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  1. Fine job calling plays there fellas
  2. Lol
  3. Hope he gets it...
  4. We would again suck and waste another year of prime for our best players...
  5. 42-24 saints
  6. Saints will pick him up just watch
  7. Hello u are right abt that
  8. Man I miss Shanny minus the SB... wish we would've made him HC and let Quinn go.
  9. We need space I dont understand it.. we could've found a back to be decent enough to get thru the season...
  10. I hope we have a plan because things look so bad for us now and in the future... smh really sucks being us as fans...
  11. The infamous "if or what if " smh
  12. He couldn't even get 6th round pick consideration for a trade... that my friend is bad...
  13. Beast
  14. U can't make this ish up how the season is going!!! Thanks for everything 3
  15. Still waiting for Tru to be traded... We need the cap relief...
  16. Whomever it is we cannot miss on this one!
  17. I love it Sanu
  18. This team makes me sick... could have traded him last yr for a 3rd or 4th I'm sure... Man we need changes on this team from top to bottom BIG TIME...
  19. Man I wish we would've kept coleman... smh we are a disgrace in all aspects this sux so bad...
  20. Bryant gotta go... better off with Italian ice for a fraction of the price
  21. Plz trade all of em. Especially Freeman
  22. Yea but still that move would almost guarantee them that they get a 2nd ring if everything works out. Smh they know what they're doing down there in the big easy and I respect the **** out of it even though I hate em.