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  1. Man if TD could have found a pass rusher worth a **** he'd have spent his whole career in ATL. Great move letting Hooper walk and bringing in Hurst.
  2. Was in the stands that day and I've never seen a live hit like that. Thought Neal committed a murder fr.
  3. I'll say that I'm super intrigued by Kwity. Hes having a season and looks to have really taken the next step as a pass rusher.
  4. Exactly. On a competent defense he'd be a household name, imo. Dude can ball.
  5. Marcus Maye is a guy I'd be really interested in.
  6. I'd agree with that. Though I still view Debo as the better player. Debo has upped his game since Quinn got the boot.
  7. Him and Oliver are both huge weak points. If we just had competent players in their place, we have a winning record right now.
  8. Foye is playing at such a high level right now. I think he is a key player on the D just behind Grady and Debo.
  9. **** ever trading Julio. I'll watch him put on red and black for as long as he wants to suit up.
  10. Koo should have made it but these weather conditions are trash and he's banked over half our points so far.
  11. Draft. Gurley has been a solid stop gap but you can get equal production and save much needed cap space by using a mid round draft pick.
  12. Micah Parsons or Caleb Fairley would be big additions to the D. So would Greg Rousseau. We're going to get a chance at a defensive playmaker, if we don't end up rebuilding and taking a QB. Could see it going either way tbh.
  13. Without question. Only problem is we don't have a GM. And without a GM Blank isn't going to make that offer.
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