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  1. So you been snooping around in there, huh?
  2. Lord please help this old man ........
  3. LOL I post there and we have some seriously good people in the ranks. Many of us met posting here at one time.
  4. What is it with people that believe they can only post on one board? Boards don't pay you, they don't own you and you didn't signup for some sort of monogamous relationship. I have friends on probably half dozen football sites I frequent. We argue like old married people, and we hurl insults at each other, but at the end of the day, many of us have met and shared enjoyable time together in others homes and cities when traveling through. There is no badge of loyalty given be remaining faithful to one board or the other. Simply follow the rules of the board you're on and you're all good.
  5. LOLOL You think WAYYYYY too highly of yourself.
  6. How did I miss this thread? I really enjoyed reading about 10 pages of this stuff, it put a smile on my face today. Some of you are actually quite clever and witty. Yesterday sucked. It really did. It was terrible watching our season end in January. But I guess it's better than watching it end in September ... I must profess my joy in seeing such vile trolling of my team. This can't happen if we weren't running over you lovable losers with regularity. Now repeat after me .... The Saints will win the 2020 NFCS title ... again. We're gonna knock the snot out of the Falcons in 2020. I know it, and you know it. On a closing note, and on behalf of the remaining 31 other NFL franchises, I'd like to pay my respect, eternal thanks and gratitude to Mr. Blank for retaining Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff. That was a serious solid right there. I know I was afraid he may pull the rug from under these high achievers. Cheers, SaintRay
  7. Carmichael is a Sean Payton disciple. They are both offensive guru’s. Payton gives Carmichael a ton of latitude with the offense, but its Paytons offense at the end of the day. Being a HC in the NFL brings a massive responsibility with the title, well beyond coaching alone. Most don’t see Carmichael as that guy. He’s an excellent Offensive Coordinator. I’m not sure he’d leave NOLA.
  8. New Zealand/Australia - 3 weeks on vacation
  9. In the airport in LA waiting for our flight overseas. The Falcons kept it interesting, but a win is a win in the NFL. 10-2 and 2019 NFCS Champs!
  10. What was your old handle in RC? I’d probably remember you.
  11. I think Old Pappy has an alt named Bubbasbeans. lol
  12. lol Pappy is salty! Saints gonna drop you and your nest outta the tree and straight into the dirt on Thanksgiving night. That turkey and dressing sammich you were gonna eat will have to be choked down.
  13. I made your day. lol Saints gonna ruin your Thanksgiving feast. I know it. You know it. The turkeys at your house know it.
  14. Yo ... get your self back to the dark side Bucman....