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  1. We aren't getting Veldheer. The Raiders will have roughly 60 million in cap space next year.
  2. It's time to stop playing world police. The world survived for millions of years without the US and they'll continue to survive
  3. TD does not value edge rushers highly from what we've seen and based on the fact that we have a rookie UDFA splitting time with Nicholas at 1st team SLB I am 98% confident we're taking a LB in the first round this year, especially given that there are several extremely talented 4-3 WLB that are eligible for this draft (Basically draft a WLB and move Spoon to SLB) Also we have 5 DTs on the roster, 3 of them will be FAs after this season, and Asante is likely going to be cut IMO due to the fact he has a 6 mil cap figure for 2014 and his ability to stay injury free at this point in his career is
  4. Anything more than 6-7$ Mil per year and they're going to allow him to walk IMO. Even if Roddy is great you can't give an aging receiver big money and Dimitroff knows that.
  5. Just about **** near everything hurts the development of a child..No large scale of people are going to let their kids touch weed until their like 15 and by then their probably so screwed up from TV, Soda, Stress, Pills, and everything else that the damage is likely minimal
  6. Don't rent, it's a scam, they'll look for anything wrong with the book and then charge you full price for it. Buy used texts and then resale them
  7. And before you try to tell me that we can change health in this country, let me say this, the people of this country only respond to sensationalism. We aren't about the sensationalize health in this country because we don't want people to get their feelings hurt. As this country's health continues to trend downward rates in privatized healthcare will only continue to climb eventually to the point where the majority can't afford it.
  8. My only problem with Obamacare is the staunch penalties that come with it if you don't accept it. Make it some 50$ fine and I'll be ok with it. Socialized Medical Care is what this country needs with the trend of poor health in this country privatized medical care is doomed any how.
  9. Greek life is full of douchebags and all the other parties are in small as dorm rooms that suck. The parties suck, the hangovers suck, just go to class do you work, get a job if needed, make some friends and enjoy your downtime. The college experience is vastly overrated at smaller colleges.
  10. Can you really say someone was elected by the people if the people don't vote? You've bought into this voting is expressing your rights ******** that they've made up to encourage more people to go to the polls and get high enough #s to vote these idiots in. If you want to be heard you don't have to speak.
  11. You want to let your voice be heard next election? Don't vote.
  12. Ultimately we're not going to elect anyone who's going to make any actual effort to improve things. Presidents have no more power than the British Royal family. They're all controlled by their parties
  13. Yes because let's act like we're breaking down a barrier that we're really not at the country's expense. Cause that **** has worked out well the past 8 years.
  14. it's basically going to be shitbag 1 vs shitbag 2. It doesn't matter who gets elected, they're still going to be a shitbag
  15. Not sure if serious or trolling. Edit- realized you were talking about catchers
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