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  1. Wait a second, did you literally just compare Ingram running against OOC opponents to Gerhart running against conference opponents? This is what you do? Really? You're more see-through than glass dude. You picked the worst teams that Ingram ran against and compared them to the best that Gerhart ran against.
  2. lol FSU is going to set up a civilization inside of our ***.
  3. Ingram ran against the SEC, and put up ridiculous numbers against top ranked defenses in the country. Gerhart ran against teams who looked like they were playing 6 guys on defense. There's no doubt who the better back was to normal people. And no, I'm a home owner who actually tolerates people of different color. I know that is a ludicrous mindset compared to what mommy and daddy taught you, but it can actually happen. Let it bro, let it happen, black people are okay too. They're even allowed to vote now. Progression >>>
  4. No question. We will go no better than 8-5 this year. This is what happens when you recruit guys who are too small to play their positions in the SEC. Everybody is bigger and stronger than us. I'm more disgusted at the fact that Les Miles outcoached Urban Meyer. That should never happen. Not in any plain of existence, ever. There is NO REASON for Florida to not be prepared for the fake on a 50+ yard field goal by a Les Miles coached team. Urban Meyer needs to figure out if he's Gator football, or if he's the family man, because there is no room for both here.
  5. I can't name a single player besides Jordan Jefferson and Russel Sheppard on LSU, so how am I supposed to "look at the players"?
  6. I never agree with anything that Threepac says, ever, but uh, "We win titles" is kinda hard to argue with. Did you guys dust your 30 year old trophy off yet?
  7. Aw man I wish a disgusting ******* human being like you would find me more likeable. My whole life is in ruins. White power.
  8. Like 13 dudes came onto the field. There was NO ONE rushing the field. Half the Alabama team stayed and conducted themselves with class, the other half, lead by the Heisman winner, tucked tail and ran to the locker room.
  9. Urban doesn't care about this program anymore. He'll probably make a joke about the lateral call and then go home. **** him. I have never been more disgusted after a loss. The Alabama loss was expected but this? At home? This is ******* pathetic.
  10. I know I should wear White Power t-shirts and call myself clockwork, then I'd be a happy human being.
  11. Yeah I'm currently watching the DVDs of Ohio State and Oklahoma thinking wow, this is how good football teams work, it seems so foreign now.
  12. Everybody was right. Everyone except for us. This is the worst Gator team in 30 years.
  13. No, it's not going to be funny, but it's going to be complete and total reality. UF doesn't deserve to win a single game after this one, and we're going to get our ***** stomped by South Carolina, UGA, and Florida State. Fire sale in Gainesville.
  14. This is ******* Florida, not Georgia, we're allowed to be upset at this kind of loss. This is completely inexcusable.
  15. Sorry that we hold our standards a little higher than having a 2-4 record and beatind a Tennessee team with the same record. There is NO excuse for the University of Florida to EVER lose back the back game, especially like this. EVER. I know that's a foreign concept to UGA fans, but it's different for Florida.
  16. The refs made the correct call, that was a perfectly legal play. The only problem is that every person in my living room was jumping up and down screaming IT'S GONNA BE A FAKE, PLAY THE FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can a room full of people that has ONE person who has coached at any level of football call that and our coaches not??? THIS IS LES ******* MILES, HOW CAN YOU NOT PLAY THE FAKE???? Worst coaching staff in America resides in Gainesville, Florida.
  17. **** THIS WHOLE TEAM. I can't believe we just lost to LSU. That's more embarrassing than anything in the world. I ******* hate the entire University of Florida, there is absolutely no excuse to lose this game. I'm done.
  18. I'm done. I ******* hate my life. **** this team. **** Urban Meyer, **** Steve Addazio, and **** Teryl Anderson or whatever his name is. **********, this is brutal. Fire everyone.
  19. This is ******* unbelievable. This can't happen.
  20. I love Mark Ingram, I'd love to see him in Falcons uniform, but what he did today was sad. You expect a Heisman winner to conduct themselves with a little more class. The fact that half the ALA team followed him sucked, because Alabama is better than that.
  22. Hey wait is there a football team in Gainesville? Oh, hi guys!
  23. True, but we don't start 1-4. UF without Tebow >>>> than UGA with...whatever players you think have been great for the last 3 years.
  24. So that means we should just disregard anything that happens with a Fox News analyst right?
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