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  1. No *****, you see what they did right and gameplan unless you are a moron.
  2. Acworth and Jdave I hope you are girl and boy or this is the gayist thing I have ever seen.
  3. That is what I am saying. Watch the Giants tape. They know how to stop Vick. It was the same thing back then when teams would say watch the bucs tape or now cd.
  4. Pencil, I find it hard to find out which side your on ,but no matter, my supposed party won, yet there are still arguements to be made. I am not a Republican or democrat.
  5. He definetley has a better pocket presence than before, but my point is he is a new Vick like a rookie QB or pitcher. No one knows how to defend him yet, but they are learning. He may have new tools, but it is nothing veterans can't learn to defend.
  6. For three quarters the Giants had him figured out. It is much like Vick's earlier time with the Falcons. At first no one knew how to contain him except the Bucs, but in time they all knew. The same thing is happening now. Vick is new again, but the league is catching up.
  7. That's what I'm talking about. It's good to burn up clock, but sometimes you need to score quick, and against the Saints or Eagles or Patriots we may have to.
  8. I said he was not an elite reciever. I was wrong. I admit that, but I am still wondering. Is it Ryan or White why we cannot seem to go deep more often? I honestly think we will get to the superbowl, but unless we can go deep and often we will lose to the Patriots who can go deep often.
  9. Just sorta Joking, but even Ray Lewis had his hand over his heart.
  10. He did not have his hand over his heart during the national anthem.
  11. This is a statement game, even if the term is cliche. Win the Falcons are taken seriously, lose and it is what the detractors expected. A team that cannot beat a winning team. That said, Deion should not be in the ring of honor. He spent too little time here, and it is an insult to career long Falcons.
  12. From the beginning I never thought he murdered anyone, and he did not. He was there, and he knew who did, but he was caught in a situation known so often to those with money but not much to others. Your posse is trouble. He finally did testify, and did what he could. He learned a hard lesson. Let go of the losers who have nothing to lose. They will bring you down. The point is, after seeing his interview tonight on NFL network, I see a guy who is very likable. He loves to play football hard but fair. He was funny and charming. I do not keep up much with afc teams or players and never really ca
  13. Give me a break. Redman can read defense much better right now than Ryan.
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