, I'll trust this staff with however they want to build our team and lord knows we need help everywhere but if we want a QB of the future, count me on the Lance train.
  10. Great insight into Lance. It's hard to find someone with a negative thing to say about the guy outside of 1 year experience against lower competition. Which in my opinion can be completely regulated with sitting him for a year to grow. If we decide to go QB at 4, don't be shocked if Lance is our guy.
  11. NDSU is a FCS powerhouse similar to Bama in the FBS. They have a 127–8 record over the past decade. I don't know anything about their hockey team but I'd say their football team is pretty well known.
  12. Big fan of Playstation. One of my favorite Late 3rd or later RB picks. He's electric.
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