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  1. He'll prolly go late 1st. Great player
  2. And it shows on the field too.
  3. Yes Cam was practicing with them.
  4. Lookin good Rid
  5. I hope this is accurate if so that's some good moves for the F.O considering where we were before the offseason.
  6. 1st pick should be Ken Murray. Big, smart, fast, physical and can cover. A student of the game too the man says he studies film as a hobby and loves it. Him Debo and Foye would solidify the linebacking core.
  7. Love the Murray pick that's who I want!
  8. I agree I call bs that he's washed up. I believe he has at least 2 or 3 years of pro bowl caliber playing. I mean the man had limited Carrie's last yr and still excelled. Now I'm sure he's gonna play with a chip on his shoulder to show all the doubters!
  9. Man Lb position would be set for years to come!
  10. I love the Murray pick. I think he is a day 1 starter and impact player! To add I really think we wanted Bush last yr too. He is just as impactful.
  11. I'll say Ridley lookin mighty good running routes in this vid too.
  12. Not gonna lie I'm not going to judge this move until the season starts. Smh I had the same reaction when we signed Sanu although better I was very skeptical and like wtf but he proved me wrong but time! So I'll hold my thoughts.