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  1. Matt Ryan is not the problem. How many different coaches and Offensive Coordinators have you guys had during his tenure? He still performs well. Dude is a beast. I can't wait for y'all to see what life is like after he leaves, then y'all MIGHT appreciate one of your only bright spots on your roster. Added, why y'all got rid of Julio Jones, I don't understand...maybe injuries but dude was another beast.
  2. To be fair, Mahommes doesn't have many come-from-behind wins or game-winning drives because they have an absolute track-meet of a team that is usually ahead. So, that's one stat that is not likely to change for awhile.
  3. Some of you guys are really spoiled. Matt Ryan is a legit QB. How many different OC has he had since he's been here? Then you guys signed a one-legged rb who had osteoporosis in his one good knee (I am being a bit facetious here) and expected this season to be a great one. Also,your all-world but oft-injujred receiver is quelle surprise, injured. You have an almost historically bad defense that gives him little to no support. When you protect him and give him a good running game, Ryan can hang with almost anyone. I have watched dude complete **** near impossible passes much to my chagrin. And you KNOW had your OC called for 2-4 more running plays, he'd be a SB champ as well. The Saints fan in me hopes you guys run him out of town so you can see how miserable life can be without a legit QB. Just wait until he's gone and watch the famine. Just wait.
  4. Unless for certain you're gonna draft the NFL equivalent of Michael Jordan, you always go for the win. Draft position doesn't guarantee success. It just doesn't. You have to draft the right player for your system. As a fan, I ALWAYS wanna see my team win. ALWAYS.
  5. I used to think only the Saints could lose games like this but maybe it's just the NFCS. This isn't even a mean-spirited thing but the NFCS suffers some of the most ridiculous losses in sports. It's truly crazy. I mean, Gurley takes a knee and you guys take time off of the clock and kick a chip shot field goal, the game is over. It's just crazy. SMH. It's infuriating to suffer a loss like that but it seems like we have a lock on those types of losses. I don't blame Gurley but they talked about it before, he should have been aware of it. Take a knee at the five. It's just crazy.
  6. Because when you score 39 points and lose, you can't really blame the offense. I'd wager to say, even with a middle-of-the-road defense, if you score 39 points, you should win an overwhelming majority of game; somewhere in the vicinity of 95%+.
  7. Yesterday was BRUTAL. No joke, I thought collapses like that ONLY happened to Saints fans. I don't know how Quinn survives this season unless you go on a tear. These last two losses...either the players aren't well-coached or they aren't listening to the coaches. Either way, you guys have to move on from Quinn.
  8. This is very similar to the Saints for years. Number 1 or at least Top 5 offenses paired with historically bad defenses. Brees shining like a diamond in the rough, with 7-9 seasons just raining down on us. Every year we've had a good defense to go with the offense, we've made the playoffs. It's almost criminal how Brees' years were lost with these defenses. To give you an idea, if you treated the offensive stats of our opponents as if they were one team, that team would have SHATTERED ALL previous NFL offensive records. Can you imagine? Our offense was number one overall EXCEPT when compared to the offense we played that day. We would score 40 points but give up 42, we'd score 35 points but give up 38, etc... It was mind-numbingly frustrating to watch. Our defenses would give up long 11-15 play drives, but also quick strike 2-4 play drives, or have an opponent in a 3rd and 15 and then giving up a Hail Mary or a DPI, lather rinse repeat. And our offense had to be PERFECT in order to win. People would actually blame Brees when he couldn't go 42/42 500 yards and 5 TDs in order to save our horrendous defense. You'd ALMOST rather your entire team suck instead of one aspect being Top 5 and the other ranked 32nd.
  9. Julio: We got a defense full of punters... deez n***as...Special Teams...Special Needs. The WHOLE team f'd up. I'm just gon have ta start playin every position. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
  10. Matt Ryan is not your team's problem. I really don't understand why you guys give him the grief you do. Just wait until he's gone and you get a QB who's nowhere near as proficient or clutch as he has been on average. The man is not perfect, but don't be confused, he's a legit NFL QB.
  11. If there is anything that I have learned in watching football, is that when it comes to divisional matchups, you have to throw out the records. It doesn't matter how well or how poorly a team has been doing. These two teams hate each other and know each other very well. This game COULD be a blowout or it COULD be a nip and tuck game. It makes me nervous because everybody expects a bloodletting, something the Saints seem to fail at when expected. I hope they remain focused and there are no injuries on either side.
  12. Lol. I actually went to college in Atl during the Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux era and became a baseball and Braves fan. It was where my hatred of the Yankees started. I still remember Jim Leyritz and his annoyingly ugly bat stance, up 2-0 in the WS and that guy hitting a HR to win the game and start the Yankees comeback. I also remember the Braves getting robbed by the Twins with a horrible call in the WS. It was SOOOOOOOOOO frustrating. I also remember going to a game in Fulton stadium where the Braves were down like 7 runs and most of the fans left the stadium, I moved waaaaaay down and watched the Braves score 7 runs in the bottom of the 9th, and win the game in like 15 innings. I doubt the Braves would lose a 28-3 lead in the WS or any playoff game.
  13. Once Brees went down, I didn't expect much. I was pleasantly surprised by the team's resolve. Our defense held us in the game long enough for special teams and our offense to finally click in. I have a greater respect for Payton for going up to Seattle who was pretty much undefeated in September at home and really lay the wood to the team. I am in shock, really. So, credit to the coaching staff for putting the players in position to win. And Alvin Kamara was a beast. It was an all around team win. I have been a Matt Ryan apologist on here, I watched yesterday's game. That INT was confusing but other than that, he looked pretty good to me. And Julio Jones is literally unguardable. I've never seen anything like it. With he and Sanu, it would seem like the passing attack should be your bread and butter. The only real problem I see is your defense. They remind me of our days when we would constantly give up 3rd down plays by either long receptions or penalties, opposing wide receivers running wide open on the field and the QB only needing to make his initial read. Our defense just couldn't get off of the field.It was frustrating. Opposing QB's were having perfect passer ratings and teams were punting maybe once per half, meanwhile our offense had to be perfect to just stay in the game let alone win it. Recipe for a 7-9 season or worse.
  14. LOL. I mean EVERY year I heard how the Saints were in Cap **** AND Drew Brees was on the decline. EVERY year I have been here, I read it from the rivals posters. Now, we managed to sign just about everyone we wanted and Brees is having his best year ever. LOL
  15. It's the avatar from the The Hunger Games, a mocking jay on fire in the background with my main man Receiceiceiecie Then/Than KYS in the foreground.
  16. I liked and still like JB. I wish he was still here. He brought some fun to the board, at least for me.
  17. Saints dominating the league, top seed in the NFC, best record in the NFL, and the Falcons are in the cellar in the NFCS, No wonder the RC site is down.
  18. This year is so far certainly panning out to be special, as I predicted. 10-1, leading the NFC as the current #1 seed, best record in the NFL. Here's to the rest of it coming true: no injuries, and 2 more Lombardis.
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