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  1. I have more confidence in this party to cut Social Security under Biden than I do in them reversing GOP voter suppression.
  2. Best thing to do long term is to let them lose again imo
  3. Saw some half-jokes that we're implementing war communism to keep capitalism alive.
  4. Wonder how bad that could be... [Watches the first few seconds of it]
  5. A member of that power structure is the party's new leader and he desperately tried to keep these reports from becoming public before they were leaked. Labour's dead. Time for the left to start a new party there.
  6. The lessons to be learned here is that coddling the centrist power brokers will get you nowhere since they value their own power within the party more than anything else and will sabotage their own party if it means preserving that against the left. It's a struggle to the death, pure and simple.
  7. It's because they know how horrid a candidate Biden is despite their inherent belief that he's the only electable one. Due to that they believe the only way he can lose is if other Democrats or the left reveal that record to Republicans, as if they can't figure that out on their own and will use any and all of it even if it makes them look like hypocrites. Or, to put it in another way, the same reason why Democrats have been pathetic losers for as long as I've been alive.
  8. An undercover cop taking out a leftist? Say it ain't so.
  9. Probably to send a message to everyone else. All it'll probably accomplish is expediting the death of the message board, and I don't mean just ABF.
  10. I remember when this was considered a conspiracy theory by liberals.
  11. It's just the flu and it'll go away once it warms up. People who are saying it's worse and will stick around are perpetuating a hoax. A Chinese hoax.
  12. They're a mediocre team that has the pieces to build around but don't have much in the way of complementary players, hence why I want them to build around those pieces instead of trying to get another piece. Getting a few effective iDL, CB, edge, iOL, etc. would take the team further than one potential superstar like Simmons or Young, even though I'd love to have either of them. There's also always the chance that the potential superstar busts while one or more of few complementary players bursts onto the scene, a la Jarrett. I'm also not entirely sure if they can sign anyone else right n
  13. If they were close and an impact rookie could potentially push them over the top then I'd be on board. However, I think we both know that isn't the case. O-line still needs interior help, D-line needs another a DT and edge since no one they currently have is reliable outside of Jarrett, the entire secondary is garbage and plagued by injuries, RB is still iffy even if I don't think it's something we should address this year... I'd prefer to get a few potential starters over maybe one potential star. We got enough of the latter, to be frank.
  14. If they somehow drop to #10 or beyond and all we have to give up is a 3rd then sure, I'd be fine with that. Beyond that we'd have to start giving up 2nd round picks or better and I just can't get on board with that.
  15. I have mixed feelings about this and at the moment I'm leaning toward being mad if/when they trade up. The roster is nowhere near good enough to warrant trading away picks.
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