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  1. Imagine a good QB- ABility to throw the ball down the field + ability to move within the pocket and extend plays with his accuracy. Someone you can always count on.

    Then imagine an AIDS patient- or to avoid confusion, just think of John Brantley.

  2. I think that's part of it, but not the entire story, IMO. I'm seeing a lot of shaky defense against every kind of formation. Bad tackling, bad pass defense. Maybe it's just that the offensive coaching has gotten better for the league as a whole. Personally, I liked it better when the defenses were dominant.

    Well I'd rather watch a 60-43 game than watch a 16-14 game. Call me new school. I have no interest in being bored for 2 and a half hours.

    Offense >>> Defense

    We're not supposed to say that though. That's one of the major lies that football fans are supposed to portray.

  3. SEC is turning into the Big 12. I don't know if it's defenses getting worse or offenses getting better, but we're seeing more and more track meet games.

    It's the fact that SEC teams have finally accepted the spread offenses.

    All those years of stupid people saying stupid things like "the spread offense won't work in the SEC." That offense will work in ANY CONFERENCE, as long as you have the players to run it. Now that there are more teams in the SEC running the spread offense than just Florida, you're going to see a lot more track meets.

  4. Yeah Vandy must have had six DBs in at the time. But really these are the games that Durham is capable of, simply with AJ on the field. AJ also missed out on another touchdown on a toss-up play that should have been reviewed. Also, about 50 of those 112 yards came on 1 play on a pump-fake by Murray deep to Durham, and you can make the same argument about that blown-coverage YAC TD play by Green. We all know Green is better than Durham, but you should probably drop the whole "need to promote Durham's stats" because some people take it the wrong way. Oh yeah, how did your boy Hillis do against the Falcons' D last week? :P

    The fact that he changed his profile pic to Jordan Shipley should provide you your answer.

    My guess is next week, after Jordan Shipley doesn't do anything, he'll change it to a different white guy, maybe Brian Finnergahan.

  5. Nah man....you know only A.J. gets triple coverage....Vandy must of had six DBs in the game. Not a bad game for the "future Walgreens Assistant Manager": 4 catches; 112 yards; 1 TD; 28 ypc...LOL. Meanwhile the second coming weighed in with: 3 catches; 64 yards; 1 TD; 21 ypc.....I guess Kris put down A.J.'s jockstrap "that he couldn't hold" long enough to have a better day. Go Dawgs!

    Now that you have gotten your weekly "Black guy bad/white guy good" post out of the way, you can go back to doing whatever it is you do on a normal day. My guess is burning crosses.

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