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  1. Pathetic to say the least wish I could come up with a word worst that I could put in this post without getting filtered with the * 🤔
  2. I hate direct TV but this move in the link below could be HUGE Amazon Sunday Ticket?
  3. Yes I'm going to say it BRING CAM HOME why not 🤷🏿‍♂️
  4. Don't care who it is if Matt goes down we really don't stand a chance. 🤷🏿‍♂️
  5. Just keep Franks as 2 **** it. Seek the market good for a nice addition though maybe someone who gets cut.
  6. Is it just me but just looking at those clips the o-line has me worried. Yes I know it's practice but considering how subpar it has been over the years I'm that much more worried abt it especially after losing Mack. 🤷🏿‍♂️ just my opinion. On another note tho the wideouts and tight ends looks good 👌🏿
  7. I can say that I expect him to make strides this upcoming season. I think we have ourselves a solid corner.
  8. I guess that's fair I mean he was on the market for a while. Everybody has to eat. I'll be a fan again when u leave tho 🤷🏿‍♂️
  9. Let's hope we have one in Arthur Smith it all looks good but now we just have to see.
  10. It's a set salary at the pick if I'm not mistaken
  11. O K might as well see what Darby got I mean same school and all and won't cost us any capital. We know what Harry has done in the pros I got a good feeling abt Darby and I can't shake it. My last good feeling was Tevin Coleman then Jarrett when they were drafted both turned out good.
  12. Kyle Shanahan with Matt Ryan = Superbowl I mean not that yr obviously but if he would have stayed MOST DEFINITELY. I remember when we had petitions to fire that man the yr before then he had the team goin absolutely nuts😆 I for one was NOT READY FOR THAT YR. but **** am I'm glad we had it albeit a superbowl loss but that's one yr I could say with the Utmost confidence that U COULD NOT STOP US PERIOD don't matter the team we faced either!!! Mofos was gettin injured and people like Aldrick robinson gettin 100 yds smh dammit get out my feelings. GO SMITH
  13. AGREED. Again imagine if he had his 2016 atlanta falcons offense again smh we would have been back that very next yr I TRULY BELIEVE THAT!
  14. I respect Quinn though there would be 0 chance or very very small chance that I come back to Atlanta and try to coach this team after that devastating loss. Way more pride then me I would've felt like a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT and in reality that's what it was. And the rest of his years showed his mediocrity which is why I'm glad we got an Offensive Minded coach In Smith.
  15. You and me both know that if Shanahan was giving the HC job after that season hypothetically we would be in a much better situation imo anyway. Let's be real now. The exact same team especially on Offense come on bro I would have had no doubts that we would have went right back.
  16. Those are 2 bright young minds there. Hope AS can become the same.
  17. Man Shanahan is a hate love relationship for me. Smh really wish he was our HC
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