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  1. So i'll be doing FA and UDFAs from Status Updates and comments on them, because I can't post.

  2. My posting rights just got suspeded... any mods want to enlighten me on this situation.

  3. Trivia Time, in the last 15 years, who is the only Braves SS to be named a starter for an All-star team?

  4. I know who the 3 most gullible posters are on the forum

    1. FlyHighFalcons



    2. Zodiac


      ^gullible to the max

  5. If Albert Einstein is correct, the music industry has gone insane when considering a demographic not named 12-19

  6. What's on my Mind, brain cells, whats on my brain cells, particles, whats on my particles.... thats none of your buiness.

  7. I need bout tree fiddy

  8. all this dude does is troll, WAAAAAHHHH GET RID OF NOODLE ARM TD, WAAAAAAH I WANTED A NEW QB NOT A WR, seriously dude just go away,

  9. I seriously doubt that

  10. He Averages about 4 Negs per post.

  11. appreciate the fast response!

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