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  1. Im glad he's away from this dumpster fire of a team .... hooe he gets a ring and he helps the pats beat the saints in the superbowl
  2. How dare they speak the truth .... cant believe it ! ... smh
  3. We'll take them in Lexington.... were accustomed to losing in football ...
  4. I like it ! .... it'd be hard pressed to look any worse than they looked last week
  5. Its true but he just got 66 mill so julio is gonna be ok
  6. Freeman is toast , ryan runs harder than freeman ..... and thats sad
  7. Haha .... yeah your right .... ryan never screws up ...smh, oh wait 6 int's already this season .... half of them were terrible throws ..... the line isnt very good thats for sure but you cant sot back there like a statue.... not to mention his arm strength is maybe average ..... MAYBE
  8. Doubt ryan is gonna be on the "hot seat"
  9. Probably not as much as last year but how accurate has ryan been this year? He's missed open guys all season , maybe its knapps fault , honestly i never understood why he got brought back, you cant give ryan a pass on everything though
  10. Shhh ryan lovers dont want to hearthat roolies are coming in playing better than him with less talent around them .... your gonna hurt some feelings
  11. Needs to be fired at halftime
  12. Lol nope but if we swithced qbs with the titans right now the score would probably be tied 24 to 24
  13. He gets as much as most QB's in the league and they havg9t the talent the dalcons do at reciever, im just tired excuses
  14. Im a ryan fan but i fell if you give any other qb in the league a "julio, ridley, sanu hooper" they would do more with it than ryan can
  15. The clock didnt matter .... we weren't gonna stop them when we needed too anyway ...... the D is trash
  16. Well said ..... the truth hurts and what you said is true
  17. Dan fouts was the man when I was a kid , the charger offense was insane , unfortunately when i lived in ga. You didnt get to see but maybe last 2 minutes of a game cause they were never the main game on nbc in the south
  18. Saints getting in the SB was a total scam job
  19. Your right , personally i think wentz isnt much better than a sverage qb , dallas will be hit hard too unless they let elliot test the market
  20. Had season tickets during his amd tim couch's years at UK, he was better than couch in my opinion, had 3 different OC's and still threw for over 10,000 yards .... very fun to watch .... good memories. RIP 22