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  1. I'd give logan stenberg a look at guard .... kinda nasty player
  2. Happy birthday dude
  3. Cool .... he helped give Kentucky one of the biggest wins ... UK beat #1 and eventual national champions LSU ... i wondered if he'd have the size for a long career ... my question was answered cause he's still in the league
  4. I was wondering if the logo would change ... if this is real then apparently it isnt going to
  5. Woodyard was one of my favorite all time cats ... amd from what i can tell just a good guy off the field as well
  6. Hahaha .... that's hilarious.... we are getting better tho man .... still a basketball school unfortunately
  7. Congrats ... i dont believe anything in this life can bring you as much joy as your kid .... i got a 12 yr old daughter and she's a softball maniac and I love watching her play more than anything
  8. Bwhahahaha.....
  9. Why would Norv Turner ever be mentioned on a list of coaches , he rode the dallas all star team in the 90s that anyone on this board could had called plays for and win , he's a joke
  10. He's not better than Schaub....
  11. I belive it says all that , i just scanned through it earlier ... the calls were legit that went against them yesterday
  12. Actually the only one i read really complaining was the thread starter ..... most others were on board that they got their butts handed to them