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  1. You obviously don't understand Steven Addazio's genius sir. He realizes that LSU has their defensive unit out on the field and they're not playing any of their elemental shield buffs. Therefore, by virtue, the LSU defense is stupid. With this revelation in mind, he is looking to not only split the backup QB out wide when he has never played wide receiver in his life before, but he is doing the same thing with the starting QB, in hopes that his added +12 fire dmg will fool the defense into throwing out a defense....I'm done, basically we're ******* ********.
  2. We put two big black guys with suits and earpieces at the gates and they decide who gets to come in. Seriously though, Florida, Georgia, and Ole Miss girls >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Two timeouts in the 1st quarter. Yeah, all of y'all are jealous of our 1337 skillz.
  4. Gillislee is the best running back on this team. It's a shame that the people who are paid to realize those kinds of things...don't.
  5. Finally, a 0 yard pass to the backup quarterback who has never played wide receiver in his life. Just what this offense has been missing.
  6. The film from the first drive of this game should be packaged with the film from all of our other games this year, and put together in a video titled Memoirs On How Not To Run A Spread Offense: The Massive Underachievement And Horrible Coaching Of The Florida Gators.
  7. 2 dive plays and an out route that is run short of the first down marker. Bank it.
  8. I know so am I. I'm so used to Urban relegating all of our super talented wide receivers to bench duty and special teams gunners that I don't even know who some of our guys are anymore. 4 and 5 star WRs? MAKE EM TACKLE THE KICK RETURNER!
  9. Time out on our first drive. Yeah, we know what we're doing.
  10. STOP GIVING THE ******* BALL TO MOODY ADDAZIO, HE SUCKS. ********** I swear this coaching staff either doesn't watch film, or has no idea who Emmanuelle Moody is.
  11. LOL @ nobody chanting "Mooooody" anymore when Emmanuelle Moody gets the ball.
  12. His family is going to be super angry at that. I can't believe he even put it on.
  13. You'd think that the Alabama players would want to do the meet and great and the handshakes for as long as possible. **** if I played for the Tide I'd still be standing on the field trying to find someone's hand to shake. No way I'd want to be in that locker room.
  14. Addazio is probably loving this right now. "Hey, this is so ugly that it will distract people from the fact that I refuse to call a play that requires the QB to throw the ball further than 15 yards down the field. DERRR!!!!!!!!!"
  15. LMAOOOOOO @ Alabama sprinting off the field. Nice sportsmanship, jackasses.
  16. Hopefully that hypnotizes LSU into falling for the dive play all night.
  17. That's why I hate that stupid ******* jumping up and down and dancing garbage. The very next play after you try to show up your opponent, you give up a 51 yard TD. STFU and play football. Jump up and down after the game all you want to, don't do it during.
  18. Wow McElroy, you just went full ****** on that one.
  19. Man that sucks. I've met Champ and Boss many times, two incredibly awesome people. Crazy how I didn't even hear about that.
  20. WHAT...THE...****...WAS THAT? That is without question, the absolute dumbest football play in the entire history of the Earth. I am officially rooting for Alabama now. I can't support the University of South Carolina putting mentally handicapped people on the field, that's not right.
  21. What happened to Boss why isn't he playing anymore? Injury?
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