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  1. It's not really a direct comparison. Polling showed that the Democratic electorate supported the left's platform. However, that was completely overwhelmed by a desire to beat Trump and thereby nominate someone they felt was a guarantee to pull that off, which was apparently a senile encyclopedia of being on the wrong side of history. This, on the other hand, confirms that they don't care about this brand of idpol that's been adopted by party leaders and acolyte media. One is a setback, the other comes off as a repudiation.
  2. According to that it's just 51% of white Dems that find it bothersome, not 90% I don't really care about the comment, just the polling and graph. Didn't want to go through the extra steps to only post the image. It's just interesting data to back up what the primary process and Biden's nomination displayed: No one really gives a **** about the very shallow interpretation of idpol that gets shoved down our throats even among only Dems and their leaners.
  3. Reminds me of that article last summer I posted on here that laid out how the party leaders and the media completely lost control of the electability narrative to their own base.
  4. If they move up into the top 5 to get Okudah then I'll be furious. If it's for Young then I'll just be very annoyed.
  5. Feel like this is more effective than the "Trump rolled over for the Chinese" ad from Biden's camp.
  6. I take it back. I'm not resigned to what happens at all if they do this. I'd be so ******* mad.
  7. Going to start weighing the pros and cons of potentially getting the rona at the barbershop.
  8. Feels like we're living through a Nathan For You scheme. Hope they're doing a movie.
  9. I mean, they might. My guess is that they're going to sit at 16 and take the best player available, since that's basically the cut off point for elite prospects anyway.
  10. I just see that it's Leon arguing with everyone again and I'm not even remotely interested in finding out why or getting involved with it.
  11. I've reached the resignation point where I'm not going to get invested in a particular thing happening.
  12. Couldn't have gotten to this point without the inept Democrats playing along when in power and consistently rolling over in opposition. Now the poster child of the past forty years of that is the nominee.
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