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Everything posted by UK13

  1. Thanks , i appreciate it
  2. Lol... not a issue at all
  3. Thanks i appreciate it
  4. Thank you , i appreciate it
  5. Thanks brother , very much appreciated
  6. HBD , have a good one
  7. Dallas is overrated every year only cause of their extensive fan base
  8. Definitely agree about andrews , my biggest disappointment has to be aundrey bruce .... just didnt live up to what he was supposed to be
  9. 1980 clearly the best team in the NFL that year ... just blew in 2 minutes against the stupid cowboys
  10. Ill pass , his better days are behind him ... great coming out of college
  11. He doesn't, all indications ive seen on here is he's a cowboy fan , i say let him go
  12. Tyler davison is still on the team ... isnt he ?
  13. Takk will get a hangnail within the 1st 2 games and sit half the year ... so davidson may get a chance ... i dont think it would take a lot to get the LG spot ... it wasnt a strong point on the line last year imo
  14. Logan stenberg can do that plus he's got a nasty attitude
  15. You know why they haven't gave senat a chance ?
  16. Maybe they let the Patriots tech crew handle it .... they do a good job of breaking opposing teams communication at gilette stadium
  17. I did the exact same thing with andre woodson , even got a Falcons hat signed by him before the draft , when i handed it to him he laughed and said "i hope your right" .... william andrews and tom pridemore were my favorite falcons
  18. Do you think he's worth that much .... im not trying to be funny .... he just doesnt let you know when he's on the field ... when he got draftedi thought he was gonna be a killer .... i was really wrong
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