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  1. Not trying to come to any conclusions. I was not aware that Richt never adopted a Zero Tolerance policy, because it's been reported on the radio and at the AJC that he had, and as much as I dislike the AJC, I wouldn't take them for just flat out liars, but that's what I get for giving the benefit of the doubt I guess. I merely enjoy ribbing the UGA fans who constantly post "ZOMG ARREST #_____ FOR DA THUGGY GATORS!" while their players are getting arrested too. But then we have to go through the whole "Our thuggy arrests aren't as bad as your thuggy arrests" bullcrap and it's just so tiring. I shouldn't even have said anything. From here on out, I am no longer caring about arrests, because there is nothing any of us can do about them, and it means absolutely NOTHING as far as firepower. All any of us care about is what happens on the field, so I'm going to leave it at that from now on.
  2. He doesn't though that's what makes that play so miraculous. He throws like a girl.
  3. That makes perfect sense then. I bet Fidel went back to look at the tape to see if there was anyone he could shoot in the face for not trying to help him up.
  4. At least we left our defensive liability out of the lineup
  5. Wow who was that guy that originally fell? He must have been someone incredibly important to have like 30 people trying to help him up.
  6. I guess we'll see what Richt's definition of "No Tolerance" is now that it's a starter getting in trouble instead of a kid who wasn't going to contribute to the team this year. I'm guessing it will end up meaning "Sometimes Tolerance." Not that any of it matters as it's completely out of fans' control anyways, yet we all still like to argue about it for some reason.
  7. "Ahhhhh I should be in a Gator uniform right now!" Okay that's not really a caption more than it is me whining but god, why couldn't Brantley have been the criminal?
  8. Wow so you guys aren't keeping that game? I would have thought for sure that would be your annual OOC rivalry game.
  9. It'll be a fitting way for him to go out if we lose this series, he's been doing this for years, and deserves to go out the same way.
  10. EVERYTHING except for balls and strikes. There is no reason to not want to get EVERY call right, no matter how long it takes. Just like college football, every play should be reviewed, and if there is a questionable play, a replay guy upstairs looks at it and determines what the right call is. Simple as that.
  11. SWING THE ******* BAT HEYWARD!! POSEY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HEYWARD I feel bad for the guys that have to clean the **** from Heyward's drawers every night
  12. jesus christ this thread is full of fail, starting with the original post.
  13. Did that just happen? Did we just throw the ball further than 15 yards?
  14. How did he go through his life playing football without ever having been taught how to do a play action? Watch him the next time we run a PA, he'll point to the running back with the football and then pull it back. Who the **** would possibly fall for that? For THREE years he has been doing this now, the ball NEVER goes into the belly of the running back.
  15. And I can't wait until Gonzalez is not on this team anymore. He is a HUGE reason why this offense sucks so bad, and it's not even his fault.
  16. NOBODY can get open and if Gonzalez is covered then Matt Ryan runs for his life. I hope Ryan gets knocked out of this game.
  17. I wish Brantley would have stolen the laptop.
  18. Somebody should follow Addazio around wherever he goes and boo him. When he's eating dinner, when he's in the shower, when he's getting his oil changed. He should be booed if the Gators score 100 points next week, and then he should be fired.
  19. If Jake Delhomme comes into this game, it's over. Delhomme owns us.
  20. SCORE A ******* TOUCHDOWN! ****** this is ridiculous.
  21. Roddy was open, but we run the If Tony Gonzalez Is Covered Throw The Ball Out Of Bounds Offense, so it doesn't matter much.
  22. I said that in a thread I made after the Alabama game. If Meyer can't go back to being the guy that first came to Florida, then he needs to step down and make way for Gus Malzahn.
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