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    UK13 reacted to Lornoth in Justin Fields mocked to the Falcons: Beat writers analyze the fit (The Athletic)   
    Out of all the QB's I'm not enthused about us maybe taking, I really do not want Fields. His weaknesses are much harder to fix than the other guys'. 
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    UK13 reacted to Lornoth in Chance at Lawrence?   
    The Jags would have chosen Lawrence over Meyer, if that was the choice they were given. That's not necessarily smart but they would have. He's going to be a Jag. 
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    UK13 reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Chance at Lawrence?   
    I just don’t see any scenario where he drafts fields over Lawrence
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    UK13 reacted to Mr.11 in New GM and Matt Ryan   
    Marcus Mariota?
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    UK13 reacted to DonOfThemBirds in SeaHawks set him free   
    Wilson had to be Superman for that offense to get rolling. Once Russ started slowing down that offense and Seahawks team wasn't that good.
    Wilson actually had some weapons this season.
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    UK13 got a reaction from Herr Doktor in Remember = Devonta Freeman?!   
    Oh yeah .... i remember him , thats the dude that whiffed on blocking hightower in the superbowl that started the collapse.... (not sure he whiffed more likely scared of Hightower)
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    UK13 reacted to Iron Saint in If we hire Fontenot, Saints get 2 third round comp picks   
    LOLOL, if you say so. 
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    UK13 reacted to Dirtybird56 in The King Has Mocked - Early 2021 Dream Draft   
    Taking Pitts would automatically ramp up my hate for the new regime straight to “5th year option for Vic Beasley” level 
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    UK13 reacted to Godzilla1985 in The King Has Mocked - Early 2021 Dream Draft   
    Trade down and get a TE?  Hard pass.  
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    UK13 reacted to Falcanuck in The King Has Mocked - Early 2021 Dream Draft   
    The Falcons just simply do not need a TE.
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    UK13 reacted to SkerFalcon8710 in Eating Justin Fields Crow   
    Dude was exposed vs Indiana, northwestern and alabama.
    hard pass at 4
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    UK13 reacted to TheTrue7 in Eating Justin Fields Crow   
    No and please no
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    UK13 reacted to TheTrue7 in Eating Justin Fields Crow   
    So the “garbage stats” earned your respect? 
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    UK13 reacted to Williamb in Eating Justin Fields Crow   
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    UK13 reacted to tl;dr in Justin Fields struggling   
    Don’t kid yourself, Alabama’s defense is just good. Not great 
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    UK13 reacted to 1989Fan in Justin Fields struggling   
    Won’t get any easier for Fields facing TB and NO pass rush.
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    UK13 reacted to Malachore in In before the "Hire Doug Peterson" crowd   
    You are 30 minutes late 
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    UK13 reacted to NorthGaBoy in What a fool believes he sees, no wise man can take away. "The Doobie Brothers"   
    Great song. 
    If you believe the Falcons greatest issue is Matt Ryan, and that the Falcons cannot win with Matt Ryan, can you answer these questions?
    How did the Falcons get to the SB with Matt Ryan?
    Why does the OL appear to be good during the first quarter of each game, begin to struggle in the second quarter, clearly struggle in the third quarter, and look like a sieve in the fourth quarter?
    Why do our RBs run inconsistently? 
    Why do our receivers have to avoid collisions with one another?
    Why do receiver routes take 4-6 seconds to develop in the second half of games?
    Why does our defense look good most first quarters, and appear to be too fatigued to play the game by the fourth quarter?
    Open your eyes and see what has been happening to this team.  Acknowledge what our issues are.  Let's hope the Falcons correct issues instead of randomly changing things and hoping that makes the team better.
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    UK13 reacted to theDIRTYcode in Anyone....but the Saints.   
    This thread is dedicated to the team that eliminates the Saints. Dont care who you are, or where you're from. 
    Beat....the Saints. 
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    UK13 reacted to 1989Fan in You can tell that the Falcons are going to try to keep Matt Ryan until he retires.   
    And how the heck do you know that? 
    I agree he is gonna be here, but the idea they are only interviewing coaches that would be a good fit is nuts. The Bowles scenario being for Matt is the richest though.
    truth is Matt Ryan is good for almost any offense, minus DKs who would make any QB look like shiot. Folks are so determined to **** on him though and run him out of town for whatever reason, the refuse to believe it.
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    UK13 reacted to WhiskeyBruh in I don't want a black coach...   
    Like why the **** are Anthony Lynn and Marvin Lewis in the conversation? They're losing coaches. I don't want them here just cause they're black.
    That's crazy.
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    UK13 reacted to Knight of God in Do you remember who our 1st Round Pick was   
    I was pissed
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    UK13 reacted to runshoot in Messin with draft simulator   
    LOL @ uga players. No thanks
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    UK13 reacted to ya_boi_j in Matt is in the Hall of Fame   
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