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  1. 2 Jacked up ankles... Abraham has to be Salivating!
  2. Just want to put it out there that i am offering my services to the Falcons free of charge. I have coached a few pee-wee and pop-warner teams. I work late hours and usually fall asleep with a playbook or game tape playing.
  3. I had a authentic all white vick pro-bowl jersey that i had him sign in Hawii. I framed it on a black matte with a white boarder and the framing was black... it was about 3 in deep with glass covering it. AWESOME Jersey. After we traded Schaub and the found out that Vick lied to Arthur Blank about his guilt, i no **** broke it and burned the jersey. At the time i thought he crippled the franchise. now tho i think that he enabled us to get Smith, Dimitroff, and all the players they recruited. So i guess i should thank him! Now i just rock my home Ryan and Turner Jersey and am getting a Ryan Pro-Bowl Jersey soon!
  4. I think that when in a game time situation HD is a step behind in his routes. I dont think it has anything to do with him getting off the line, His route running is really bad.
  5. If we couldnt get a first down in 3 plays, why would you think we would get it on the fourth? The Defense had made ALL the plays the entire game. if it was 4th and 2 or less i know that we would have gone for it.
  6. Overlooked in all this... i thought the falcons were screwed for YEARS after we lost vick. i was ready to be that die hard fan of the team that was in the dumps for years. The falcons are 12-3. 12-3!!!! This is one of our best seasons ever as a franchise. and we have done it in the best division in football, with 3 teams that have gone to the superbowl in the last decade. The pro-bowl roster just came out and we have 7 members going to hawii. thats more than any other team in the NFL. THANK YOU FALCONS FOR AN AMAZING SEASON Lets continue to RISE UP!
  8. All year the falcons have been talking about the game where everyone plays to perfection. I hate the saints, they are our rivals, and as much as it hurts to admit, they are a great ball club. The Falcons defense played better than i have seen them play ever. there were some missed calls, and some made calls that left me scratching my head (dbl PI) and some that had me screaming. Challenging the punt that reggie fumbled and we clearly recovered, and the lack of a booth review on the bad but understandable spot in the last 2 mins. The Falcons should have won that game. Those are the games we are used to winning too. Hats off to the saints. I just feel really bad for our defense and i hope that we as fans can show our team that we are still behind them, and support them so they can get ready to handle business Sunday.
  9. Apparently if your not a loudmouth team you get NO calls or calls in the opposing teams favor in your own ******* house. that game was absolutly pathetic. the only thing worse than the refs was our offnese. its time to bench harry 'i cant run routes' douglas. hes a joke.
  10. Rediculous game. Our offense did NOTHING. Falcons day in Atlanta.. and he didnt show up at all
  11. STINCHCOMB holding EVERY down... that pierre thomas play he held him by the legs, basically tackeling him. then he got up and blocked him in the back.. right in hockulie's face.... NO CALL
  12. once again the saints have the lead without anything positive coming from them... just a lucky pack of spear chuckers
  13. if that was outside of the pocket i will **** my mother
  14. we are in atlanta right? these calls are rediculous
  15. was clearly a funble and falcons clearly recovered we should have challenged that ****
  17. He got slammed down HARD and looked hurt.
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