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  1. Uhh thats obvious cause our defense was lights out .... oh wait nevermind we scored on at will ... lol
  2. I think ill just trust the Fontenot and smith ... not some idiot loudmouth looking for attention ...
  3. I agree ... i dont think he's a very accurate passer ... personally id rather have sewell
  4. Yeah cause everyone knows when you excell against top competition like (central Arkansas, south Missouri) your obviously awesome .... falcons have bigger needs then a qb this year ... that would be a wasted pick if thats the way they go. He'd get destroyed behind the garbage line we have anyway
  5. When do you think he's gonna retire ? ... ive not heard him mention anything like that ...
  6. 🙄 , these "trading ryan" threads are so repetitive... the man had 2 seconds in the pocket on average and half the fan base want him gone with no proven replacement... btw he had no running game ... that might help qb out just a little
  7. Did you watch him play this year ? ... he was one of the few bright spots
  8. Agreed ... all this talk about trading a qb that passes for 4500 yrds a year and the best reciever in football (when he wants to be) is ludicrous...
  9. After reading the title of this thread, in my opinion the the answer is yes
  10. And they still haven't replaced Elway , the superbowl they won was by the defense , manning had nothing left ... elway won 2 when they got him a running game , he didnt have that the other superbowls
  11. Ryan has issues no doubt but he also has zero running game not to mention about 2 seconds to throw ... i highly doubt a rookie could handle those issues not to mention a game moving at a much faster pace .... fields had issues against northwestern, lance is not a good passer ... wilson (probably trubisky 2.0) ... ryan averages 4500 passing yards every year ...
  12. Hard to believe considering ryan only got sacked 483 times this year
  13. B+ sounds more like a double trying to stretch into a triple... w/good cance of being thrown out at 3rd
  14. Oh yeah .... i remember him , thats the dude that whiffed on blocking hightower in the superbowl that started the collapse.... (not sure he whiffed more likely scared of Hightower)
  15. Jeff george was a basket case , chris miller had a lot of potential i personally felt but he could not stay healthy.... George did have a crazy strong arm though
  16. My bad ... i thought you were saying fields was better than Lawrence..... (he might be be ... idk)
  17. You think they take fields over lawrence? .... very doubtful that happens
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