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  1. They were ranked 9th at the end of the season. Impressive....but a lot of things go into that. You could throw on them at will. And against the falcons their d was on the field the entire game. I personally expected him to do his thing on them and the rest of the bottomfeeders. I also knew he would get shut down by the Giants in the playoff game.
  2. I understand where you are coming from as far as the stats. Thing is...guys like Rodgers, Brees perform well at a relative consistent rate against good-great defenses. To the point were everyone expects it. I am almost certain that everyone on this board knows that when we are facing a decent-elite team, **** bent on stopping turner,..HE ALWAYS GETS STOPPED!
  3. Please point out the decent-elite run defenses that Turner did well against during those seasons. His individual stat page on nfl.com is a good start. I've already looked....
  4. 100% agree...and do you think a blind eye would have been by Tomilin, Mccarthy, Belichick, Payton or any other elite coaches or teams? When its all said and done....MISPLACED LOYALTY will be the reason Smitty and TD get fired. AND THEY DESERVE IT!!!
  5. Folks please don't respond w/ turners stats against the likes of Jacksonville, Tampa (the 2nd time after all of their injuries), etc....
  6. Just a question....I mean do we really think that was the reason??? Or was it things that were going on behind the scenes? From an outsider, it looks like he has a lot of drama in his life and maybe that was the reason. When you want to take hits...you build muscle...not eat cheeseburgers...CHEESEBURGER!!!
  7. Lol....dayum...thought I'd surely get some heat for the tannehill thing!
  8. What I am hoping is that Doug Martin of BSU somehow falls to us... Definitely think he would be the BPA if available...
  9. Good response...here's to hoping that the OC of the reigning worst offense in the league can change that. How you can't throw when defenses completely sell out to stop turner, is beyond me...
  10. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1125109-atlanta-falcons-2012-nfl-draft-need-or-best-player-available And honestly...If Tannehill was available..and there was no LT, DT, G, CB worthy of a 2nd rnd pick...I would so take him!! Serious Trade Bait....
  11. OP..there's more than meets the eye when it comes to those stats you posted. For starters...take a look at the teams that Turner was successful against. Yup..BOTTOMFEEDERS primarily. "Cheeseburger" almost NEVER shows up in big games. Now examine the teams that Ryan had 40+ attempts against...I remember each and every one of those games, and I'm sure you do too. They were mostly matchups with ideally good teams, that shut-down Turner, and forced Ryan to throw and be predictable. The answer to our offensive problems is quite simple....START TAKING THE BALL AWAY FROM TURNER. Be unpredictab
  12. Couldn't have said it better, if I was paid to! That move will more than likely have the same results has the Ditka move for RW. Julio will be fine, but the cost will be TDs demise. It was foolish plain and simple, bc there just isn't much a WR can do to be worth what he gave up....not even 07 Randy Moss....
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