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  1. Damm bro I agree abt the team 100 percent
  2. The titans are responsible for everything except the 7.5 million this yr.
  3. According to one of our own who's good with cap numbers we will have a 8 million or better after the draft picks are signed
  4. I don't see anything abt 2 2nd rounders
  5. I think Williams is going to be really solid for us and I'm not just talking special teams. Good feeling abt the kid.
  6. There is only one Julio and one Calvin ijs. Calvin is a heck of a wide receiver and as long as he keeps up the same production or better I am good with him. Touchdown machine.
  7. I'll cheer for him with the Jets ijs 🤷🏿‍♂️
  8. He should've made the pro bowl last season
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