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  1. Not me bro....I’m most impressed with offensive efficiency that leads to team wins. How many deep balls a player catches is exciting to the average fan, but a controlled offense approach that controls the clock and frequently scores is typically better than the explosive play driven approach. Thomas is nearly impossible to defend. Absolutely one of the elite WR’s in the game. To say otherwise is nothing more than Rival chatter.
  2. That’s not true. He plays in a ball control, high percentage of competition offense. He runs every route he’s asked to run.
  3. Just asking, because that’s also the exact % number of slants routes run by Julio.
  4. Are you referring to the one who runs slants 31% of all of his routes?
  5. While many won’t agree and want to argue this move, cutting Warford and drafting Ruiz is smart. The Oline just got better. Ruiz will start Week 1, just like McCoy did last year.
  6. Yeah, I’ve tried to forget about that game ... lol It’s all good in my family/friends. Been a quiet 2.5 months and counting. Really enjoyed the draft, and I thought all 4 NFCS teams did well. Seriously hope we can enjoy football soon.
  7. We just changed our host. We’re still there and weren’t offline but for a few hours. Faster and a bit of a new design. Ron left because of his own actions and others called him out. It’s not the first time this happened with Ron. End of story. So will 2020 NFL football happen in the fall?
  8. We'll revisit this in September.
  9. No need to defend it, that's the job of the Falcons defense. I told you why, so you can accept it or reject it.
  10. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand if you sit in a room with Sean Payton and Drew Brees for one hour, you will be light-years ahead most of your NFL competitors. Teddy Bridgewater knew it. Taysom Hill understands it. A lucrative contract wasn't the issue for Winston, learning was. Especially, since his career is at a crossroads. On April 29, 2020, Jameis Winston signed with the New Orleans Saints. The terms of Winston's contract with the Saints is for a $1.1.M with a base salary of $952K, $148K sign-on bonus, and $3.4M in incentives for one-year. Field Yates, ESPN It could have been “take the money”, and yet head down a path of NFL QB purgatory, become a QB journeyman, or at worst, join the ranks of another promising talent gone bust. Winston made the smart play by being humble and learning from great offensive football minds. Jameis chose the latter. Think about what he chose. He will sit in a QB room comprising HC Sean Payton, OC Pete Carmichael, Jr., and QB Drew Brees. One is an offensive genius, the other is a great instructor/implementer, and the other is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Winston chose wisely.
  11. Last year when the Saints drafted McCoy there was team talk locally that he was able to play either Guard or Center. The team loved his potential at Guard, but needed him at Center. Drafting Ruiz makes total sense for the Saints. He’ll start at Center and McCoy will switch to Right Guard. He loves to bulldozer and he’s a natural at the the position. Now the team has outstanding players across the line and tons of versatility, and they’re young as well. Ram, McCoy, Ruiz, Peat , Armstead. Solid in the backups as well with Warford and Easton who can start for 90% of the teams in the NFL. Warford landed in Payton’s doghouse due to playing at a weight Payton didn’t like last year. I’d imagine he’s working on losing a few pounds after the team picked Ruiz.
  12. So you been snooping around in there, huh?
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