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  1. I think James jones is a real talent at the wr slot - I hope we give him a look
  2. I highly respect Tom Brady and the Patriot's orginization, which is why I was very excitied with our GM hire. I believe we can play them competively - which may have been the better question, as the browns were able to beat them with solid running and an effective defense/special teams.
  3. If it is any consolation he is usually wrong about well...just about everythin. O, and ESPN is part of the Steelers payroll
  4. it is rather interesting the disparity that seems to exist in our division, you have argueably three elite teams and one just horrendous one.
  5. I am going to start the Falcon's D this week on my fantasy team, i'm in third place. Normally, we give up a few points but I have a feeling given it's the panthers ATL may have a nice Defensive day.
  6. I like Cowherd, he seems to know football pretty well (not just by liking the Falcons) but favoring Brady over Manning, where others seem to have a love affair with Manning
  7. I think it may have to do with the expression "taking the slings and arrows" which deals with adversity, such as the slings and arrows that are given to us constantly by the commentators on ESPN.
  8. So, i thought i was still dreaming this morning around five when I heard the guys on NFL network bashing the refs and blaming them for the Falcons win...then I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when Jamie Dukes spoke up and defended the Falcons, saying they won the game and have a path to the super bowl. AMAZING!
  9. It seems like around game time we get an influx of trolling from other fan bases, so I would like to take a moment to make a comparison of Falcon Rivalries... You have the Panthers - who are much like having a rivalry with your younger brother, to be honest he is never going to really outshine you, but eventually will get lucky and win a couple of times while you're starting to doze off. You have the Saints - who are much like a rivalry with a cousin, you exchange best efforts and most of the time root for him when he's pitted against another opponent...because really he's still a nice guy. Th
  10. Finley Shiancoe these two pics aren't as close as the ones on madden 11 i thought it was the same guy.
  11. a loss to a team with a third string QB, and a missing left tackle for half the game. Also, Falcons money is supposedly offense and no TD's. I like Ryan, and hope he turns it around but I can see why there is some panic considering who the opponent was and how the game went.
  12. i like your optimism, and I generally share in it. I wanted to pose the question tho - as it seems the league is moving very progressively in a high scoring league.
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