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  1. Lol I’m in my 60’s. At this point I only red dot and squeeze.
  2. I think you guys need to acknowledge the Saints have a Top 3-4 Defense and it showed today. 53 games and haven’t given up a 100 yard rusher. LB’s who fly to the ball. Pro bowlers at all 3 levels on defense.
  3. If the Saints had lost this thread would be on Page 15 by now. lol
  4. So a few of you show the class to return .... Falcons have a few good pieces, but you need an offseason to make corrections.
  5. Very enjoyable game. Time to head outside later this afternoon and string up some Christmas lights.
  6. Saints are a good football team. Taysom Hill proved right the confidence Sean Payton has shown in him.
  7. Taysom Hill can play QB after all. And the Saints have a serious Defense too. See you turds in 2 weeks in Atlanta.
  8. No need, I just thought I was missing something and couldn’t see it. Many were banned during the blowup at the end. The remaining crew migrated away. Doubt it can be revived.
  9. Lol Almost every post was made in the now gone Rivals forum. Back in the day that was a very active forum with fans from TB, NOLA, Carolina, NYG, Dallas, Philly, SF and more. Many of us still know one another on a personal level and still post on a different board. Now I only post in these forums on the weeks of the Saint/Falcon games or every once in a great while.
  10. Allow me to educate you. Winston is in the same general mold as Brees, a drop back QB. So the team can build a similar game plan, and with a few tweaks, interchange QB’s. Hill is a different type of QB, heavy on option and wildcat style of play. The offense would feature a heavy ground game. His style will require redesign of the offense, something Payton has said he will do in the offseason once Brees retires.
  11. Winston will prove his critics wrong Sunday. He ain’t playing in Tampa Bay anymore. Saints gonna push the Birds into last place in the South Sunday.
  12. If you fail to read what was printed, dats on u BigAx.
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