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  1. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1293285057256476679?s=09 Smh
  2. I think he should focus on cornerback! Once he gets comfortable there then who knows but I have high expectations for the guy.
  3. Not with us im saying for him to get paid which is what I'm sure he wants he has to put up some nice numbers this year Regardless if he's with us or not.
  4. If julio retired today he should be a hall of famer
  5. Would love to know the person that ranked him 7 and his list. Just wow. They got this ranking right though.
  6. If only Matt ever had a great better yet a consistent solid defense smh and a good oline on a consistent basis. Man man man.
  7. No afraid not although I said the same about the 2016 season. I would like to be wrong though!
  8. I don't mind depth. Maybe we can get him on track. I know he has speed so that's a plus.
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