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  1. Saints getting in the SB was a total scam job
  2. Your right , personally i think wentz isnt much better than a sverage qb , dallas will be hit hard too unless they let elliot test the market
  3. Had season tickets during his amd tim couch's years at UK, he was better than couch in my opinion, had 3 different OC's and still threw for over 10,000 yards .... very fun to watch .... good memories. RIP 22
  4. I remember this when it happened , i was like 12 ... we didnt get games like we do now but we did get the halftime highlights... and for the chiefs u would see joe delaney ... appreciate the reminder about a heck of a good player and obviously a better person
  5. Ben baldwin sounds like someone trying to get attention..... i dont think metcalf will ever be the player julio has been .... nit saying he hasnt got the tools but julio is a different animal when he wants to be
  6. Saints .... probably will get every call this year cause the nfl will try to smooth over the "bad" call from the playoffs
  7. Happy birthday KOG
  8. Cant watch it cause s soon as I heard Beth mowins all senses died
  9. I'm a Snell fan but he isn't very fast , I've watched him for 3 yrs .... reminds me of a Arian Foster type but more power
  10. I hate the saints but if I'm being honest they would had hung more than 3 on the Pat's..... with that said I dont think there defense would had did the job that the rams did .... still sweet the saints didn't go to the dance
  11. Looks like a captain of a ship ....
  12. Hahahaha ... too funny