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  1. I'm a little cold on the idea. BUT if it actually happened, it wouldn't take me long to get on board lol.
  2. Just ******* pay Julio already. Julio is clearly tired of it and expected it to be done already. With all the **** drama going on with WRs across the league, we are blessed to have Julio.
  3. My body is ready. Feel like this has taken as long as possible. Ready for Julio to get the bag and we can get onto our Super Bowl run.
  4. Agreed. It's time to call Money.
  5. Julio doesn't give lip service like that. If he says he loves everything about Miller then I'm stoked to see his progression.
  6. This is the video I came to post. This was the moment I realized how good Julio actually was. I mean I knew the accolades but this was when I fully understood. Number 2 for me is the NFCCG against the Packers. Number 3 is the posterizer. As already said, the context of that game and how I felt watching us ruin the Panthers perfect season was a great moment. I was screaming at my TV right along with DQ.
  7. You and me both. I thought he'd develop into something similar to Sanu. Don't get me wrong, as a 4th option he is good. I just think Gage has so much more upside at this point in their respective careers. Hardy will find a spot on somebody's roster if not ours.
  8. I never win any giveaways but why not.
  9. Agreed. I think the thing that really separates Hardy and Gage is that Gage has a lot more big play potential. Hardy has good hands but has never really been effective at taking the top off. Gage is our 4.
  10. Larkin, Odom, Grace, and Gage all stood out in a big way to me. Hardy has always been a solid WR but Gage looks legitimately dangerous. If one of our main three WR were out, I know I'd much rather see Gage getting the snaps. Larkin played like a man possessed during the Miami games. He had a relentless motor and was winning in a variety of ways. Another performance like that should earn him a roster spot. Odom didn't make as many plays as Larkin but was passing the eye test for sure. He was anchoring well against the run and generating pressure against the pass. With our Dline depth being a little suspect, I expect him to make in on the 53. Grace is a guy I've been pulling for since he came out of Miami. Even outside of his near pick 6, I thought he has looked good in both games.
  11. Such an underappreciated WR. Sanu is a monster and while I think Calvin has a monster year, I don't think he takes the number 2 spot just yet. What about it?
  12. I don't know that I could watch a game where Schaub was starting. Can't complete a pass 5yrds down the field.
  13. Harlow is a liability. Hope he never has to protect Matt.