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  1. O e name left out is Armstrong.... the special teams are crap , he's been living on Bryant's leg
  2. Agree , why isn't there any threads about changing D coordinators..... manual wasnt ready for this job in my opinion
  3. I remember when we drafted him .... surely he's in the ring of honor
  4. Yeah... I'm gonna go with the consensus on the board cause I agree , he needs to be gone , saban was probably the happiest man around when we took him off his hands ... and I doubt he's still calling plays for us next year , btw we've lit it up lately
  5. Give sark another year ? .... not his fault? .... ok well then manual would deserve another year , he had more injuries on his side of the ball ... the truth is they should all be gone , either they went ready for the job they got or their just collecting a check and not really worried about it .... Armstrong is a joke too, and both line coaches , DB coach too
  6. It may not be .. idk , I don't live there any longer , if they left I guess my fan support of them would go too .... I'm a fan of all ga. Teams i guess cause i grew up rooting for them....
  7. If they left you wouldn't be getting a team to quickly .... in either sport
  8. Just be glad when we played it wasn't in Seattle or we'd been victims of terrible calls
  9. I'd be all for Bowles to come in and straighten this defensive mess up
  10. Wrong , this isn't college where your dependent on getting the right recruits, the right GM could make the right moves along with a great draft ... our skill players are still very good , the lines along with new coordinators could make a huge difference
  11. Hahaha this is the craziest thread ever , arguing about how bad each team is and actually pulling for the opposing team .... with that said we lose (Atl) were horrible
  12. Uhhh ...... you don't have to be a scout to know this ....
  13. I remember that crap too well , I think they threw it 6x's the whole game ... and manual needs to go with sark... both aren't ready for coordinator level