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  1. He's still in the lead in my opinion. One game doesn't determine a Heisman race. Until someone proves they're more valuable and dominant than Robinson is, he's in the lead.
  2. That's mean. I'm not trying to argue anything. I'm merely poking fun at the fact that Georgia fans are so Harvey Dent. One week you guys want to drop nukes on Athens, and the next week you beat a team that doesn't have but like 4 division I players and all the sudden you're happy. I'm just saying, stick to your guns.
  3. I wouldn't know we don't start 1-4.
  4. Oh yea well I agree. The Gators are the dumbest team possibly ever in the entire history of college football.
  5. ............................................................what? You know I'm like a white dude right?
  6. So wait do you guys want to burn the University down or do you guys think beating Tennessee is the greatest thing ever?
  7. A must-have for what reason? Why was this a must-have for either team? Was Richt sitting in his room saying "I MUST have a 2-4 record, I MUST!" This game was like watching ******** kids slap-box.
  8. Any Given Sunday is the worst sports movie of all time. Al Pacino's over-acting couldn't even save that shitstorm.
  9. I don't know if there has ever been a worse QB at the University of Florida than John Brantley. Maybe someone in like the 1940s was worse, but I wasn't alive so you know, whatever.
  10. Well once they come out with a Moral Victories Poll, no game that UGA plays in is going to matterm so excuse my ignorance.
  11. No, he hasn't been your avatar for awhile now. Toby Gerhart, who absolutely shockingly, was also another white running back, was your avatar for about a year now. During that time you made various posts about how Mark Ingram shouldn't win the Heisman over Gerhart, seemingly for no other reason than one was lighter in skin tone than the other. I also saw you praising Aaron Murray, gushing even, while giving absolutely ZERO props to your boy AJ Green for having an outstanding game. Shhh though, nobody sees you. And LMAO @ we're supposed to be talking about a BIG win of a 2-4 Georgia team against a 2-4 Tennessee team. That's the most meaningless game of this series, ever.
  12. How were we this mislead though? I've always felt that my role on this particular forum was to be the voice of reason. I know I'm combative and bias in my arguments, but honestly when you look, I'm rarely wrong in my predictions. This year completely flipped my brain upside down though. I'm baffled at how bad every single inch of our team is, and I feel foolish for buying into all of it.
  13. I want Urban here forever. I want him to be the coach for the Gators for the next 10 years. But I don't want THIS Urban. I don't want the Urban that relegates all of his duties to his coordinators. I want him to go back to designing the offense and coaching the special teams, and I want Addazio gone. I don't even want that putrid ******* human being to even be on this coaching staff. I don't want him coaching offensive linemen, I don't want him coaching quarterbacks or wide receivers or tight ends or anything. I want him coaching how to properly roll out of bed to the senior citizen group at the Gainesville YMCA. Urban needs to take control of this team and this entire program, or he needs to go watch his daughter play volleyball at Georgia Tech and be a loving husband, because there isn't any room for both.
  14. We do not have more talent than LSU, and as insane as it might sound, we don't even have better coaching than LSU.
  15. lmao. My brother did the same thing. Right before the Moody fumble, he said "Someone is going to **** up here, watch." Very next play, BAM, fumble. I can sit here and call EVERY SINGLE play that we run. Every ******* time, without fail, I can call what play we're running, what side of the field it's going to, and who it is most likely that's getting the ball. I've never seen anything like this before in my ******* life. It's like a bunch of kids drawing up plays in the grass of their back yard. I ******* hate every single person on this team, and every coach on this staff.
  16. Emmanuelle Moody should have never even been accepted into the University. I hope something happens in which Moody is convicted of academic fraud so that he's ruled ineligible, and his existence will be completely wiped away.
  17. It's to the point now that me and my family are just sitting here busting out in laughter every time the Gators run a play. It's too comical to even be mad at. Brantley at QB, Burton at QB, Reed at QB, Burton at fullback, Burton at wide receiver, Brantley at wide receiver, dive play left, dive play right, sideways pass for 1 yard to the left, sideways pass for 0 yards to the right- how can you not just sit and laugh your *** off at this complete display of human ineptitude? We don't even have proper motor skills. It's like sending paralyzed ******** kids out on the field. Nobody can move faster than the sound of crawl. This is the worst, most cluster****ed coaching staff in all over college football and all of them should go home to their families instead of disgracing Ben Hill Griffin Stadium with their presence.
  18. The only reason we have 2 Touchdowns is because LSU gave them to us.
  19. I am shocked that you have another white running back in your avatar.
  20. For ****'s sake. Can we please put a QB on the field who doesn't defecate his panties at the idea that there are 11 guys who are trying to stop him from succeeding? Brantley is so ******* god awful. I thought he was going to have the same skill set as an Alex Smith or Chris Leak, but this guy has no idea what it takes to be a QB at the University of Florida.
  21. Yeah this year is going to be just like 2007. There might be another 2 loss team playing in the NC game.
  22. This is not fair. I can't believe that the referees are allowing the LSU players to soak themselves in butter. This is egregious.
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