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  1. We need a championship here. Period. This franchise and this city (sportswise) get's crapped on non-stop. With a chip they can crack on us all they want but they can never take away being called a champion.
  2. Probably Only difference is no one cared about baker...Ryan though I bet they probably got reported or called a faggot right?
  3. Same here...Turner was the main cog that made us successfull the first couple of years but the wear and tear finally caught up to him. Initially I didn't want to use the line as an excuse for his play until quizz and snelling couldn't do anything with the rock either.
  4. You are not the only one that see this stuff here. I speak on it every time but falls on deaf ears We had some that created a thread about Baker when he got injured a few years back and folks were celebrating and being glad he was hurt. Now don't get me wrong I think he's buttcheeks but being happy about one of our guys being hurt? Replace Baker's name with Ryan and you will have a full on witch hunt here for whoever celebrates that nonsense.
  5. Yea your right it was the year Green Bay won it all He has issues.
  6. No need to apologize man You stated your intentions in the very first sentence so you don't have to prove yourself to any of these guys. They jumped the gun and it was wrong.
  7. I think it was either last offseason or the one before...it went on for a good while and very interesting to say the least He's been like that for a long time...started around the time I questioned his motives when he had "support ryan or gtfo" in his sig
  8. I was there for the whole thing. Pauli does what he always doest....insult, name call, telling someone to kill themselves, ect....pick had enough and flipped and wanted to meet up....pauli continued to smack talk saying he wasn;t going to do anything....pick somehow finds out that they live in the same city and wanted to confront him IRL....Pauli changes his tune and started saying things like it's just a message board then got scared when it was obvious he was serious and started making threats about calling the law and using deadly force in a fist fight...also made the story up about the doi
  9. Nothing wrong with being a homer at all i'm just not one of them. I have more respect for some one that hypes up the entire team (ff1970) than someone that live vicariously throw a player (falconsd567) Team comes before any player in my book
  10. That's a perfect example of what I am talking about "I'm sure none of you have the balls to back anything up" It's funny that he would say that after running to the mods when someone actually tried to. Not sure if you know but Pauli threatened to get the feds involved and said he would use deadly force. That's what caused me to turn against him for such cowadice after saying stuff like the quote above. I noticed he got a little hair on his chest when I took a break from this board and with Swift and #1 pick being banned...just found out about that the other day. He wasn't showing this kind of
  11. And what story is that? If it is that I'm not a homer then you are correct If it's about Ryan I really don't have a problem with him as a player or a person, his fans however are a different story Just look how they treated the OP, forcing him to show his love in order to prove he's not a troll to the masses...disgusting
  12. You see that logo on the side of the helmet and the header of this webpage? That's what I root for. Not sure I can say the same for those that went after the OP though?
  13. read my response to Willie Judging by your response you are the type of fan I'm talking about.
  14. To be honest with you the most entertaining threads to read are the Ryan ones.
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