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  1. Ladies, I’m proud of my team. 14-4 is more than respectable. 2017/2018 NFCS Champs Young team outside of the QB position. Brees already commited to play another year. They beat all odds and nearly every obsticle they faced this season. They lost on a heartbreaker that will be reviewed, scrutinized and discussed all offseason. It’s likely going to force a much needed, positive rule change. So, in the meanwhile, it’s time for me to say adios until next year when we play you turds again. By the way, the gameday thread had some serious gold in it today. So now please resume with your euphoria. SaintRay
  2. Thanks man! I’m gonna sleep just fine tonight.
  3. I’ve been in here for 1/2 hour. Lol Did you bother to survey your surroundings or just come in guns blazing?
  4. So I’ll check back later for a few laughs at how seriously a few of you are taking this. Swing for the fences! Hey, my team ends the season 14-4 and becomes the 2nd or 3rd place loser this season. Sucks.
  5. There is literally nothing you can say that will phase me at this point. It is what it is. Its disappointing to end the way it did, but nothing changes that.
  6. Well girls, I was wrong. I was certain we would get that first down at the end of the 4th, then score as time ran out. Didn’t happen. So my team won’t invade Atlanta or play on my birthday. Sucks.
  7. Saints win by 1 or 100 points, doesn’t matter. Just win.
  8. Rent free
  9. Sean Payton has it as good as it gets in the NFL. The Bensons adored him, and Gayle Benson continues to give Payton total control. And he is extremely well compensated. Jones has zero shot at Payton.
  10. The Chiefs won’t beat the Saints. They have no defense.
  11. So you don’t follow Saints ball, yet you make absurd accusations. Gotcha.
  12. Perhaps you could post up all the players the Saints took out this season? That would be just swell. You know, just to validate your comments.
  13. We’re gonna need names.
  14. Wow, I’m surprised to hear that. Every Saint fan will tell you we hate nobody more than the Falcons. Rival games are the best. Okla/Texas LSU/Alabama Florida/Georgia Redskins/Cowboys Eagles/Giants Bears/Vikings Steelers/Ravens Saints/Falcons