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  1. I guess you could be right , i wouldn't know the answer to that , so im assuming it was ownership that really disliked him then .
  2. Your right , he's not a rah rah guy .... he's the opposite.... i always considered him more along the lines of a tom Coughlin type .... doesnt play games ....
  3. Hate the saints but i dont see how anything warranted getting in trouble, good thing Winston had such a good game or they may not had won .... 🙄
  4. "Compensation never reached a acceptable amount" ... in reality they weren't even offered a bologna sandwich for him
  5. Wait Takk is out ? ... in other news humans breath air
  6. I really dont understand this delusional thread , like you said we're 2-6 . I can see us going like you said 5-11 , i understand being optimistic but this team defensively is just not good amd their not the 1980 chargers scoring 50 a game
  7. He cant stay healthy enough to finish a game , personally i question whether he wants to actually be a pro football player .... if we can get a cup of coffee for him I'd be surprised
  8. Its kiss of death whenever he shows up on the sidelines.... not even remotely kidding
  9. There was 3 of them standing there with a finger up their butts .... dont just blame 1
  10. Should had known when blank was on the sideline nothing good was gonna happen
  11. Wow .... they watch the ball spin 10 yards .... unbelievable that high school players probably are smarter than pros
  12. He's like his dad , his dad was hard worker and should be more respected for the kind of LB he was , i haveno doubt that his son has the same work ethic
  13. Thanks , i appreciate it
  14. Lol... not a issue at all
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