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  1. Really enjoyed the game tonight. Hopefully so did you guys. Great MNF game, don’t you think? Later brothers.
  2. I'm good with that. Mike Nolan lives next door.
  3. For what it's worth, the Saints beat writers are among the worst in the country. Most know little and few true footballers pay much attention to the fluff pieces they pen.
  4. I probably doesn't hurt that a Saints defensive coach is my next door neighbor .... or that I have an extended family member inside the Saints organization. And for the record, I didn't say I didn't want him, I simply stated the team went out and secured Malcolm Brown early in Free Agency and chose to not offer a contract to Davison. It was after these events Davison signed elsewhere.
  5. Yes we did, and then Davison was not extended an offer to return.
  6. The team viewed him as a 5th option at DT/NG. Rankins, Onyemata, Brown and Stallworth all ran ahead of him. He’s a decent player, but he’ll see the field more with you guys.
  7. Sweet, Falcon fans reading a Saints article and approving it to boot!
  8. That shot Ryan took from Vaccaro was child's play compared the hit Neal put on Matthews. How many direct headshots does a player get to land before his reputation suffers? How often is Neal going to lead with the crown of his helmet, an illegal move. Reading the replies in this thread it seems to be many. Neal is solid player, but he needs to check these types of hits.
  9. LOL Neal, on numerous occasions, continues leading with his helmet in a league where by rule it’s a penalty, in a time when stopping player concussions is the focus, and nobody in this forum thinks he’s dirty. On the play being referenced, he hit the receiver so hard in the helmet it flew off. Yet, a few years ago when Kenny Vaccaro popped Matt Ryan on a running play, Falcon fans universally declared him dirty. And talked about that play for a year. No question you guys labeled him dirty. You can’t live in a glass house and throw stones.
  10. Price has increased. 2020 1st and 3rd, plus 2021 1st.
  11. You forgot to mention Ryan is 8-14 all-time against the Saints.
  12. I consider myself and many others there good people, just saying. Posting on more than one site isn’t a qualification for being ignit.
  13. I doubt they'll be at the bottom of the round. And with 3 #1 picks, they could trade up to anywhere they choose.
  14. We’ll trade you Will Lutz for your 1st Round picks in 2020 and 2021.
  15. He’ll be playing in Buffalo next year. S4L taking that easy money.