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  1. I hope we trade back in the 2nd to get Terrence Brooks.
  2. I know people are sleeping on this guy. Thats why i think he's definitely worth a 6th round pick
  3. I've watch a lot of his games, since i live in tampa. He usually never gets beat deep, like dunta would, he usually keeps the WR in front of him at all times and will give up the short passes and try to hit them hard after the catch. I like he could turn out to be a solid nickel CB for us by his second year, and a good special teamer since he likes to hit.
  4. I know its weird people are sleeping on this guy. I think he should definitely be drafted though, he's a playmaker
  5. Yeah i've heard that depending on what team drafts him. They might move him to safety, but for us i think he would add great cb depth
  6. Yeah i wish it would of showed more of his coverage skills, but trust me he can play and he ran a 4.41 at the combine, which is solid for a CB that can hit
  7. I think he's an upgrade over Franks for sure.
  8. This guy can play. I think he's wroth a 6th round pick, he kinda reminds of dunta because he a big hitter. But he doesn't get lost in coverage like dunta did. If you haven't heard of him check this video out.
  9. Mike jenkins for the right price could be a steal. He got a high ceiling, hard hitter, if he stays healthy i think he's wroth it. But after we sign Karlos Dansby
  10. Chris gamble retired after his release
  11. Of course i would want michael bennett, but his brother to be sucks, ive seen him drop to many balls
  12. Tony G is great but he only has one more year left to give if that he's still 50/50 on if he wants to come back.. I say lets go after Jared Cook, he'll demand around the same money as tony but he's still fresh. Lets face it i don't think there are any of TE in this years draft that are wroth a first round pick anyways. What do you think?
  13. I like the idea of mays as an OLB hes fast and a hard hitter if spoon of the board and mays is willing i'd take him.
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