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  1. This is horrible.... that pretty much means every play could be contested .... I know it' a safety reason but they just opened th door for officials to swing games for the "favorite" team to win (or whoever the NFL or Vegas wants to win)
  2. op I get what your saying , the comeback story does happen occasionally. The last major one I remember was Jim Plunkett.... he failed at every stop till he got with the raiders and was 2x super bowl champ... so if manziel could kick the major party habit then I wouldn't be against him coming in and maybe helping out one day .
  3. Moved from Kentucky to Rome Ga. In '76' then I think in '78 watched the falcons beat the eagles in the playoffs , was hooked .. still a falcons fan 40yrs. Later , moved back to Kent. But always support the birds and will
  4. Happy b-day
  5. Great job breaking that down .... guess u can' fault BC.... good call on wohlers but I would love to know if he could had beat Pucket at that point .... jeez he had a cannon but very erratic pitcher
  6. I could be wrong but seems Denver went to their older helmet for a color rush game .... but yea I remember reading the same thing about not changing helmets
  7. I concur .... lol
  8. Never understood the liebrandt decision , I concur about knoblauch.... definitely a heartbreaking series
  9. Agreed and if Lonnie Smith looks at the 3rd base coach waving him home then we win the series , not to mention hrbek picking can't off the ground from 1sr base and tagging him and the umps said nothing but "your out "
  10. This makes me wish the patriots are still video taping just so their spying back fired in their face ...