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  1. Not too high on a safety for a 1st round pick would rather kinlaw or chaisson in 1st and in the 2nd we need to get Queen with one of our picks. Back to topic tho I think Delpit will be average to a lil above average as a pro. Dont think he will bust out tho...
  2. They hired shurmur
  3. Congrats bro
  4. Smh a team that wants to win no matter what... nice... if he works great if not bye... nothing to lose for them if he signs.
  5. I understand your logic. I agree with you since the season is lost and playing for pride yet again. Honestly I'm lost as a fan regarding this team and what the future will look like. I can say that I have no faith in this team. Only time will tell. What's going to be funny is if we were to trade up in the draft... and it does suck to have to much love for this team to leave. We all as fans deserve better though.
  6. Fine job calling plays there fellas
  7. Lol
  8. Hope he gets it...
  9. We would again suck and waste another year of prime for our best players...
  10. 42-24 saints
  11. Saints will pick him up just watch
  12. Hello u are right abt that
  13. Man I miss Shanny minus the SB... wish we would've made him HC and let Quinn go.
  14. We need space I dont understand it.. we could've found a back to be decent enough to get thru the season...
  15. I hope we have a plan because things look so bad for us now and in the future... smh really sucks being us as fans...
  16. The infamous "if or what if " smh
  17. He couldn't even get 6th round pick consideration for a trade... that my friend is bad...
  18. Beast
  19. U can't make this ish up how the season is going!!! Thanks for everything 3
  20. Still waiting for Tru to be traded... We need the cap relief...
  21. Whomever it is we cannot miss on this one!
  22. I love it Sanu