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  1. Still I can see it... Just because they are the aints to piss us off... Can guarantee you they would utilize him to the max... Make them more dangerous... Especially with ingram being a free agent...
  2. I could see Coleman going to saints smh
  3. It's said that they wanna bring him back tho for under 2m
  4. Could've kept him for the 4th CB but with that being said im sure DQ will come up with something
  5. Boy we sure as **** ain't playing this year... I love the mindset... All in on next yr... Gone miss you though 3... Always trusted you...
  6. Love it
  7. Think they dont have a 3rd or 4th either for Bridgewater and Apple...
  8. And whats better is that the saints done dammm near mortgaged away their whole near future for this season... And they lost!!! God i love
  10. Goff aint got it in him
  11. Katrina refs thank you hopefully it pans out
  12. Rams should be ok... I hope anyway... They'll loosen up...
  14. I cannot hate the patriots for taking advantage of our game calling... Thats on us...