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  1. I'll just leave this here.
  2. That would be a fantastic draft for us. I hate missing out on a top 100 linebacker but with that haul, I can easily get behind it.
  3. If the FO goes CB at 16, I believe it will either be Henderson or Diggs, IMO. With a slight possibility of Gladney. Just don't see Fulton being a guy our FO covets.
  4. 1. K'Lavon Chaisson OLB 2. Javon Kinlaw DT 3. Kenneth Murray OLB 4. CJ Henderson CB 5. Ross Blacklock DT 6. Trevon Diggs CB 7. Jaylon Johnson CB 8. Cameron Dantzler CB 9. Bryce Hall CB 10. Justin Madubuike DT 11. Jordan Elliot DT 12. Rashard Lawrence DT 13. Malik Harrison OLB 14. Jordyn Brooks OLB 15. Josh Uche OLB 16. Alton Robinson Edge 17. AJ Terrell CB 18. Reggie Robinson CB 19. Jeremy Chinn S 20. Kyle Dugger S Tiebraker 1: Corner, Linebacker, EDGE, Guard, Center, Safety Tiebraker 2: CB, Linebacker Tiebraker 3: Linebacker
  5. I couldn't agree more.
  6. This isn't Trump's fault. People trying to make this political right now one way or another don't have the right priorities. The only thing important right now is getting accurate information to people and saving lives.
  7. And even with those actions, we still don't know if their cases are actually declining or if they're now just lying about their numbers.
  8. That and a lot of people are ignoring it completely. My sister's husband's family just threw a big family BBQ this weekend. Humans' social nature combined with a "it won't happen to us" mentality is going to be devastating.
  9. Henderson may become a great CB1 but I'm in the camp that views Murray as a complete stud. If we go Henderson, I'll completely understand and get behind the pick. But if it's me making the selection? Give me Kenneth Murray every day and twice on Sunday.
  10. Dude also drilled some QBs on corner blitzes. He's not a thumper and has form issues but he isn't Greedy Williams.
  11. This is a tough one for me, but I'm going Brown. Either would easily be worth the cost to move to 11 but I think we benefit more from building the trenches.
  12. Would be a great pick up at 47. This defensive back class is actually pretty dam good. I know I'm late to the party on Jeremy Chinn but that dude is gonna be really good as well.
  13. If we wait until R2 for a CB, I really like Dantzler. He'll of a game against LSU in the clip you posted. Arnette would be a first round CB, but I've heard he has attitude/off the field issues. Not sure he'll be a TD guy.
  14. I honestly have seen the argument that he doesn't have the size for SLB a ton and it just doesn't make sense. Many of the best 4-3 SLBs in the league are similar in size to Murray. This is from The Draft Network's scouting report: "Murray projects best to a 3-4 SILB or 4-3 SAM role, that allows him to play directly downhill into the trees and blow up blockers, while making strong plays into the boundary with his unique speed and length at his size."
  15. Change Davidson to Madibuike. Switch the 143 to a OG and baby you got a stew going!