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  1. I'm a Snell fan but he isn't very fast , I've watched him for 3 yrs .... reminds me of a Arian Foster type but more power
  2. I hate the saints but if I'm being honest they would had hung more than 3 on the Pat's..... with that said I dont think there defense would had did the job that the rams did .... still sweet the saints didn't go to the dance
  3. Looks like a captain of a ship ....
  4. Hahahaha ... too funny
  5. Totally agree about easier to play in Seattle than the dump dome
  6. He mentioned the benson family and paused about integrity..... anyone know what he was referring too ... or was he just retro them hiring shady people for there organization
  7. Get over it saints , theres bad calls in every game ... chiefs got so.e bad calls but aren't crying ... they didn't rough Brady, neutral zone infraction happened but normally you would get a warning, not to mention the low hit on mahomes... brees is losing arm strength each year , Payton will probably go to the cowboys after next year ..... saints go back to bein the Aint's
  8. Personally I feel the one that wasnt called with us against the niners was the worst .... but this one was pleasing
  9. If you really sent your son to new Orleans with a Diggs Jersey then your out of your mind ...... you are aware they are not the nicest people ..... dont you
  10. I think 2017 in the crap dome .... but that is obvious
  11. Patriots too
  12. Where is saint ray? He was calling his shot about playing on our field and using the practice facilities
  13. I noticed he never said anything about the missed calls against the Vikings in 2009 ... they high lowed favre.. never called and the phantom pass interference that led them to kick a field goal .... they were handed a championship that year . The nfl wanted a feel good story
  14. Herbert isn't coming out I dont think