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  1. Then what's the point of playing football? Why not just make football coaches into guidance counselors and behavioral psychologists so they can better the world that way? Seriously, I'm all for doing things the right way, but Urban Meyer is not paid 5 mill a year or whatever it is to baby-sit 80 kids and raise them like he was their father. When you're being paid that much money, winning football games out-weighs everything, otherwise why coach, and why pay someone that much money?
  2. I don't even want to try to defend threatening a woman's life, because there is no defending it, it's disgusting. But seeing as how he didn't actually end her life, and seeing as how the girl chose not to press charges, I don't know what else is supposed to happen or what else you can really say about it. As of right now he is only practicing with the team and won't play this week, and he'll have another 2 weeks of practice with the bye week before being reinstated for the Georgia game. Which is fine with me because lord knows we need him, even if there is a mathematical certainty that he won't be used properly, just like the rest of our roster. If it were up to me I would have suspended him for the rest of the season and put a no tolerance policy on him, one more screw up and you're gone. Since those kinds of decisions aren't left up to me, I'll simply watch from my couch and cheer for him if he does something good on the field, because that's all I can do. That or I can post YouTube videos of my dog tearing up a Rainey jersey and have a grill fire in which I burn all my Gator memorabilia, renouncing my UF fandom and becoming a loyal fan of a team that is the equivalent of the wholesome goodness of Jesus Christ, the Georgia Bulldogs. GATA! DGD! CMR! CTG! CMB! AND OTHER GOOFY ABBREVIATIONS!
  3. I know I keep saying it but I'm already ******* jacked for Spring Training. I haven't been this excited for Braves baseball since the late 90's when I was a kid.
  4. Yea boy were a lot of us wrong. It was painfully obvious how much we missed his glove, and Gonzalez gave us no upgrade at the plate, or atleast it didn't seem like it.
  5. Maybe he'll provide a spark to our offense. Although I don't know how he'd actually be able to do that. Time to die MSU!
  6. I understand that Spikes was originally supposed to sit just a half. But he sat the whole game, so I just wanted to make sure he knew that. And second, are you kidding me? Mark Richt suspended a player for 2 games for SPEEDING??? Yeah, I don't think so. He was suspended because he got arrested after not appearing in court.
  7. lmao ok, that's what I thought at first but then I started over thinking it.
  8. Lets at least get 2 things factually accurate. 1. It's not a traffic ticket, it's a failure to appear in court. 2. Brandon Spikes sat out the entire game, not a half.
  9. Rubbing this one in isn't going to hurt anyone on this board. Nobody here expected us to win this series, we were all just happy to have postseason baseball back in Atlanta. Now we say goodbye to a legendary regular season manager, and usher in a new, exciting era of baseball for the first time in 25 years. I was in diapers the last time this team didn't have Cox as the manager, and I'm REALLY ******* fired up to see what this team does next and where we go from here.
  10. With us being 4-2 and more than likely another 2, possibly 3 losses headed our way, I'm just looking to be entertained at this point. I want us to line Pouncey up at QB in shotgun on the goal line, you know, since we are incapable of going into an I formation for some reason unbeknownst to anyone breathing oxygen. I want us to set the record for most players lined up at QB in one season. We should start the game against MSU with Debose at QB, then the next play bring in Will Hill, and then after that we should go with someone completely random like Earl Okine. It'll be much needed hilarity at this point.
  11. :blink: :blink: BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Virginia Tech left guard Greg Nosal earned tough-guy points on Saturday, postponing the reattachment of a torn-off tip of his left pinkie to keep playing. Turns out, he had no idea how bad he was hurt for a few plays. Nosal said Monday night that he had missed a block early on the play and then quarterback Tyrod Taylor started scrambling. He said that was when he "went to crack back on the defensive end and my pinkie got caught in his facemask. And I just felt like it was a really bad cut." Nosal said he spent the rest of the series squeezing his hand between plays, trying to apply pressure to the wound, then looked down and saw that his glove was covered in blood. As he trotted off at the end of the series, "I take my glove off and I look down and I see my bone sticking out. I immediately ran over to [trainer Mike] Goforth. And I was like, 'Will you guys tape this up?' And he grabbed my arm and ran me into the locker room." Goforth asked Nosal where it happened on the field, and Nosal didn't understand why. "Finally, as were walking to the X-ray room, I'm like, 'Why do they want to know? Did my finger fall off?' And he's like, 'I'll tell you when you're laying down.' " The coaches wanted to find the severed tip of Nosal's finger, and after they ran out onto the field looking for it, he suggested it might still be in his glove. It was, and after team surgeon Marc Seigel determined it could be reattached, they gave Nosal a choice: Let us do it now, or we'll put the tip on ice, tape you up and you can play again. The 6-foot-6, 293-pound redshirt junior decided to play, and with help from a pain killer, rejoined his team in the second half and played into the fourth quarter. The finger tip was stitched back on in the fourth quarter, after the pain medication had started to wear off. The Hokies led 31-7 and were substituting liberally in a 45-21 victory over Central Michigan. "You talk about a tough guy," Hokies coach Frank Beamer said Monday. "For him to continue to play, it says a lot about him and what his effort for this football team is." As for Nosal, he's been surprised the injury has gotten so much attention. "I guess it's a big deal if your pinkie got ripped off," he said.
  12. I wouldn't want Dan Mullen here, but I'd do a flip and land on the top of my skull if we could get Chris Peterson or Gus Malzahn. I'd rather just have Urban Meyer, but not the doppelganger that's standing on the sideline right now, I want the real Urban Meyer. We need to put together a search party and go and look for where they're keeping him.
  13. I spent the entire offseason harping that our offense would look like Oklahoma or Texas because that's what everyone said and reported. I ended up being horribly wrong, now we're just out there running a Sandlot Offense.
  14. I'm for as many people as we can possibly get on the Fire Addazio bandwagon. If recruits themselves start coming out saying how bad the playcalling sucks, then Meyer will eventually have no choice but to fire him. We need all the people we can get to jump on this thing and quick before it starts affecting recruiting.
  15. My respect for and faith in Urban Meyer took a crater-sized blow when he was asked after the Miami (OH) game why 5-star super recruit Andre Debose didn't play and he said "I wasn't aware of that, he really didn't play?" Absolutely dumbfounded @ the completely different coach standing on that sideline. He's so out of touch with this team and the weekly gameplan that he has no idea what players are even in the game.
  16. I'm tired of pounding my keyboard in rage while watching the mind numbingly ******** playcalling by Steve Addazio, and by extension Urban Meyer since he wont do anything about it, but all I will say is they better figure out REAL quick how to fix this, because guys are gonna start opening their commitments back up real fast. The reports of Mike Bellamy and A.C. Leonard leaving the game because they couldn't stand watching it anymore are embarrassing. If we lose Driskel or Pittman over this this fanbase will erupt. Figure it out quick.
  17. Why Glenn Beck is dangerous: People pay attention to him.
  18. Don't start these kinds of threads my good man, there are a hundred people here with a total boner for Cox (NAHA!). Nothing good will come of this. Personally, I haven't been this excited for the future of Atlanta Braves baseball in a long *** time. Lets do this right in a new era boys.
  19. I just hope he doesn't let it get to his head like Frenchy did. If Heyward becomes Frenchy 2.0, I will give up all hope in this franchise and cheer for the Rays, an organization who knows how to develop talent and sustain it.
  20. Heyward better not take a single day for himself this offseason. He has a TON TON of work to do.
  21. Good hussle Gonzalez. So glad this ****** will be gone next year. It's gotten to the point that I absolutely hate the sight of his stupid looking face.
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