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  1. As a UK and falcon fan I find this hilarious .....
  2. Totally agree ..... I still hate them for our 1980 playoff loss
  3. Also brees wont break his passing record on the falcons tonight ..... seems he's always set some sort of record against us ... (although we did break his consecutive touchdown streak)
  4. We weren't stopping a high school team in the 1st half .... I had no problem with going for it .... zero defense in the 1st half was the correct call
  5. I've watched football for 40yrs .... and I really have never seen a D this bad ... ridiculous
  6. I would definitely flip flop the record if we could have the trophy
  7. Doubt it ....
  8. Sark is the problem... sometimes you have to be creative inside the 10 ... he's way to vanilla ....
  9. Hahaha .... I was wondering the same thing
  10. I don't need to rehash bad memories.... if you need to more power to you , also if you don't know the history of this team then by all means there's more than what's in that article
  11. Too long to read ... besides the writer left out the 80' season .. I definitely don't need a reminder of heartbreak seasons
  12. They were giving a superbowl dude , they screwed the Vikings in the NFC championship game
  13. RIP... prayers to the family
  14. I remember the play your referring too , and your right we should had won .. we had the best team in the league that year