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  1. Richard rogers is who I hope we really get. Not sexy but solid pickup.
  2. I can't agree with your best to worst list but I understand the concept though.
  3. Can't see him accepting a backup role. He may retire or take a yr off.
  4. I like Lance alot. I think the kid can really ball
  5. No offense but changes are meant to be made if you want a different direction. Good luck to them all!
  6. Whomever the pick is they will need to be a consistent probowl/all-pro kind of player. We CAN NOT miss on this #4 pick. Heck we can't miss on the 1st 3 picks imo all of them needs to be solid at least 2 out the 1st 3 picks needs to shine.
  7. In a heartbeat I'm sure he has to sign for a cap friendly deal being out the league last yr or was he! Idk but for a cap friendly deal sign me up!
  8. If true I'm not opposed to it at all. Was solid for us when healthy.
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