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  1. Dis right chea! I wondered the same thng takes alot of talent to pull sumn off like dat
  2. U rigt bout dat sandy. i agree wit you coldheartedly. vick need to learns how ta slide.
  3. I jus dont lik folks hatin on Vick. he done us wrong i know, i dont no why im still a fan of his. i cant help it. but ihope my falcons beat dem eagles tho. i support ryan i dont like when folks diss vick when ryan play good dat aint right man. i'd do the same fo ryan if he left an folks tried to downplay what he did for dis franchise
  4. Aint tryn to take nun from ryan but he aint better than Vick umma falcon fan but ryan is no way ,shape an form is better than vick. will he b n time maybe but right now he aint. he sholl as heck aint tougher than Vick dats just B.s Sandy an u know dat
  5. Andy Reid referred to the Falcons as the best team in the NFC the other day. My take? Not so much. Atlanta is a talented team, but they should be 2-3. The Saints missed a chip shot FG to win the game that kickers make 90% of the time. The Niners had Atlanta beat until CB Nate Clements got greedy while running back an INT. If he goes down or out of bounds, SF wins. He fought for the endzone and had the ball stripped from behind ^ Da fella is right an eerybody knows it.
  6. Ol Tandy quiet now, Ryan aint better than Vick and eerbody knows it. Ryan depends on Turner/snelling and still throws stupid pics frm time ta time at critcal times in a game. Ryan almost cost us against the 49ers. Ryan is an average qb at best.
  7. You out yo mind. Vick got da second highest qb rating in da league behind tom brady b4 he got injured. Vick 10 times better than ryan it aint close. He was 7/8 in the redzone #1 in da league, wit no ints. Ryan thrown a few ints. U jus a hater. Dats b4 Vic got injured. Vick can take a hit too. he took plenty an he is tougher than ryan who sat out becuz of a sore toe. vick won in the playoffs wit half da help ryan got on Offense his 1st season as starter. Ryan been playin 3 season no playoff win. Idc bout no B2b winning seasons. No playoff wins an he got more help on offense than Vick could
  8. lissen 2 da intvwiew http://www.975thefanatic.com/teams/phillies/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10152277
  9. We loss to da Steelers no way we can beat da ravens Flacco has a offense dis season he got Boldin and houshmenzana an dey defense speaks fo itself. Da Jets also got Santonio Holmes and Ladanian Thomlinson and dey defense speaks fo itsself. Many mistakes Ryan makes those teams would kill us homey. To answer yo question shawtie yeah AFC teams better no doubt.
  10. Yet Vick goes to the Eagles and has the second highest QB rating in the league behind Peyton Manning before he got injured. His passing stats and completion % were better than Ryans and he had more PASSING TDS. Hmmm I wonder why? Maybe that has something to do with having recievers that can actually catch.
  11. Vick didnt even start that many games his rookie season so dicredit that statement. His 1st season as a starter he won a playoff game. Lets compare Ryans weapons to VicksMichael Turner> Warrick Dunn Tony Gonzales>> Algae Crumpler Harvey Dahl> Bob White field Mike Smith> Jim Mora jr who was fired again in Seattle Roddy White finally learned how to catch. Ryan was basically surrounded with an arsenal of offensive weapons when he got here. Vick wasnt. This offense has the best weapons this franchise has ever had. Vick got us one game shy of a superbowl. Ryan been in the league 3
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