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  1. What a slap ..... really pathetic
  2. I live in Kentucky.. our college team is historically bad , I've went through 40yrs of very seldom good football from our birds .... and I'm bald ... P.S. my wife left me for a drug addict I arrested .... give a brother a lift up
  3. I'm in total agreement with you ... I actually mute the game when she's calling it ....
  4. If they do accomplish this I figure it can do 2 things and that is assure themselves of a tail whipping like no other plus just fuel a fire that's burning in the falcons now ... so let em go ahead and do it
  5. All great points OP but I hope were head and shoulders above there D ... our O went through them pretty easy last time we met them .. I think bringing poe in and having Jarrett is gonna be insane for beasley and whoever is playing DE on the other end ... I haven't had expectations like this ever for the falcons ... and that's going back 40yrs
  6. Happy bday dude ... should be a memorable year (the year the falcons won the super bowl ! )
  7. True .... but I think we had the best team in '80 ..... just a defensive meltdown ..... dejavu
  8. U did make a reference to people from Kentucky and Louisiana..... so I guess in your world these are the only 2 states that have uneducated people ... no it's not , you were trying to get a laugh at others expense.
  9. Hey farmer ! .... speak for yourself ! .... there's members in this board from Kentucky and I find your comment offending
  10. I'm not rooting against the guy , and I'm probably wrong but i just dont have a lot confidence in him .... who knows he might be the next great one , never can tell
  11. I realize he may not had been asked to block but jeez the all star game highlights are terrible , he got pushed around like a kid .... I can't really see him being effective as a H back
  12. Maybe you should apply for the bills gm job .... and in MY OPINION (cause I can give it like or not) after the first 2 picks this draft wasn't up to par with the past 2 drafts ... Maybe they'll be ok .. May be they won t even make the team ... if you don't like "whiney" fans you probably should take your 120 posts elsewhere cause there on every sports board
  13. Well falcons&dawgs#1fan ... on this board alone I would had rather had a few of the posters here as a GM if I had been the owner of let's say a colts team or browns or jets ... or quite a few other teams .... just because someone didn't get grandfathered into a NFL job like a lot of your "million dollar salary" gm's doesn't mean they don't know as much or maybe more, most on here are pretty passionate about this team and if they disagree with a pick or the whole draft who cares ! ... they got that right without being told to "shut up "