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  1. Sucks about Marlon, he was making a push to get drafted. Seriously hope Abry's career isn't over. He had a shot at being a mid day pick.
  2. Either way in a couple of years GA might be a hotbed for instate recruiting. A lot of those Dalvin Tomilson players that went to Bama as depth could end up at GSU, KSU, Tech, or State as starter down the road.
  3. You know I was thinking with GA State coming up to Div 1 and Southern making a strong push a lot of those 3 stars that Bama, UGA, UT, and UF rely on for depth might start going to State or (If they get to Div 1) Southern for starting opportunities. For years now it's just been UGA, G-Tech, and the rest of the SEC and the southern half of the ACC that farmed UGA for depth. That could change very soon
  4. Yea, but the difference is Richardson was being doubled by both at times and still running through them and chasing down RG3. Regardless he put up great stats in a reserve role, it's these type of guys that people don't view as impactful and not someone you plan for that tend to blow your plan all to ****.
  5. That's false you game plan for every one of every level. Or at least you do in the pros. This kid is extremely talented he had 37 tackles with 8 TFL and 2 sacks in a reserve role last year, he's def someone I would game plan for.
  6. Difference is Richardson can make impact plays he ran through my 2nd rated center last year in Phillip Blake along with Robert T. Griffin the RG who was a 7th round pick.
  7. And Sheldon Richardson is a fomer 5 star recruit who runs a 4.8 at 295 LBs and has some good pass rushing moves. I wouldn't be surprised if he climbed into the 2nd round of this years draft.
  8. Yea I was informed of that, well whoever the RT is. I haven't really been able to keep up with college football since around Feburary
  9. Guys don't be surprised if you keep hearing the name Sheldon Richardson when we play Mizzou, I'd be amazed if he doesn't man handle Justin Anderson or one of the interior guys.
  10. Cant we give a positional coach a little more cash to do ST as well?
  11. I dont think anything is wrong with our SC program... considering Ben Jones put up 30 reps of 225 today and then Glenn did 33... But then Charles did 35
  12. Didn't know T. Brown was a grad assist, apparently he's coming to UTC to be a RBs coach, and im going to UTC to hopefully become a coach. (Just got admitted today)
  13. Malcom "Iron Man" Mitchell, let him start both ways lol
  14. From what is coming out from the Senior Bowl Med Staff, Boykin broke his leg and will miss combine, which will probably cause him to drop to the 4th or 5th rounds. Glenn looked great at G and good at Tackle. (He'll be a G in the pros however.) Ben Jones looked like crap, Phillip Blake was saving his arse half the time and Blake was playing out of position at Guard.
  15. Glad CTG is staying