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  1. They aren't punks or soft. Payton does not let his team get punched in the mouth...
  2. Sanu needs to be here!
  3. Just horrible!!! 1 punt smh laughable!!!
  4. Give me sexy Rexy I want a coach with balls
  5. This is really bad and what's worst is that we are going to be in even more cap ****!!! And we are losers lmao! Just wow!
  6. This is we deserve so much better!!!
  7. Refs smh the falcons are embarrassing af!!!
  8. I've lost all faith In these guys... I'll just say I'll believe it when I see it... all these hypotheticals dont work with the falcons ..smh
  9. Watson and Hopkins are going to have a field day against us!!!
  10. whoever has the most balls!!!
  11. Thats what they supposed to do even though it wont happen if they do... Good they did their jobs.
  12. effin horrible!!!
  13. He has to go... Your offense and defense is trash... You would at least expect points with all these weapons. Dude does not have control of the team!
  14. He's not lying
  15. We supposed to beat the colts with the talent we have... I bet ya our nemesis would have ran them out of indy even with Teddy... difference is Payton dont **** around, let his team get punched in the mouth or get all these penalties... he counters smh SB run is out of the question for us... can only hope for the playoffs...
  16. I'm sure he does wanna keep Kazee at nickel we aint got **** else lol... although I think kazee plays better at safety...
  17. Hope he trends into Tds office this week
  18. Get well 22... hope we give berry a call
  20. Trio they meant heck you throw in Hooper that's the four horsemen
  21. Good stuff DK
  22. Got **** Oliver you deserve a cookie my friend!!!